Jessica Yaniv Simpson Forgets Sara, Returns to Teens on Snapchat

Who had “puts on a stupid filter, calls himself a girl, claims to get random sexts, and sends it to teen girls”? Y’all just won Yaniv bingo.

Creepy loser is already back at it. Kind of makes you wonder… All that time he thought he was in love with Sara he was still online trying to get his dick wet.

Enjoy the laughs folks, and get ready for this week. Two more hours of Sara videos coming.

Cringey as fuck. PS… We know Jonathan reads MeowMix. Tell him what you think in the comments below! Remind him that his mom told Sara to ask him to cancel his transition.

Oh, oops. That chat didn’t come out yet. Stay tuned guys. Remember all those times Jonny said Miriam supported his transition? It’s bullshit. She doesn’t want him to do it and we have it in her words, from her verified number. Coming soon!

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