Jessica Yaniv Confesses to Lewd & Indecent Conduct

Jessica Yaniv Simpson

There is so much we could say about this video that was posted on @SFUjessica, Jessica Yaniv’s Twitter account today. The absolute state of the filthy pig’s bathroom, the moaning, lisping fake voice that makes him sound like a male lumberjack or how morbidly obese he is, or just about any of the 100 things that Yaniv’s bathroom tells us, but we will ignore these just now. Except to say it does look like he is wearing a diaper under his cross-dressing swimsuit.

Do you remember when Yaniv was calling the fire brigade out every day to lift his naked, disgusting body out of the baths he wasn’t supposed to be taking? It seems Yaniv really has a phantom hard-on for men in uniform because he is now traumatising RCMP constables and others by waddling around semi-naked in his underwear. We doubt it was, as he said, a “bathing suit” because Yaniv is on form for this, and as you can see from the attached letter, he was once again trying to make a complaint against the RCMP constable. Except RCMP has had enough of Yanivs lewd and indecent behaviour, and he was told politely to stick it where his dick once was.

Of course, after being told it is NOT normal to walk about your home semi-naked when there had been an incident that was going to require multiple people to attend, Yaniv immediately took to social media to complain about transphobia. Thank god he does because it keeps us all laughing.

Yaniv says in the video to tell him what you think..PLEASE DO BELOW.

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37 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Confesses to Lewd & Indecent Conduct”

  1. HeWhoComments

    Uff da.
    Why God, why?

    1. TRBB

      Jess got sick from Quaker Oats. Why is jon not in Israel fighting!?

      1. Watcher

        Looking at the state of his house and the well documented lack of personal hygiene, it’s not surprising he’s contracted salmonella, although the reality is that he’s just looking for someone to sue so he can continue being a glamorous supermodel and revered trans icon…

  2. Jon Yanivs Beret

    He’s about to cry. I love it!!

    Hey diaper boy, they would ask any person (or pig, in your case) to pants on. You ain’t special.

    Even if that’s not a diaper, he would have definitely had a pad on last January. His frankenfanny hadn’t totally sealed shut yet, and was still leaking. Or as he called it, in the Arianna leaks, a “super WAP”. Revolting doesn’t even begin to describe that mental image.

    Boy it’s nice to see the RCMP finally get tough with him in that letter. Let’s hope they get tough with him in person next…then in court.

    I CAN’T WAIT to hear Trevor’s “thoughts” on this!

    P.S. Nan, if you’re reading this, I hope to hear your thoughts too.

    1. 377

      What no squeals of “sexual assaults”? No compo for PTSD and hurt fee-fees?

      Smacks of sour grapes…even mother yaniv and her sister caused RCMP officers to have uncontrollable erections yet here we have jonny, oozing femininity in a nappy lined whatever, being told to cover up.

      Even with all those lotions and potions he’s looking and sounding more male than he ever has.

      Has he blamed Donald yet?

      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        No accusations of sexual assault but he has accused the constable of “sexualising him” – No Yaniv that look on his face is the smell emitting from your diper.

  3. RCMP would ask ANYONE to put pants on, if they are called to your home and you arrive at the door in a diaper. I have members of my family that are current and former RCMP, and I can ask, but you know, I am pretty certain that is just standard practise as the letter states.

    Hell Yeah 17
    Fuck This Comment 1
  4. Meow

    Not only should they put pants on, they need to put a bag over their head as well.

    Hell Yeah 17
    Fuck This Comment 1
  5. nNancy

    What has the world come to when a gorgeous impeccably coiffured trans maiden can’t parade around in her own designer crafted palace with a 6lb. freshly pinched loaf keeping her girded loins toasty warm and the natural ambergris exuding from the healed over but filthily loaded fauxgina heightening the experience? Well?

    Hell Yeah 10
    Fuck This Comment 2
  6. The incestuous adventures of the crazy Yanivs

    So let’s have a look at some of his voyeuristic and exhibitionist behaviour…

    First place has to be the fire department being called to lift his fat arse out the bath 3 times a day, only for him to make sexually inappropriate comments to them.

    Second place due to its infamy is the image of the axe wound he shared to a random doctor on Twitter.

    Third has to be “wax my balls” there’s no doubt he really wanted those women to be legally forced to touch his balls, before a surgeon lopped them off and chucked them in a bin.

    Where this one goes will depend I suppose, but if Yaniv is calling them over to his house again just to remove his pants and flash them for the tiny bit of sexual gratification that gives him – then hilarity can’t be far behind.

    It’s pretty clear that Yaniv is one of those sexually depraved people who garners a satisfaction seeing other people’s reactions to his nudity (positive or negative), one of those men in the trenchcoats who flash strangers because that’s what turns them on, best thing to do is deprive him of that reaction. Just laugh, and there’s a lot to laugh at – fatso wearing diapers, fatso with waterproof sheets and a sinister smell – this man can use the toilet, but he is so fucking lazy he prefers to piss the bed and piss in a diaper.

    Oh Miriam, you must be so proud.

    Hell Yeah 10
  7. Teresa Green

    Why do so many of Big Jon’s escapades involve him taking his clothes off? The wax my balls case, upset cause the Gynecologist wouldn’t do a smear test on him, suing the beauty pageant because they wouldn’t let him undress with five year old girls. Getting stuck in the bath thirty times and now this. The man is a raging pervert and I can smell that shit filled nappy over here in Scotland.

    Hell Yeah 10
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Because he meets every single criteria of being a pervert. No difference between him and the other dirty old men that flash.

      Hell Yeah 13
      1. Poshawa

        Also could be…..yet another DSM-5 Metal Health Diagnosis –

        Is exhibitionism in the DSM-5? Yep it sure is!
        A diagnosis of exhibitionistic disorder can be made if the following criteria are met, according to the DSM-5: Over a period of at least six months, a person has recurrent and intense sexually arousing fantasies, behaviors, or urges that involve exposing the genitals to an unsuspecting person.

        What is the root cause of exhibitionism?
        Causes & Triggers of Exhibitionistic Disorder

        Exhibitionistic disorder typically develops during adolescence. Antisocial history, alcohol or other substance misuse, and pedophilic sexual preference may increase the risk of developing exhibitionistic disorder

  8. @FasterPussy

    **And I bet on Wednesdays they go shopping and have buttered scones for tea

    **See the lumberjack song, by Monty Python

    they do put on women’s clothing and hangs around in bars as well, so….

    I’m also betting, that’s exactly where the authors head was when this article was written, I’m British so I know it was 🤣🤣

  9. 377

    I doubt there’s a bottle of hair shampoo / hair conditioner anywhere in that hoard.

    Nor body wash come to think of it.

  10. Claude

    That RCMP letter oozes annoyance and contempt against the eunuch aka diaper boy. He no longer amuses any officers and is despised within police. Next step is that crown prosecutor see it the same way.

    Hell Yeah 11
  11. Vote cpc

    I know the RCMP watch this is site when are they going to charge this POS for kiddy porn misuse of 911 plus other charges

  12. Claude

    Re-reading that police letter, this is just too funny. — Jon, WTF dude, you think it’s normal that when you have the RCMP over, and the doorbell rings, you open dressed in your …diapers? I know your brain has been eunuched together with the rest of it, but … really? You’re such a pervert. If I’d been Officer Kelly, I’d immediately fled the scene to the next bar binge drinking to forget this ever happened!

  13. ActuallyHuman

    This little piggy went to K-Mart.
    This little piggy slacked off.
    This little piggy had loads of junk food.
    This little piggy went nuts.
    And this little piggy – and we mean Yaniv – got sent to the slaughterhouse because he is an inbred pedofuck who craps in his diaper, masturbates to preschool shows, and has an IQ of a sick fuck like Daniel Larson!

    Your time has come, Fat Yaniv.

  14. Vern Thurston

    I’ve seen a similar physique from the back view on professional wrestlers. Trans Woman? No. A male back,shoulders and ugly flabby ass. Yaniv is so starved for sexual interaction that he/she doesn’t bother to look decent when the RCMP are visiting for another worthless “Emergency”. Perhaps the visit was due to Yaniv’s Probation Conditions? Noted was the RCMP mentioned ‘Vexatious’, perhaps the Vexatious Litigant will be affixed to Yaniv. Paramedics will not attend to a Yaniv call without the RCMP accompanying them due to sexual harassment.
    In the past a picture on Twitter of Yanivs Bathroom showed a large dildo on the counter among the clutter. Yaniv was asking a young girl about a brand of makeup remover. Yaniv is Repulsive.
    Currently Yaniv is suing Quaker Oats for allegedly giving him Salmonella. Another scam unfolds. Lawyers retained to sue for damages. It just never ends. Luckily the Salmonella or Food Poisoning Scam has limited reach, hard to repeat. The Service Dog Scam is still alive, Yaniv now telling businesses that they are in violation of the BC Human Rights Code.

    1. nNancy

      Someone called it right when they said Jethro is only going after multi-nationals now, he figures if the amount he seeks is small enough the Loss Mitigation Department will advise the company to pay as it will cost less in sum total than lawyers, expert testimony, etc. The chances of a multinational counter suing are nearly zero. They don’t want the optics of being the bad guy going after poor individuals their products may have harmed. I’m not giving anything away. Eunuch boy knows this, it’s why he targeted Quaker Oats as his test case. He’ll sue for $35K and settle for $10k. Since these are likely to be settled the terms do not enter the public record. We’ll never know what kind of progress Jethro is making. He could conceivably start a long and fruitful to him, run against large multi-nationals.

      Hell Yeah 5
      Fuck This Comment 1
      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Actually, large corporations usually do not entertain this scenario, because they don’t want to be seen as easy mark, they want to set an example for others, and they have attorneys on retainer already anyways.

        Smaller businesses are usually more likely to settle for small sums, since they would have to hire an attorney in the first place and/or spend their own time, which takes them away from work, aka earning money.

        I saw someone on X say that they’ve never seen anyone invest so much time and energy into something with such little return. I concur.

        Because let’s think about it, what has he actually grifted besides a few early waxing settlements (estimated around $1k each), the $5k from Expedia when their shit for brains lawyer didn’t show up, and the $2,500 from the physiotherapist when his daintyness broke the table from sitting on it. So approximately $10k? (Assuming that he had a few early waxing wins) All the filing fees, gas, parking, etc. would have cost close to that. Also, some lawsuit winnings are taxable in Canada. Regardless, he couldn’t be more then $4k or so ahead…$4k for 5 years work?!?

        I think it’s more likely that he sues people as a weapon, to “get back” at society for rejecting him, and because it’s the only way he gets any attention. Pathetic.

        Glad to see you stuck Nan! And btw, I think I know which X account is yours. FR.

      2. jaime

        I don’t think he would even get $10,000 maybe $500.

    2. ActuallyHuman

      Actually Fat Pedo Yaniv is suing Quaker Oats because he is a colossal homophobe who does not like the Quaker Queer as he is a well known member of the Barney Bunch. Being a Barney fetishist himself, Yaniv does not like the fact that his favorite dinosaur has been turned into a swell triple testicle homosexual. Fat Yaniv will NEVER be swell and would rather be a sexually frustrated incel than to have his testicles. Yaniv hates penises and therefore hates men. Jonny Ass, would it kill you to like men as opposed to little girls?

  15. nNancy

    Who am I kidding? Me? Swear off commenting here? I must have overdosed on my psych meds, LOL. As if. You nearly need a chemical lobotomy to put up with the Yaniv antics. We’re approaching the winter doldrums. I sense a pattern where this fat zero eunuch loses his mind, more than it’s already lost. Ready a new set of charges against this larping fuck. He is banned from Granny’s strata, no? that means he’ll insert himself into a community event there just because he’s a spiteful prick who thinks the rules don’t apply. Sorry to say, about that part he is right. Fucker hasn’t tasted any real consequences of his actions. Here’s hoping he lets his guard drop completely and goes right off the rails again. No harming innocents though. If he does he truly deserves to suffer the beating of his life in a dark alley. Lol, just tell Jonny Donald is down the alley with his enormous dick out and waiting. I see twitter activity is still tearing this stupid fucker new assholes on a regular basis. TIL he’s now technically a NULLO. Never heard that one before. It fits. I hope Trevor chimes in, radio silence from any of the regulars here tends to spook me a bit.

    Hell Yeah 6
    Fuck This Comment 1
  16. jaime

    The big man is all worked up some Rogers rep called him sir.

  17. Vote cpc

    Jethro DFS is ignoring you

  18. Vote cpc

    Jethro why do you have a thing for DFS Oh because he exposed you for your kiddy porn

  19. TRBB

    Meowmix is dying because of comment censorship. Slow to respond to breaking news. Jessica Simpson sues Quaker Oats in class action. Journalist who accosted Novak Djokovic because of his vaccine status keels over and dies suddenly at the Australian Open.

    Hell Yeah 2
    Fuck This Comment 19
    1. Claude

      This is highly unfair to MM. You are free to submit guest articles!

      What frustrates many is that the legal system won’t deal decisively with that sociopath.

      Hell Yeah 10
      1. jaime

        Even with his racism anyone else would be facing hate crime charges.

        Hell Yeah 4
        Fuck This Comment 1
    2. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Hi Dickhead,

      We actually have almost zero moderation and the majority of users don’t even need approval. Maybe if you stopped jerking your micro dick off about vaccines and covid that are fuck all to do with pedo man Yaniv we could do the same with you! It would also help if you didn’t use multiple profiles to respond and upvote your comments.

      Kind Regards

      Hell Yeah 23
      Fuck This Comment 1
      1. nNancy

        All sites with new owners undergo a honeymoon where running amok was OK then as the rules tighten the troublesome users stand out, and get removed. The remaining people usually enjoy more freedoms than ever. That happened here. We went from briefly being monitored to police our selves. Here and X are where I can ID a man in a dress correctly and be vocal when a 50 yr. old Professor at York University in Toronto decides to ID as a teen girl, joins a teen swim group then proceeds to wallow in enough adolescent vaginas to choke him to death.
        Anyone who disagrees is free to either address it here publicly or fuck the fuck off.

        Hell Yeah 1
        Fuck This Comment 2
    3. ActuallyHuman

      TRBB, I think you are an incel because you have a vaccine fetish. I hope Meowmix starts talking about you because you used to stalk women and the fact that you are a fat incel who likes The Loud House. Camp Lazlo characters can easily kill your stupid Loud House fetish.

    4. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Dude. Get a life. I’m starting to think that YOU have some kind of humiliation fetish….or perhaps a crush on yaniv? Fellow incel? All 3?

      Make (and pay for) your own site if you think you can do better. Easy solution. Till then, we’ll keep supporting MM. And laughing at you.

  20. Where is Rexy?

    I love how the picture screams male rage.

  21. Sydney

    Doesn’t JY call 911 like every day? Cops aren’t stupid. They prolly all know about JY and hate his shit.

    People on this site can laugh at JY but those cops at the RCMP have to take his shit seriously because they’re at work. That’s gotta suck. “

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