JY Allegedly Distributes Child Porn Via Snapchat

Note: the image below, which we’ve censored, was sent unedited to several different authorities along with chat logs before and after, usernames, etc.

JYs unraveling continues on Snapchat. Tonight? Cartoon kiddie porn. This image was allegedly sent to several, if not all, of JY’s Snapchat followers. It’s important to note that the vast majority of these followers are underage girls.

Obviously we’re not going to show it, but the image depicts Lisa Simpson, a cartoon 8-year-old girl, manually masturbating another cartoon child of similar age, shown via a see-through part of the blanket in a child’s bed. The original shows a clearly visible finger on a clearly visible female crotch. The image is captioned, “How them sleepovers really used to be”, followed by three laughing emojis. Above that it says, “YOU REMEMBER. never mind she still pretending to be straight” with several more emojis.

Please, please, please tell everyone. News Media. Government. Authorities. CyberTip. Everyone you can think of. This person, who previously sent child porn online and asked a teen girl to have her 9 year old sister help him masturbate, can’t seem to stop themselves.

Authorities wishing to see the full image and records can contact us. We will not share this image with anyone else.

An excerpt from the Canadian Criminal Code is below. I think this fits the definition. I’m thankful it’s not a real girl, but I have no doubt Yaniv has and keeps those images to themselves. Cartoon child porn is still child porn.

How can you help? Spread this news. Share this with everyone you can think. Contact the Langley RCMP. Contact CyberTip. Contact whatever BC government authorities you think are important. Tell every association Yaniv claims to be allied with. Tell every internet watchdog group. Expose this predator!

EDIT: This picture was also sent to everyone on Snapchat by JY.

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