Lying Criminal Court Jester Yaniv v King Charles part 2.

Jessica Yaniv, BC

Yaniv versus the fucking world – Part 2

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in – pun very much intended – as it came to our attention and to no one’s surprise there is a lot of dodginess in the ‘’Jessica vs Crown case. You know, the one where he’s suing for $2.5 million ($1 for every pound of fat) for his own supposed damages that are non-existent and are probably just funds to keep his skip-the-dishes orders going. I mean let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the expenses JYS claimed to spend on (delivery) food way back already and by now, just like his size, that expense most likely only increased.

He’s also suing for an additional $100k on behalf of his aunt mommy. – Imagine finding your own mom only worth 1/25th of yourself. Kinda rude, no? I guess we know who isn’t getting a tombstone either, but then Mrs Yaniv the 4th is used to getting only a 1/4 of most things… But I digress. I’m far from a lawyer but I’m sure this isn’t how it works nor that JYS is allowed to play pretend lawyer, again. – There’s been warnings before, but fret not; our legal eagle knows better. After all, JYS just learned all this over at SFU. Right?

A simple person like me can see the claims are just batshit nuts; a desperate grasp of someone who really lost touch with reality. It might work out in the Yaniverse, in their own mind, but not so much in the real world. On top of the big bucks, JYS also demands the termination of two RCMP Cst.’s and of course, all the conditions applied to “Jesica” to be terminated immediately and not a squeak about his aunt’s mommy’s conditions. Which is simply a joke – queue the laughing track. What would it even matter if they’ve gotten dismissed since the vile clan most likely would have new conditions in no time anyway? They have already had a busy week racking up extra breaches of bail.

I really must stop getting sidetracked but when you have to divert around the bullshit mound that is Yaniv-Simpson you have to add an extra hour onto the journey.

We are not saying that Jessica is a stupid lying conman who knowingly commits contempt of court or perjury, but the subject of his case against the Crown “King Charles” and his demands that the charges and restrictions are dropped are from the night he allegedly assaulted Mr Funk, pulled the fire alarm and made a false complaint. You know the one he is currently in criminal court for, because nothing says not intimidating the witnesses including the police like naming them in a federal court case for $2.5 million.

I mean it is not as if a judge hasn’t already ruled that Jessica Serenity Yaniv Simpson cannot and should not go ahead with his case against Funk and Calis until after the criminal trial and he is obviously using this lolsuit as a way to criminally circumvent a court order. Pure harassment and intimidation if you ask me, showing once again what a vile ignorant ‘his rules and way only’ delusional kind of sore loser JYS is. These are only the claims, we haven’t dived into the statement of facts yet. I know it’s going to be super hard to believe, but it gets even more nuts! Don’t worry, since I value you, dear reader, I won’t bore you with having to read through all the pages that feel like a toddler having a tantrum and (ab)used an AI bot. I must admit it gave me a few good laughs as well. Honestly how much of an idiot can someone be? And that with the help of an AI. Unbelievably JYS managed to make an AI look dumb. Can’t make this up. One of the highlights is a rant where he claims that the RCMP would not look at his or his aunt’s mom’s video evidence, claiming she filmed the entire attack on her iPad. Odd isn’t it, that his lawyer didn’t produce this as a defence or evidence…? It makes me wonder, genuinely wonder what’s to see in that video for the lawyer to be like ‘Nah, I’m not using that’. Another highlight – and you best sit down for this one as it is huge – are some court notes that he’s passing off as being official. Yes – you’ve read that right. The court notes are as fake as what his middle name stands for. MM fact-checked this in multiple ways. We asked the court if they recognized this format in any way and they said no. They’re also not taken from the official transcript since the trial is ongoing and will not be concluded until late November, meaning no transcript has even been created yet. A BC lawyer said that they could be a CART record but copied and pasted and then criminally changed. Some things that immediately caught our eye is that there was a reference to JYS as the ‘’client’’, has huge gaps and attributed the thoughts of the prosecutor as fact. Neither CART nor the official transcripts would’ve said this. They are always verbatim.

The BC lawyer’s opinion was that someone recorded the trial and created the notes from there, which of course is illegal. And honestly for me personally there rings some truth to it, given it has been reported time and time again JYS is busy on his phone and often a tablet in court and requests to use them for his fakeabilities. The last highlight but most certainly not the least one is that things have magically disappeared from the ‘’notes’’. Rather very important facts revolving around Rexy. That the judge never said Rexy was a medical service dog but specifically said the dog was a pet and that JYS could provide NO medical records to back up his claim that Rexy is a service dog. That the judge also asked about the smell in the courtroom, to which JYS accepted the blame due to his medication. And not a single mention of the number of times Rexy interrupted the court, simply because Rexy is an untrained dog. To think these fraudulent notes are the same he’s using to back up his outrageous claim against Great Afghan Kebob and its owner Omran Perez. He’s actually lying about a judge in a criminal trial… And I would like to credit JYS by saying that takes guts, but we all know he hides in the parking garage – coward he is. So, I’m going to stick to he’s just that stupid and delusional to pull a stunt like that. We do wonder how the judge or even the whole court system feels about that, having a clown running them like a circus. Pretend lawyer, fake documents, and all that. Fairly sure none of it is you know, legal.

It beggars belief and has us wondering how much more it will take before someone finally puts a halt to this criminal court jesters antics.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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24 Replies to “Lying Criminal Court Jester Yaniv v King Charles part 2.”

  1. nNANcy

    Don’t sweat it. I have on good authority Trudeaux has left his wife for Jonnica. All this nasty court nonsense will be swept under the rug. Miriam said so.

    Hell Yeah 9
    Fuck This Comment 4
    1. Bally

      It was mentioned thst no political, Covid, etc posts are allowed as this site is dedicated to Jon and his families antics.

      Hell Yeah 7
      Fuck This Comment 1
  2. 377

    Totally confused here, what is his “case” all about? The document library is empty and I’ve looked around the site but can’t see anything.

    It reads as though it’s related to Mr Funk’s case is that correct?…two ninja OAPs won’t put up with his crap so he goes squealing to Charlie?

    Hell Yeah 5
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      The document library is being edited just now. The actual full case PDF is so big we have been struggling to get the servers to accept it. The case is about Funk & Calis. As the article says he is circumventing the court order stopping him doing this.

      1. 377

        @ Meow Mix Online
        Thanks for the info.

  3. nNANcy

    Further thoughts. I wondered if the Crown let Jon get away with so much shit because he’s seen as special needs. Maybe once or twice the Crown can look away. But to continuously refuse to apply the same standards to him as everyone else proves something is at play behind the scenes. Not a single other person would ever have received so many concessions and free passes, transgender, imbecile or otherwise. Not one. If it’s obvious to all of us that Jethro is intelligent enough to push the boundaries then he’s intelligent enough to understand the fraud and to suffer ALL the big boy punishment the Crown can dish out. Uttering these forged documents is the most egregious crap Jethro has ever tried to pull off. Right now I’m hoping other criminal lawyers are taking note of Jethro’s special treatment and will be demanding their dirtbag clients get the same special treatment. The Crown deserves to be bitten in the ass.

    1. Bally

      Since you got so much free time, why not register at at law school and became a Crown prosecutor?

      Recalling your comments previously where your suggestion that Jon be charged with assualt with a weapon on Bexte or Miriam pleading guilty might result in the charges against Jon being dropped as part of plea deal.

      Go find a defence lawyer and ask them what happens when you charged with an offence where the evidence doesn’t line up. I’ll give you a hint, one walks free out the front door of the courthouse!

      Hell Yeah 0
      Fuck This Comment 1
  4. Vern Thurston

    Today Yaniv and his abuse of the Court System as a Vexatious Litigant will be highlighted. He doesn’t get to be the Judge of Peroz’s Counter Claim of Damages. He responded by spamming the Court with past decisions, those will be ignored and the facts will be scrutinized first. Precedents are guides but the BC Guide and Service Dog Act was revised and Fraudulent use of Service Animal’s recognized. Using the shotgun method of weighing the work of the Court down with Precedents won’t help in a Civil Dispute for Damages. The Facts matter not Yaniv’s Matlock impression.
    The Guide and Service Dog Act-specifically states that access to public places has restrictions, a Service Dog cannot sit on a seat on any public transit and sit where food is served. This isn’t a Guide Dog situation, it is a Non-Certified Service Dog Team being allowed into a place where food is served. Service Dog Teams can be denied if the Dog and Owner aren’t well behaved. Poor Rexy isn’t Certified and is is then up to the Business owner to let them in or not. Food establishments have a higher standard of cleanliness and can refuse Non-Certified Service Dog Teams.

  5. nNANcy

    Hey, Vern, thanks again for the Service Dog rules. At one point the dainty one had me believing dogs did not require to be certified. Ya, if they are recognized as pets and treated as such then no kidding, it’s just an emotional support critter. For Translink the dog has to either be certified, or small enough to fit in a bag on the owners lap or it hits the floor. And uncertified critters DO NOT enter food establishments unless being trained by registered trainers and with the approval of the establishment. Do I finally, more or less, have a grasp on this? I still can’t believe this 6′ tall stack of dog vomit is brazen enough to try forging stuff for the courts.

  6. Trevor Dunen

    Jon gets a lot of attention for the Langley police, it would be safe to say that they all know him by sight and by name. One area where Jon has not been noticed is by the Intelligence services. They have MI5 and MI6 in England, I’m not sure what they have in Canada, maybe its the Transgender Intelligence Action Response Squad but you should never use the word intelligence in the same sentence as you use the word Transgender. I mention all of this because I can assure all of you, that as soon as this fat Fuckmuppet issued a court action against King Charles alarm bells would have been ringing at Buckingham Palace and MI6 and MI5 would be well aware of the situation. I can also guarantee that MI6 would have contacted the Security Intelligence Services in Canada and asked for a detailed report on Jonny the fat trans cockwomble and Meowmix would have been perused by them, in effect they know every single thing about fat Jon. MI5 would now be aware that fat Jon is a nutter and he would be on an international watch list. If he travels overseas he will be followed. What this means is that Jonny has come to the attention of some very capable and dangerous people in the intelligence services both in Canada and in England, these people don’t fuck around, If they think you are a threat they can make you disappear very quickly without a trace or they can make you die of a sudden heart attack. A lot of action and talk will be going on in the background that we will never know about, so it is possible that Jon is in danger from these people & probably more likely than not, you know the old rule, play stupid games and win stupid prizes, fuck around and find out. While I write this, fat Jon is in court, I don’t need to know the result because I already know it. Today is going to be a very good day for Omran Peroz, me and everybody associated with Meowmix.

    1. 377

      @Trevor Dunen

      I feel you give jonny far too much credit, he may be a half wit but a security risk ie MI5/MI6? I doubt it very much. He’s not a threat to national security nor the UK’s government’s foreign and defence policies. What possible angst could he cause? jonny may well think he’s a force to be reckoned with re the strata OAPs and the Canadian courts but loony tunes like him would be sectioned quicker than a gnat peeing. jonny on the same level of potential terrorism and the likes?…nah, some poorly paid Buck House clerk will read his nonsense, titter and bin.

      No doubt jon boy is sitting behind his screen grinning like
      a Cheshire Cat thinking he’s onto a dead cert and has probably spent that $2.5 million in his head already. Remember this is the oaf who couldn’t get $91.18 refunded from Best Buy and who not only hilariously lost his own waxing case(s) but had to pay out $6,000 in costs to the very people he was suing…and he’d be deemed some sort of threat to King and country? You jest.

      No, UK security forces won’t be losing any sleep over jessie.

      1. Bally

        Good point nobody in csis is after Jon, he’s just a idiot. Btw for all the claims the federal government gets daily, you think csis chases them all?

    2. nNANcy

      Trev, I like the color you always add to the picture. FWIW Canada has a service we call CSIS. It’s our Intelligence service. Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Basically threats to national security. I think Jethro poses more of a threat to Canada’s food security with the enormous quantities he eats.

    3. PS

      Canada has

    4. @fasterpussy

      You speaketh the truth. I know this because I have connections in London who worked on the royal protection detail for the met police. They don’t fragg around and Jonny boy just fragged around with them. We are a country with ancient laws and traditions and he just messed with the oldest institution of all, it’s time to play with the big boys Jonny. Strap yourself in, because you’re gonna get shot out of a cannon from Clarence House to Trafalgar, square. The punishment for traitors was to be hung, drawn and quartered. The testicles were cut off and put into the mouth but we will consider the job half done, eh? No, I’m kidding, we don’t do that any more but you will loose and you’ll loose big time.

  7. Mickey

    Forging court documents sounds bad. What does the punishment look like please? TY

    1. Trevor Dunen

      The maximum fine for forging court documents is 1000 boxes of tampons or a year in jail in a cell with Rolf Harris or both.

  8. Vern Thurston

    I wonder who actually posted the Negative Reviews for The Great Afghan Kabob on Facebook? Maybe Peroz’s Lawyers found out?

    1. R3D

      it was yaniv and sock accounts vern.

  9. Mo

    It posted the below – anyone know what it is crowing about???

    Another win, yet again. #law #lawtwitter
    7:14 PM · Aug 4, 2023

    1. Jack Yaniv

      To translate, yaniv lost. Anything he says, it’s best to assume the opposite. He’s a pathologic liar.

    2. 377

      Hahahaha. He excelled himself today.

      I remember his online “debates” where he claimed victory after victory also.

  10. Jack Yaniv

    Just think of Jack Yaniv never faked his death, would Yaniv still be like this? Rumor is that Jack is one of the people trolling Yaniv.

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