Response: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs AG of Canada, Officers Gafka and Luzhetskiy

jessica yaniv simpson

MeowMix reported in May 2021 that Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada, Ministry of Justice of BC, and Constables Michael Gafka and Michael Luzhetskiy of the RCMP, alleging that they sexually assaulted Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altman, falsely charged and imprisoned them, failed to provide care, and violated their charter rights.

jessica yaniv simpson

In this lawsuit, filed in the BC Supreme Court, and separate from their recently dismissed lawsuit against the Township of Langley and the Langley RCMP, Yaniv states that he is acting as his mom and aunt’s legal advocate, but failed to name either as a plaintiff. You can read more about that lawsuit here.

In the recent excitement of lawsuits being dismissed and upcoming trials, I overlooked the fact that the defendants in this case filed a response to JY. This response can be summed up as follows:

  • No.
  • Didn’t happen.
  • The claim contains no cause of auction.
  • The claim is frivolous, vexatious, unnecessary, scandalous, embarrassing, and an abuse of the court’s process.
  • The plaintiff isn’t even the alleged victim.
  • This should be dismissed with costs.

To support his case, Yaniv filed a List of Documents that could be used by him (or any party) at an eventual trial. This list includes:

  • records from three hospitals (in case you needed more evidence he was doctor shopping).
  • various legal documents.
  • a copy of a police complaint
  • a copy of a civil review complaint and commission for the RCMP
  • various medical letters and consultation notes

There is a 100% chance that the case will be thrown out before it ever reaches a trial so the above documents are irrelevant, although it would be amazing to get our hands on them. Should they become part of the court file, we will do so.

You can review the documents below.

[mdocs single-file=”20210715_JY_vs_BC_RCMP_et_al Form 22 List of Documents.PDF”]

[mdocs single-file=”20210609 JY_vs_BC_RCMP_et_al Response to Civil Claim.pdf”]

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