Kebob Part 2 – Racist Grifter Yaniv

If anyone ever had any doubts about Jonny’s Islamophobia and disdain for people of colour, the proof is now clearly outlined in clauses 226 to 248 of Jonny’s own legal reply. In those 22 ChatGPT-generated clauses, Jonny questions Mr Peroz’s spiritual beliefs and identity using such hateful language and accusations as “the defendant’s claim of being a Muslim” Among his many accusations, he alleges that Mr Peroz’s faith does not stem from “a deep-seated religious conviction” but rather is a strategic manoeuvre. Can Jonny see into Mr Peroz’s heart? His soul? Or is Jonny projecting his own malignant manipulation of spiritual faith for financial gain?

We will invite you to decide.

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His own apostasy. Can you imagine his response if anyone questioned his “alleged” Christianity identity or his putative Métis heritage? He would be bellowing that any request to prove either was
transphobic and that he would be making a human rights complaint. What he neglects to acknowledge is that is such requests for proof about and from him would be totally understandable, considering it was only 4 years ago he was claiming that he was a victim of antisemitism and asking for support from the local synagogues. The silent response was deafening.

Two courts have found that Yaniv is a lying racist grifter so far. Is our dainty Thunderelina just misunderstood, or is he just a lying racist grifter?

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18 Replies to “Kebob Part 2 – Racist Grifter Yaniv”

  1. Juliette Coates

    Twenty-four clauses all claiming fundamentally saying the same thing? Careful, Jessathon, I ‘m sure that the judge won’t appreciate sprained eyeballs from all that eye-rolling!

  2. I haven’t read a legal rebuttal before. Is it normal to make the same point twenty times? I get this sometimes when a client has used chatgpt for content, but they’re usually smart enough to say “pick the best one”.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      About as normal as anything Yaniv does. It is his way of trying to look big and powerful when in reality even his axe wound rejected him.

      Hell Yeah 11
  3. Trevor Dunen

    Jon, the fucking blokes a devout Muslim, get it into your thick potato skull. You won’t prove in court that he’s not and even if you did, how will this help your case? All of this A.I. generated stuff is just bubbles, you low them and they explode and disappear. You know you’re losing, we know you’re losing and the defendant knws he’s winning if this is all you got! Also know this, just about every single race is represented in the jails in Canada, including the women’s jail where you are likely going. they don’t take kindly to bigots or racists like you in the slammer. Another problem that I can foresee, just letting you know so you can formulate a plan of attack, is this, when you hit the women’s jail and the Metis group of native women , and there are a few of them, approach you and ask you to explain yourself, what will be your response? you can cry and beg, or you can run, or both but it won’t help you. I thought you were a bigger thinker than that Jon, I thought you could see the whole picture going forward. Now let me analyse this case, I think you are going to lose and I think you will have to pay out 35 grand. There is a solution however, just a thought I had. Jon, if you get all your savings together, hire a local hall, then employ a totally trans band, a popular one (as if there is one) you can promote the event as a trans one, all ages from toddlers to age 15, (once they are over fifteen they are getting a bit old in the tooth for our brave trans warrior lesbian). You could also promote it as topless only, no parents allowed, it would go down real big I reckon, you could raise some serious cash and avoid being homeless (as if), and it wouldn’t seem like child grooming or anything. Just for the record, not only do I know you are not from the Metis Tribe, you know it too and so does the Metis Tribe. I also know that you are using this cultural appropriation to try and get sympathy and an advantage in the courts, yet this is exactly what you are accusing Omran of, yet it’s you that’s not a Metis Native and he is a well known local Muslim. the pot calling the kettle black eh fatso? You are dumber than a jellyfish.

    Hell Yeah 10
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Anonymous

      Outstanding as always. I can say that in America people are starting to truly wake up to a truth that they were sadly too unaware of because some take their information from the internet as gospel and I believe the others were scared, with good reason because of “cancellation”. Hint to big J, cancellation started as a thing on social media whereby people decided to not support a popular creator any longer and then decided it could be applied to anybody. Started with the beauty community. In no way is it, or was it ever the law and I am certain it is not in Canada either.
      I want to make completely clear when I say that this has NOTHING to do with transgender people. I don’t call them fake because you either are transgender or you are not and if you add a qualifier like the word “cis” for example you are saying that some transgender people are fake and some are real. Horrifying.

  4. nNANcy

    JFC! Jon’s entire existence is a manufactured entity made especially to creep on young girls, enter women’s space and grift! WTF is he to point a finger? I hope Peroz’s lawyer rips him not one, but two new “bonusholes” at the trial. This creep doesn’t need to come to a halt, he needs to come to a screeching skidmarks on the road tires smoking kind of half.

    1. nNANcy

      Wow, don’t make an error while editing if you are beyond 10 minutes. Your post will stand as it.

  5. Kittyboo

    Just one correction. Jon’s not Christian. The Yaniv’s are old school old country jewish. Much to the everlasting embarassment of jews everywhere.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      No need for a correction, John currently claims to be a Christian.

      1. Njord

        Well… He claims to be a Lawyer too, and we all know how that worked out so far.

    2. Anonymous

      You just did exactly what Jon is doing to Mr. Peroz. Nobody can tell another human being what religion they are or are not. People convert religions all the time or just simply stop believing. You accusing him of not being a Christian is the exact same thing. We deal in facts here only. You have the right to your opinion even if it is incorrect however you will find that sort of thing is not welcome here. No one religion, or no religion at all has no preference over any other.

      Hell Yeah 1
      Fuck This Comment 2
  6. 377

    A mtf trans claiming to be “100% biological female” is questioning the authenticity of someone’s religious beliefs?

    The irony.

  7. Vern Thurston

    If you look at his Medical Files his Doctor’s often have Ethnic names. He will go to a Doctor for his Laundry List of Maladies, anyone that will sign off for him. He has singled out East Indians for his Racism. The Racist Metis Christian who made up a name Jessica Simpson and assumed the name has parents who immigrated to Canada from Israel. The Canadian Metis Association should be made aware of Yaniv’s false claim of being Metis.

    Blaire White has several videos on You Tube about Yaniv. Blaire White is TransGender. Check them out.

  8. Watcher

    My inclination would be to take each of those clauses, remove the word “Muslim” and insert the words “Diabetes” or “Service Dog” in them – it makes for a far more realistic angle on the latest grift…

  9. Felix

    Classic Jonathan projection. Replace “Muslim Faith” with “transgender identity” and it perfectly describes Jon’s strategy to elicit sympathy and mitigate potential consequences of his own corrupt actions.

  10. I really hope there’s eventually an animated comedy series about JY. There’s enough content for multiple seasons, he’s truly the gift that keeps on giving and even when he’s locked up he’ll be having plenty of hilarious adventures. Netflix, you up for this?

  11. Anonymous

    It seems to me that these aren’t even statements of fact as related to this claim. It appears as said he googled and used just blurbs obtained anywhere. So instead of making a factual claim such as (for a lay person like me) “The claimant says that the defendant took off his religious head gear and smacked him with it, causing a large bruise to his mouth.” After all this time the fact that he can’t understand basic facts is just, well it’s just both hilarious and kind of shocking at the same time. He chose to do this and after all this time the courts don’t get to say NOW he is not competent to proceed because they will have some explaining to do as to how FINALLY they have come to this conclusion when they never could before. I can’t even express my absolute respect to the MM team. This person has been hurting people for. YEARS with the courts permission. It would be awesome to me if they filed a class action lawsuit against the court system wanting to know why. Actually, are his claims actual snippets of judgement from other decisions? One only has to read to wonder. TY.

  12. Felix

    It is certainly my opinion that Jon’s claim to be a Christian is just another lie/larp/grift. And his claim (which is undoubtedly as false as every other claim he’s ever made) is, in my opinion, a fair target for ridicule.

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