Kebob Case Part 1 – Making Rudi Gulliani look good.

Many of you have been wondering about Jonny’s exhortative lawsuit against Omran Peroz of the Great Afghan Kabob restaurant since Mr Peroz’s July 12 reply. Two days later, Jonny filed a 36-page, 300-clause rebuttal. We are sure that once Mr Peroz’slawyers stop laughing, they will prove that Jonny is embodiment of the old English proverb about a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. To be blunt, his July 14 reply looks like he did a couple of Google searches, had his CHATGPT write a few transition lines and then rushed to the courthouse to file it.

The reply can be broken down into several main subject areas, such as Rexy is a
legitimate service dog or the need for the court to expedite his case because there is
so much non-relevant, extraneous material cited (the old bury them-in bullshit grift)
such as citing the 1998 Delwin Vriend sexual orientation lawsuit against the
Government of Alberta (Vriend is gay, not trans).

Rather than depriving our readers of the full experience by summarizing what we think
is relevant, a lie or a hallucination, we have decided to break down Jonny’s reply by
the subject matter, let you read it and decide for yourself. If some of our readers should
happen to be Allard Law students and would care to make a comment or two on the
legal chops of their future classmate, all the better.

First up, claiming that Rexy is a certified and registered service dog.

It seems the only salad Yaniv ever had was CHATbot word salad!

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19 Replies to “Kebob Case Part 1 – Making Rudi Gulliani look good.”

  1. Trevor Dunen

    If you remember back a few posts this is exactly what I predicted. This is his usual scam, he will file a reply with dozens of precedents that bear no relationship whatsoever to his case, one, to inundate the opposition as they have to reply and and two, to try and come across as knowledgeable about the law. this will not work Jonny boy. You’re on the ropes with this one because he’s counter suing and you’re fighting the Mike Tyson of the fast food world in Langley. Give it up you moron, this garbage was all generated with A.I. that’s your new “thing”. This lawsuit will be as successful as your search for a sweet heart to marry, it’s just not going to happen, you big, fat ugly man.

    Hell Yeah 15
  2. Trevor Dunen

    I am pretty certain that the courts in Canada, especially the lower ones like this, speak in plain English. why is he quoting the Latin translations in his filings, this is totally unnecessary, is he doing this to try and look intelligent, he didn’t write it, A.I. did and it is the Bot that inserted the Latin.

    Hell Yeah 17
    1. Murky Meg

      Honestly that’s the best bit for me because it screams “Ooooooooo aren’t I clever because I can Google (use ChatGBT) Latin equivalent words”

      It’s not going to work fatso!

    2. shortstuff

      He probably doesn’t know what the words in Latin even reference when it comes to the Law.

    3. Anonymous

      It is especially funny to me because I was educated for 12 years by nuns. As we were taught vocabulary right from age 5 they also taught us the latin roots and translations for words. Let’s just say it stuck. Coincidentally my spouse studied Latin for 6 years. Ain’t life glorious!!!

  3. 377

    Here we go again…

    1. What is a Service Dog in British Columbia?
    Under the BC Guide Dog and Service Dog Act, a “service dog” is a dog that is trained to perform specific tasks to assist a person with a disability, and is also certified as a service dog.

    2. Do Service Dogs Have to be Certified in BC?
    Yes, service dogs in British Columbia need to be certified either by  Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)
    Other service dog teams are required to pass a public safety assessment administered by the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). These service dog teams must be reassessed every two years* in order to make sure that public safety standards are being maintained.

    * Going by his time-line his pet is due for his 2 year re-assessment. Problem for jonny is…

    Assessments are performed while the dog is on-leash. An occasional tight leash is acceptable. However, a dog is not ready for an assessment if it displays behaviour requiring major restraint or a continuously tight leash to perform a task (unless the tight leash is required for mobility limitations). Only regular collars are acceptable. Correction collars such as pinch collars will not be accepted

    tldr: CHATGPT waffle is not proof jonny, bona fide certification is.

  4. Vote ppc

    AI’s are infamous for making shit up and referencing fictional/foreign bullcrap when asked to make legal documents, and if caught the court could hold Yaniv in contempt if he refuses to stop. Look up AI hallucinations for more info on this matter.

    The worst thing that might happen to Yaniv in regards to this matter is that he may loose his dog for using it in fraudulent activity and get fined for harassment.

    1. Anonymous

      Rexy is a beautiful, innocent animal. He is just the tool being used by Jon to hurt others. Removal of Rexy has been the only goal all along.

  5. Vern Thurston

    The use of Fake Service Dogs is a issue. BC is getting tougher on Fraudulent Service Dogs. Is Rexy a Certified Service Dog? No. In BC Service Dog Teams where the purpose is training a new Service Dog are specifically not allowed in Food Establishments. Other businesses are free to allow Service Dogs in Training to enter as a courtesy to help with training. Yaniv is trying to interpret Bylaws and Precedent Case Law to conduct a Fraud. That is illegal in itself. The motive for a Cash Settlement and choosing an Immigrant owned Restaurant is obvious. Yaniv sent Mother Yaniv in first to see if they would refuse a Dog, they said no Pets, the Scam was on. Johnathan then barged in with Rexy. Need food fast for Medical Emergency? Convenience stores would be faster. No, sit down read a Menu and wait for food. It is all such an obvious scam with Miriam and John using poor Rexy as a Fake Service Dog.

    1. nNANcy

      Actually, didn’t our dainty 450 lb. princess hunt around for the RCMP officer that was driving the parked squad car nearby BEFORE he took care of his “medical emergency”? Since he tweeted or posted he had Glucagon with him all the time he was never in any danger, no matter if he consumed something from a store/gas station/gutter or not. This is his most egregious grift to date, and also puts him on the thinnest ice ever. I don’t quite understand how the Mr. Swirl suit, filed long before this is going to be heard later, unless it has settled. That concern me, that suits with this creep are being settled yet there is radio silence. That would be a travesty.
      Anyhow, Jon is going to lose. My concern is since we have seen the courts refuse to treat him equally with others they will find him at fault, but only award Peroz a “nominal” sum for the countersuit, like $1000. Even Miriam can come up with that amount. The only real way this becomes a loss for Jethro is to award Peroz $35k AND find Jethro as vexatious and supervise his future filings. Many thanks to those providing links to service dog information.

  6. nNANcy

    When Jethro files a mountain of bullshit like this and really expects the courts to seal his previous cases then the only conclusion I can make is the hormones have rotted what feeble little brain he had.
    There is NO way a lower court will ever seal such cases as they don’t involve protecting minors from identification, the ONLY reason a court would use for said action, that, or national security. Jethro, your Bodine keystone Kop 3 stooges antics don’t quality. Try again. Great Kabob is going to skewer you like a dinner special When they are done getting you to contradict yourself, repeatedly lie under oath you will have set a legal precedent for egregious stupidity while on the stand. You’re going to Allard my son, as a first year textbook example of why representing yourself means you have a huge fool for a client.

  7. ActuallyJewish

    Yaniv thinks Rexy is a service dog whereas in reality it is a uncontrollable mongrel who humps everything. The SPCA should take Rexy away from Yaniv so that he will have nothing to do other than to eat a lot of junk food to make himself feminine, but only making him the fattest person in Canada. The only friends he has is Miriam Yaniv and the delusional manchildren who support him. And what does he know about laws? LOL. He masturbates to preschool shows and child porn. Canada has a major problem in protecting pedophiles.

  8. Professor Johnathan, JD

    It is still insane to me how he thinks that legal professionals — as in, actual working, practicing individuals — will read his garbage and take it seriously. He really thinks that he is owning them, or that he is at their level (actually, he KNOWS he is way above their level, he’s just unfortunately being held back by transphobes!)

  9. Cactus

    What a bunch of B.S. I’m surprised he didn’t use one of our Frist nation’s dialect instead of Latin.
    I just feel sick thinking what that poor, totally untrained dog is going thru with that sub human.
    I do feel and hope JYS’s day of reckoning in court is finally coming and hopefully soon.

  10. MeowMixer

    Where can I read the reply?

  11. Watcher

    I find it increasingly funny that those misusing AI are doing so because they lack the “I” part…

  12. Liam

    Dude, no real lawyer uses this much Latin. At least the judge will get a laugh at your literal retardation.

  13. Ever met an SP?

    All I can say to that is, Ionathan stultus est.

  14. Anonymous

    This is a serious question. Can Jon read?

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