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Jessica Yaniv

Sorry things have been slow, but there has been a lot going on with all of us at Meow Mix. We are all volunteers, so unfortunately, real life gets in the way. We also have Jonathan raising ludicrous court actions that we have to deal with. He really doesn’t like us. As in Donald Smith levels of hate. Both online and in the courts, where he mentioned us 14+ times in July. He is now desperately reopening all his old cases with a request to seal the files so no one can see him for what he is.

Yaniv stalks this site and those on Twitter that he perceives to be MeowMix related, Langley Resident, Donald Smith, Sam Price and anyone with a nose that can smell him coming. There is nothing he will not stoop to sending, including Animal Porn. We know, for example, he spent almost 18 hours just refreshing his Mac or iPhone, watching for an update. We know he is about to explode because he can’t get on this site using a VPN, and we know his IP Address. So do Langley RCMP.

Despite being arrested and cuffed and his pigloo searched, Yaniv initially denied it happened before admitting it happened. He now knew who LR was and has now decided that it was a mental health hold because you know that is such a normal thing to happen.

Now to answer some questions – We had to take the What’s Next post down because Yaniv decided to pay a visit and, using the option of adding a suggestion, flooded it with his gruesome fantasies about Donald Smith and those about 12-year-old girls. He was copying and pasting, so he has these perverted fantasies written down. Considering Yaniv sues anyone who calls him a paedophile (and loses), he does many things that give the claim he is credible.

Commenting Guidelines. This came up a lot in the readers’ poll (Thanks to all of you who responded; it gave us a lot of ideas), so we have been discussing this as a team. We moderate lightly – of the last 349, only 15 were moderated. All of the ones we have moderated contain at least one of the below.

No Politics – No threats – No actual Homophobia or Transphobia (it rarely occurs,) but several members of the MM team are LGBTI, something Jon hates. No anything that can’t be proven – No Pro or Anti Vax posts – No religious posts unless it is directly about Yanivs 500 gender spirit, indigenous flexible anti-Muslim beliefs. – No ANTI-Muslim or other minority hate – Let us leave that to Yaniv. People love reading the comments – often more than the articles, so please make them better than “Yaniv is Fat”. Instead of “retard”, can we think of some more exciting words – imbecile and cretin are two examples. In short – Unless it involves Yaniv or the site’s content, it shouldn’t be posted.

Anyway, we are off on a grandpaw basher hunt to check if our harpoon gets through the blubber. (See what I did there)

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24 Replies to “Update on Meow Mix”

  1. Hilary Trotter

    Great Thanks Team
    Glad you didn’t forget us. You probably don’t realize this but I would stake my next Pension Payment, that there is a HUGE loyal readership out here on the tinternet x

    Hell Yeah 14
  2. Jay

    Now there are new people running the site is there another way to help with the finances for obtaining court documents etc apart from sending money to Chris? I like to donate when I can as any small amount must help in obtaining all the paperwork you need to continue the work in putting JYS where it belongs. That is out of circulation for the foreseeable future.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Hi Jay – There is ways you can help us fund not just the documents but also the hosting. I will be in contact via email.

  3. nNANcy

    Thanks for the content guidelines. I take pride in having used cretin/imbecile on the regular. Both those worlds remind me of the 3 Stooges. Every time I hear them, read them, or type them myself. And I laugh so hard. Jon is all 3 stooges rolled into one. And he weighs about the same as all 3 rolled into 1! I love the community here. It’s full of great people, who I’d gladly have a tipple with any day. You have to admit, for such an interesting subject the comments about Jon could be way, WAY out there but most people, even before moderation, were pretty level headed with their content.
    This is the first site I visit upon waking and the last site I check before turning in. Thank you gang!

  4. Mickey

    My 2 cents: Fair comment policy. Love the word cretin. Try never to hate but I am fallible. Religion/vaccines discussion have no place here. I am fine with moderating comments. It is a good reminder to revert myself back into the intelligent being I am. No apologies needed.

    Animal porn? I didn’t even know that was such a thing. From an owner of an animal? That they even know it is out there and how to find it is, well, disturbing so it is business as usual for. I don’t even have a word for it. Oh my goodness, what an imbecilic cretin. (sentence added for comic relief). This ( fill in the blank) is clearly deeply damaged, as in there is no going back. A locked psych ward would do wonders for the world. There is not even an iota of understanding in my average brain why this hasn’t happened but more importantly why J thinks it won’t ever? Fortunately for everybody but J nothing last forever. Peace to all.

  5. Trevor Dunen

    You do a great joib all of you. I love commenting on here and a few years ago Jon actually hassled the Langley police so much that he got them to ring my local police in Australia and they turned up on my doorstep here in outback Geraldton. they asked me if I had sent death threats to Jessica fat guts and i told them I was not guilty. they then asked me about the background story, i told them it was very simple, fat Jon was a paedophile and Meowmix was set up to fight him and push back hard. The two cops got the web address off meowmix off me and were standing at my front door reasding it. I saw the two coppers at my work about a month later and they thanked me for putting them onto meowmix, now every single copper in Geraldton is a fan and there are about 120 of them. I have also moved address to a new top secret location where I am much safer from Jon’s false reports to the police. Jon does not know where i work or where I live. Go on fatso, you hate me as much as Donald, you have watched me build up a little following on this site and you are furious but i will keep writing about you tub-guts until you are in jail once that happens I will be eager to cover your funeral because there is a good chance that that won’t be far away given your bad health and the fact that all of the inmates in Canadian jails are eagerly awaiting you to give you a grand reception for you are a stunning and brave international celebrity, more famous that our Rold Harris and England’s Jimmy Saville. In America you could be the trans Harvey Weinstein or even Jeffrey Epstein, who has had his funeral and good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Hell Yeah 15
    1. Mickey

      I have only one vote so here is another.

  6. 377

    For someone desperate for attention here he is getting more by trying to quash that attention. It pleases me no end to know he is waddling scared…”18hrs refreshing” for an update is comical, someone has no life.

    Archive sites and Google mustn’t exist in his mind so I can’t see how trying to erase the last few years of his obnoxious behaviour on MMix will help…he’s documented everywhere online and IRL and that will continue. Like previously said his name / antics pop up in the least expected forums, and never in a positive light. Even his beloved “UBC” must be fully aware of him and his obnoxious behaviour by now unless he’s hoping no one from UBC ever uses the internet.

    Too little too late jonny.

  7. Felix

    For me the funniest thing ever was when Donald recorded himself in a dress and fake boobs mincing around lisping “look at me! I’m Jessica Yaniv! I’m a pedophile!” You just knew it enraged Jonathon. I bet he still seethes over it

    Hell Yeah 13
    1. Mickey

      I weep that I missed it.

  8. shortstuff

    I’ve been following you from almost day one. I now have started commenting some. (I’m shy) Keep up the good work. You do a service to people all over the world. I belong to the LGB community.

    Hell Yeah 10
    1. nNANcy

      Hey! Welcome and please share your opinions with us.
      There are so many nuggets of gold on the MM site that historians/scholars will devote decades to unrolling the trans movement of the 2020’s. Hell, even now Jethro is named in a scholar’s PhD dissertation. Remarkable. That interest is only going to grow over the decades and even centuries. Think of it. People will read/study about Jethro like scholars study Dante today.
      The funny thing is people here are truly gentle commenting about this deranged freak.
      I can’t wait for more articles!

      1. shortstuff

        I believe what you put out into the world will come back to you, good or bad. Karma will deal with Jon and not in a good way. I want to see him pay for the hurt he has caused others. The mask is being ripped off the Tran Activist movement and the ugly, homophobic, and misogyny beneath is being seen. Thanks for the welcome, Nancy.

  9. R3D

    Thank you MM team for giving me entertainment for the last 4 years, I appreciate everything you all do and had made sure to pass this site over to a source that has made a video on JY before. Hope to see a new one by them and made sure you guys get credit <3. Cheers MM team!!

  10. Cactus

    As per jay, I also would like to contribute funds to help offset any expenses this new time has, I have done it the past with the old team and would be glad to continue to do so. You folks are providing a great service and I thank you for it.

  11. Vern Thurston

    Meow Mix highlights the depravity of Johnathan and Miriam Yaniv. “Jessica”/Johnathan in the past scammed for cash using bogus Human Rights Claims to the Human Rights Tribunal. In the past He/She alleged Discrimination for refusal or Service from a Businesses due to his dual sex organs or “Inter-Sex”. That line of Scamming seemed to be supplanted by the “Refuse my Service Dog Access to your Business” Scam. The common threads that remain in his/her motives is fishing for cash, and targeting Immigrant owned Businesses.
    J. Yaniv is a Racist. The Great Afghan Kabob case is coming up. I would like to compile a dossier of Yaniv’s Racist Tweets and Comments to give to The Lawyers representing The Great Afghan Kabob/Omar Peroz. It is my hope that Meow Mix can help and it is times like these where Meow Mix’s Documentation is Essential and Valued. Johnathan feels he/she can interpret the Law as he/she sees fit. Where he fails is the “Reasonable Person Test”. Would a reasonable person expect a Brazilian Wax from a Woman if she isn’t willing to handle male genitalia? No. Should a Restaurant allow a Dog entry where Food is Served and Prepared when the Dog isn’t a Certified Service Dog? No.
    Would a Reasonable Person conclude Yaniv is a Racist and a Sexual Predator based on his/her past comments? Yes.

    Here is a link to a BCHRT hearing where you can see J. Yaniv in action wasting Taxpayer’s money. Always trying to interpret the Law to suit his Scamming. He/She also has the audacity to call itself an “Activist”. No, just like the SFU Environmental Club it is all a Scam to make itself look virtuous.

    1. nNANcy

      Vern, excellent clip. I thought I had seen everything of value regarding Jethro and his antics but that clip was new to me. Imagine being at a hearing where you’re claiming sexual discrimination but you won’t answer questions about your own body saying they’re “irrelevant.” Then claiming you have both sets of genitals but refuse to elaborate and refuse to have an independent 3rd party audit. But still insisting it’s “transphobia” because the businesses won’t handle your 3″ pee pee to get you off. You can smell the grift from 2 provinces over. Actually I can smell the grift from here in Ontario.

  12. Njord

    Love that you only want to moderate lightly. Hope your real life gets a little less stressful now. However i am sad to see that you had to take the other post down because of yanivs hate rants, but thats only because he might see that as a win.
    Also i gotta say it… Yaniv is Fat is kind of a running gag here, sad to see it go.

  13. Nerdnerdnerd

    WTF, Yaniv??? The police really need to search his devices.

  14. Vern Thurston

    Here is a link to a video: Great footage of him/her/it assaulting a Rebel News Reporter.

    P.S. The Document Library isn’t working, I trust it is safely copied. It would be interesting to catalogue his Racist remarks. The Great Afghan Kabob case is in 6 days. Yaniv shows a pattern of Racism. His Complaints of Discrimination are an attempt at getting paid to drop a Complaint, and he selects Immigrant run businesses due to his Racist beliefs. Then he claims to be “Metis”- his Racism stops when he can self define as a Minority to get special treatment fraudulently. Guaranteed he applies for Grants and Bursaries from SFU using his assumed ‘Metis” persona. Both his parents came to Canada from Israel. Metis my eye.

  15. Vote ppc

    >gruesome fantasies about Donald Smith and those about 12-year-old girls.

    Is that sufficient to violate Canada’s controversial lolisho bans? cause I want the government to finally search his devices for evidence of child sex harassment and CP.

    As for how the fucker spammed you with zoo porn, he likely would have spammed CP to force a shutdown and incite wrongful arrest and conviction if the nonce thought he could get away with it.

  16. Reader

    A***** P****?!?!??? When was the last time Rexy had a vet visit? Did they check his bum for tearing or his poor mouth for genital warts? Because if Jon is sending that kind of filth, then he has no aversion to it, which implies a liking for it. And that, sir, makes you the lowest of the very low. Where’s that kitten you inexplicably bathed all the time, that hid from you in every pigloo nook and cranny she could find? I hope she ran away.
    You’re a terrible person and a blight on functioning society. I hope the police confiscate your devices…and your theatre prop dog. Poor thing. I cannot wait to see you go to prison… men’s prison.

  17. Jethro

    This Frankenstein clown has effectively salted his own lineage for all of eternity.

    1. nNANcy

      Oh dude, WTF did you choose Jethro as your username?
      I’ve been calling Jon Jethro as in Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies for a long time now seeing as his IQ pretty much matches with the TV character played by Max Baer Jr. What with his grade 6 education and cipherin’ skills he was an intellectual powerhouse. Not.

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