How Predators Like Jessica Yaniv Simpson Weaponize Snapchat

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a multi-media predator. Today we are going to highlight one of the darkest elements of what he does – his lurking on Snapchat.

Some people may not be up to date on how Snapchat works so here’s a rundown. SC allows people to add friends, family, or ,in this case, a manipulative predator and groomer like JYS. It has numerous scary and potentially dangerous factors.

  • You can find someone with just a username.
  • Users are only required to be 13 years old or more.
  • Nothing stops younger people from using the app.
  • Users can send photos, videos, and chats that are automatically deleted after reading.
  • You can see another user’s exact location on a map.

The location feature can be turned off, and users do have to accept new friends, but the cartoonish avatars and friendly greetings often lead to quick-adds. This allows Yaniv a quick way into others feeds and an easy way to keep people out of his.

All this adds to a very disturbing combination and a predator paradise for JYS. A whole world where can he invent themselves where kids are unaware of who JYS is. We have seen before how JYS used to lurk on ASK.FM (allows people to ask anonymous questions) and make sexual comments to 14 year old Jess Rumpel. We have seen how JYS uses sock accounts on twitter to do same.

jessica yaniv simpson chat with rumpel

Last year, Raygen, a 16 year old girl from the USA catfished JYS on Snapchat and recorded the content she was sent. Content that JYS thought would be secret. She contacted youtuber Kalvin Garrah and he made a video, and she’s support MeowMix ever since. Raygen truly is a badass, but young girls shouldn’t have to do this JYS should not be doing these things.

Another scary part is JYS’s snapscore. A person gets 1 point for every pic you send and 1 for pics you receive. Yaniv’s score was 235,562 earlier this year!!

So what has JYS used Snapchat for? Well let’s have a look…note that we may never know or see what pictures JYS sends or asks for that’s the scary factor of SC

Using a vibrator
Period fetishising again
Sympathy gathering is an effective tool JYS uses for grooming. Lies presented as reality.
Luring minors by showing off alcohol supply

We earlier reported that JYS has allegedly sent child porn on SC and last week distributed revenge porn pictures of Donald smith.

Bailey leaks revealed JYS made a group chat with kids as young as 13 in it.

Added kids to group chat
Tampons again
Even teens see through JYS lies.
Again we have the usual everyone is evil im innocent and everyone that exposes me is alt-right
Of course JYS uses more threats of suicide to get sympathy.

Recently we had the snapchat mega leak – a huge compilation of things JYS been doing. This also highlighted JYS’ need for attention and sympathy from CHILDREN!

All this is truly terrifying. So many children and women have unknowingly come into contact with an internet predator and accused pedophile. Parents are unaware of this happening children are unaware they are in contact with such a dangerous individual.

This isn’t to say Snapchat is bad. Predators – including JYS – lurk on every platform. It’s just that Snapchat makes it really easy to hide yourself. In fact, hiding yourself is almost the biggest selling point of Snapchat.

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