“Bailey Leaks” (Part 2): Teenagers Roast Alleged Serial Predator Jessica Yaniv on SnapChat

Jessica Yaniv Bailey Leaks

BaileyLeaks still has more media to release in the coming weeks, so we’ll tease you by onboarding with a cliffhanger on that note!

We know that Jessica Yaniv’s (formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv and now legally changed to Jessica Simpson) vexatious litigation is getting lots of attention, so we’ll try to make this manageable for your entertainment.

Feel free to access the link on meowtube.net here (starting September 5th) for a better view of teenagers mauling Yaniv after preying on them for more than a month.

Since July, I have promised the many and many of you a play-by-play of Jessica Yaniv (aka Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Simpson) getting mauled by teenagers on SnapChat. What happens when a pack of seemingly “woke” teenagers find out they’re being groomed and exploited by an alleged child predator?

Sara, I hope you’re reading this: proof of the alleged child predator going after girls as young as 13!

Yaniv gets Mauled by Kiddos on Snapchat – May 7-8, 2020

We fast forward Baileyleaks toward the end at May 2020. As you can see that Yaniv rejoices in adding the mole “Bailey” to a newly formed Snapchat group called “Quarinitine Queers” (clearly Yaniv misspelled “Quarantine”).

Note, that it was indeed Yaniv who added these “teenagers” to the group chat and it was not the other way around. Yaniv will always try to deflect blame and claim that the teenagers approached them.

I had received intel that Yaniv had been quietly “nesting and grooming” teenagers on SnapChat for a month prior to this, which was just after the COVID-19 lockdowns began. I theorize that one of the reasons Yaniv heavily relied on SnapChat rather than other social media platforms during this time was to monitor who was taking screenshots and/or recording conversations, such as those leaked to Twitter, MeowMix or KiwiFarms, given that SnapChat notifies users of these actions. However, I decided to use a technique where one phone took photos and video against the other to (a) avoid Yaniv determining who the mole was, and (b) so Yaniv cannot weasel out of this by “claiming photoshop.” Really, how are there thousands of media and they’re all photoshop online?

Yaniv adding Bailey was literally a godsend in the early days; however, Bailey was no interest to Yaniv, as the lacklustre reactions talking about real teenage interests like video games, homework, etc., has zero appeal to Yaniv. So avoiding or shutting down Yaniv’s fetishism of bodily fluids, tampons, mensuration and sex toys equates to being kicked to the curb by Yaniv. If Yaniv cannot act like an incel and prey on the individual, there’s no interest.

In the role of Bailey here, I had to tread lightly being added by Yaniv and acted more of an observer as to keep the ruse up with the occasional comment to defend Yaniv. I didn’t want to interact in any private DMs with anyone, as it was already extremely uncomfortable being in the observer within a group of teenagers after being added by Yaniv. The old adage of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” can easily apply here, as Yaniv decided to bring everyone together and ended up being exposed.

The instigator to ousting Yaniv was a young lady named Charleah who did her research and saw all the red flags. These teenagers went from accepting Yaniv’s alleged gender identity eventually going from “she/her/hers” to eventually calling them by their biological name and slinging around male pronouns when it became clear Yaniv would not leave the group chat. It doesn’t take much to google “Jessica Yaniv” and get the search results that they are a “vexatious litigant” and “alleged predator”, particularly where young girls are concerned.

These teenagers quickly contextualized there was strong public evidence and sentiment against Yaniv who is perceived as abusing their trans identity to gain unfettered access to women’s spaces to access young girls. As a member of the LGBTQ+ myself, Yaniv’s gender identity could potentially be legitimate in terms of Yaniv’s own known body dysmorphia because of their small and deformed “egg-shaped male genitalia” that they have been sharing to unsuspecting local lesbian women on the HER app in recent months. However, the crux of it is that Yaniv has created their own bad publicity (despite portraying themselves a “marketing guru”) with the behaviour that’s unfolded such as pitching to the Township of Langley to host a topless teenager pool party and supporting topless teenage pool parties at the Surrey Recreational Facilities in November 2019.

We know undisputedly Yaniv added these teenagers to the chat rather than it being the other way around, as Charleah clearly exclaims, “Stop fucking adding [people] Jessica [please].” If Yaniv has ever claimed to have never added teenagers and they added them, it’s patently false.

Note: “Jessica added” [the teenagers] confirmed by an exclamation to Yaniv, “Stop fucking adding [people] Jessica [please].”

[BaileyLeaks_001]: Proof Yaniv added the teenagers to the chat.

“Fuck off Jessica adding these fucking nasty ass pedos to a chat [with] kids in it”.

[BaileyLeaks_002]: “Fuck off Jessica adding these fucking nasty ass pedos to a chat [with] kids in it”.

“Did [you] see how many [people] she added?” I guess some alleged sexual deviants and serial predators like Yaniv prefer put all their prey together in one place.

[BaileyLeaks_003]: “Did [you] see how many [people] she added?”

“I’m sorry Jessica but you need to leave. [Please].” Yaniv’s response is to laugh it off with an outright, “Um no.” No one should plead to an alleged child predator to leave a group chat with teenagers.

[BaileyLeaks_004]: “I’m sorry Jessica but you need to leave. [Please].”

Charleah pleads, “[You’re] a 32 year old in a [group chat with] a bunch of kids.

[BaileyLeaks_005]: “But I’m on my period I can’t do anything ok like mood.”

Yaniv belligerently refuses to leave and states, “But I’m on my period I can’t do anything ok like mood.” So Yaniv cannot leave a group with teenagers because of their “period”. Just like that Yaniv could not go into the pool last summer because they were “having [their] period.” Simply put, Yaniv’s continued “period business” is just a trolling method to elicit responses.

It is good to know that today’s teenagers are receiving the right scientific curriculum to understand simple human biology. Yaniv cannot trick teenagers of their absurd dysmorphic and hypochondriac claims of having a period or being born “intersex”. At this moment, I laughed and asked myself, “So how is a clearly educated woman like Devyn Cousineau, the BCHRT member overseeing Yaniv’s crotch-waxing cases, easier to fool than a bunch of kids in high school?” These teens actually understood that Yaniv has “male genitalia” and it is virtually impossible to actually have a period. I love how one of them chimed up and said, “If your dick is bleeding you should go to the [Emergency Room] like fuckin’ now.

[BaileyLeaks_006]: “If your dick is bleeding you should go to the [Emergency Room] like fuckin’ now.

Why does Yaniv just laugh and shrug it off just laughs it off?

Charleah later pipes up after doing more sleuthing and shares a photo of Yaniv still identifying as “Jonathan” and sarcastically says, “Jessica, [you’re so cute].”

Another user, Michael, who also appears to have also done his due diligence and googled up “Jessica Yaniv” comes out to state, “Jessica, there’s a lot of allegations against you. About some serious shit. I’m sorry some of that [shit] isn’t right if it’s [true]. I hope it’s not.”

[BaileyLeaks_007]: The teenagers have researched and questioned the child predator allegations online.

There was some skepticism that ensured before Michael states, “Aid, she’s a 32 born a man walking into a girls washroom not even dressed as a girl. SMFH.” I truly believe based on this statement, these teenagers googled “Jessica Yaniv” or later described, “Transgender Jessica.” It’s not hard to get very similar results and impressions, such as those below:

Charleah says, “She wants to host topless pool [parties] with [kids that are twelve and older].”

Michael then says, “Fuckin’ nasty, I’m sorry… I support whatever you wanna do but when you’re abusing your position to power over people is twisted. I’m sorry, topless part[ies] for kids like- [what the fuck?] Sicko.”

Charleah appears to have looked up links regarding the BCHRT cases stating, “[You’re] trying to sue a spa cuz they won’t wax [your] dick… you want a Brazilian wax on [your] dick?”

[BaileyLeaks_008]: Researched the Restroom Minor Selfies and “Topless Pool Parties for 12+”.

It becomes clear that, [These] are harsh accusations yo. Charleah proceeds to ramp up the mob mentality to get Yaniv to leave recommending to “look up ‘Transgender Jessica’ [and] watch the videos.” It was also emphasized there are “so many police reports“. I guess these kids see that Yaniv is a violent criminal, as well!

[BaileyLeaks_009]: “Look up transgender Jessica [and] watch the videos” and “She has so many police reports.”

Michael tries to think about the consequences of Yaniv’s behaviour and exclaims, “Like there’s probably been so many young girls that she hurt. Mentally.

[BaileyLeaks_010]: “It’s deadass shocked I don’t accuse [people] of shit that’s not [facts].

Then the teenagers share their internet searches on Yaniv and it becomes clear that Yaniv misrepresented themselves by age, when Michael says, “Like I though[t] she was our age.” Charleah sees it’s a sufficient nexus stating, “Like [Yaniv’s] literally a child predator.” These teenagers ask again for Yaniv to leave and even infer a threat of reporting Yaniv to talking to them. They begin to present their ages to reason with Yaniv, to no avail.

[BaileyLeaks_011]: “Like she’s literally a child predator.”

Yaniv ignored further pleads to ultimately leave the group. The teenagers then are determining whether they should be a “narc” or not with “We’re supposed to report [you] talking to us.”

[BaileyLeaks_012]: “We’re supposed to report you talking to us.”

Charleah summarizes at this point, “We’ve been talking to a child predator for a like a month now [and] didn’t even know [until now]. Crazyyyy.”

[BaileyLeaks_013]: “We’ve been talking to a chuld predator for like a month now [and] didn’t even know [until now]. Crazyyyy.”

It also appears that Yaniv was sending these teenagers “food pornos [and] shit.” We know about the cartoon depiction of child pornography that Yaniv sent to these kids involving Lisa Simpson, but what do they mean by “food pornos”? We still have yet to reach out and determine potentially what type of “food pornos” and “other shit” Yaniv may have shared with teenagers asides from the known Lisa Simpson child pornography. Then the highlight of seeing Yaniv is sharing “exclusive footage” of Yaniv’s violent assault on David Menzies of Rebel Media.

[BaileyLeaks_014]: “Literally girl was sending fucking food pornos [and] shit. [The fuck!].”

At one point, Yaniv tried to taunt the teenagers by changing the group name to “Tampon Lovers”, as further evidence of Yaniv’s “mensural fetishism” of young girls before a tug of war in the name change of the group to “whatiswrongwithu”.

[BaileyLeaks_015]: Jessica [Yaniv] (Trustednerd) changed the Group Name to “Tampon Lovers”.

Yaniv’s Blameworthiness for Bad Press?

Charleah later concludes, “Like everyone’s literally saying she’s a fake trans. They think she’s a predator faking it to get close to little girls.”

[BaileyLeaks_016]: When the teenagers assume Yaniv is “fake trans” based on the media.

Everyone knows that Yaniv is specifically triggered by the term “fake trans”. We’ve seen this repeatedly on social media, so Yaniv then goes on a rant about hormone levels. Yaniv then exclaims that they are going through a “medically induced transition”. However, it gets better. Yaniv decides to go on a rant to defend who is to blame for all this “alleged defamation”: Blaire White and Anna Slatz.

[BaileyLeaks_017]: Yaniv justifies Women’s Hormones and Blameworthiness against Anna Slatz and Blaire White.

Yaniv deflects any blame and defends all of the bad press as, “Fucking Blaire White and Anna Slatz are fucking idiots. All these little “victims” are rising to fame on my shoulders because I’m beautiful and popular as fuck.” Rising to fame on Yaniv’s big fat shoulders? So is Yaniv now making comparisons of themselves to the Michael Jackson child allegations?

[BaileyLeaks_018]: Yaniv squarely blames Anna Slatz, the Post Millennial and Blaire White for woes being labelled a “Child Predator”.

So let’s take a pivot here for a moment for some analysis. No where here did Yaniv accuse Amy Eileen Hamm or Donald Francis Smith of any “bad press” or “alleged defamation and/or libel”, as previously stated in court documents.

From a civil standpoint, JY believes Hamm and Smith are the culprits behind the alleged defamation. So did JY admit that White and Slatz are the catalysts behind the allegations of child predation? I think these frivolous suits by JY need to have these statements tested before the court. We know the reason Hamm and Smith are vulnerable is because they are local, where White and Slatz are not, which makes JY’s self-representation more difficult with “little resources and lots of allegations to go around”.

When I began to see this unfold, I had this epiphany and did some analysis. If these teenagers are basing a lot of what Yaniv has done prior to July 26, 2019, the day Yaniv first met Donald Smith with the video that went viral, it was these very basic allegations that Smith confronted Yaniv with, including the prospect that perhaps Yaniv is feigning or using their transgender identity for unfettered access, such as to children. If these kids are coming up with the same allegations, it disputes that Smith was the person who first reported it despite what Yaniv claims in court records. It also disputes that Amy Eileen Hamm was the catalyst to the rumours, as we’ve seen that Hamm responded to all of these allegations, as a gender critical feminist. Therefore, the story was already unfolding- so how can Yaniv claim civil remedies between Smith or Hamm?

On another note, Yaniv also needs to mention that they have a friend whose “24” (but we know was “15”) and then says, “I can kiss and make out with her as much as I want, as long as she’s down.” Was this Megan, Bianca or Tiana that Yaniv was referring to? Yaniv must believe in delusions that anyone would want to make out with them.

Recall that not even nine (or thirteen) year olds are off limits to Yaniv

Charleah outright roasts Yaniv’s defence to defend it’s more than likely Yaniv never been with anyone under 18 and infers Yaniv is likely a virgin incel, as followed:

“Girl you’ve never been [with] anyone under 18 [because] everyone thinks [you’re[ a pedo. [You] probably never even slept [with] someone before. You hate kids, [yeah]? As we [are] literally all KIDS in this [group chat] as for the everyone getting ‘popular’ off [you is] a joke. [You are] a 32 year old man wanting to host ‘topless pool part[ies] for 12+. Like [what the fuck] sicko [with] no fucking parents LIKE WHO DOES THAT A FUCKING PEDO. Stop telling yourself that [you’re] popular [and] pretty [because] no honey, [you’re] a big fucking joke who should be in a psych ward [you] sick fuck. So do us a fucking favour [and] get [your] fake trans ass [outta] here like it’s actually disgusting [you’re] in a [group chat with] a bunch of 18 [and] younger kids.”

[BaileyLeaks_019]: Charlene calls Yaniv as they are: A PEDO.

We spoke previous how nine years were not even off limits with Yaniv, so it means neither are 13 year olds. Yaniv still refuses to leave this group.

“JESSICA! Fucking leave! Like literally 13 years [are] in this. [The fuck!] Pedo.”

Jessica Yaniv Bailey Leaks
Jessica Yaniv Bailey Leaks
[BaileyLeaks_020]: “JESSICA! Fucking leave! Like literally 13 years [are] in this. [The fuck!] Pedo.”

Yaniv continues to ignore the pleads such as,”[You’re the one refusing to get out of a group chat with a whole bunch of minors.”

[BaileyLeaks_021]: “[You’re the one refusing to get out of a group chat with a whole bunch of minors.”

Alex, who we’ve documented on above, states Yaniv, “Literally texted [her] saying [Yaniv] found me very attractive and that age doesn’t matter. Yes, it doesn’t surprise you, as Yaniv has been coy with underage and barely legal girls before with the same claims that “age doesn’t matter” and “love is ageless”.

[BaileyLeaks_022]: “Literally texted [her] saying [Yaniv] found me very attractive and that age doesn’t matter.”

Yaniv still won’t leave and the topless pool parties remains a contentious issue. Perhaps now the purpose of grouping a bunch of teenagers was Yaniv’s twisted need to perhaps host a COVID-19 virtual topless pool party? Makes you wonder.

Jessica Yaniv Bailey Leaks
Jessica Yaniv Bailey Leaks
[BaileyLeaks_023]: “[Yaniv is] saying [that they are] not a pedo, yet [they are] refusing to leave a chat [with] minors and consider [they are] hosting or supporting or whatever [they want] to call it, a topless pool party, doesn’t help [their cause].”

The teenagers then share more media easily found in search engine optimization that everyone has come to love in onboarding anyone about whom Jessica Yaniv really is.

[BaileyLeaks_024]: The teenagers share their searches on Yaniv.
[BaileyLeaks_025]: The 13-year old is disgusted.

Anyways, Josie, the 13-year old, states it as it is, “I [am] 13 [and] there is almost a 20 year [age] difference.”

[BaileyLeaks_026]: I [am] 13 [and] there is almost a 20 year [age] difference.”

Now, to support that Yaniv the incel is one the record once again sending pornographic images. Perhaps this could be interpreted as one of the “food pornos” mentioned earlier, as Josie reveals Yaniv sent her what appears to be dildos in some sort of marinade. Also note, the teenagers are no longer referring to Yaniv as “female” but now some are sharing “male” pronouns and inferences.

Yaniv appears to grow tired of being attacked and needs to recruit another minor, so no better buddy than “Mandy” aka “@JediBlonde”. Mandy is now added to the group to be Yaniv’s “defender” and try to put these teenagers in their place. Mandy didn’t seem to do much, so it was a futile attempt on Yaniv’s part. More evidence that Yaniv tried to recruit another “minor” to fight their battles. When JY couldn’t subdue the instigator, JY said, “Charleah, go change your tampon because you’re bitchy and fucked in the head. I think Tampax Pearl Ultra is your type. Or Mandy can kick a soccer ball up there you fucking pig.” Firstly, why does having to change a tampon have to do with anything? Secondly, what is with JY needing to sexually exploit a teenager to discuss what to put up their reproductive organs? Seriously, JY’s response is so immature, but further supports their predatory desires to sexually exploit teenagers.

[BaileyLeaks_027]: Yaniv recruits @JediBlonde to fight their battles and then goes on about Tampon types.

Anyways, things went rather silent after Mandy was added. Yaniv would continue to troll the group until it disbanded. Not without sending some interesting images that were directed as patently false claims about Donald Francis Smith and some other cringe worthy media for your sneak previews below:

[BaileyLeaks_028]: Yaniv’s typical blameworthiness that the “Fucking anti-LGBTQ idiots” are always harassing them. It’s not the case: it’s because they are an alleged serial predator of women and children.
[BaileyLeaks_029]: Aren’t your creeped out by how Yaniv looks in the morning? The Boogeyman looks way better!
[BaileyLeaks_030]: Yaniv rants on about “Pervy Guys”.
[BaileyLeaks_031]: Yaniv falsely claiming having a dream about Smith and literally trolling about his trial. We all know Yaniv has been baiting and trying to find new ways to instigate Smith.
[BaileyLeaks_032]: Yaniv as “DJ Pedopuff”.

There you have it! I know that Yaniv’s attacks by teenagers went out with a whimper, as I guess Yaniv gave up being attacked. However, after some entertainment, Yaniv realized Mandy cannot fight all Yaniv’s battles like on Twitter! As we’ve reported, Yaniv went onto the HER (Lesbian) app on a regular basis following this endeavour on SnapChat, as we’ve reported here since May 2020.

Come back in a few weeks when we share Yaniv’s obsession with, MenacingCrow, LangleyResident and Donald Francis Smith in BaileyLeaks Part 3, as we will go back and examine the build up in December 2019 to January 2020 on Twitter with Yaniv’s trolling efforts and manufacturing the conditions to subdue “her” critics.

What is your views on Jessica Yaniv Bailey Leaks?

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