Kebob Restaurant brands Yaniv Vexatious

In response to the featured image – Yaniv, due to personal reasons, you are going to fail at everything you do.

This is a post that we have wanted to write for four years. This post is dedicated to everyone that Yaniv has harassed, threatened, tried to sue, sent abusive emails to their employers, or just generally had to have Yaniv in their lives. It is especially dedicated to someone whose life Yaniv has been making a misery.

Our last two posts covered Yaniv’s lawsuit against a trusted and reputable local Muslim-owned restaurant. Start with them if you can. Since the 23rd of June, his royal whaleness has been ranting online about the latest target in his fraudulent lawsuit scheme for quick money. He has used sock accounts to further that. Yaniv has form for this, so it is not unexpected.


Yaniv was still using this fraudulent account in the name of Lauren Cimorelli, despite being warned by the Cimorelli family. Just like everyone else who has met him, they don’t want to have any association. How do we know it’s fake? I hear you ask. Well, when the review was challenged, the blundering baboon changed it to his own “Legal” page in his name, thinking no one would notice. Except the IT genius forgot that Facebook then redirects the old URL to the new one. It would be a shame if this page were brought to the attention of the Law Society.

Yaniv doesn’t have to pretend to be a Karen. You are the male version of one – on steroids.

So you can see all the elements of Yanivs fraudulent lawsuits are there. This time though, Jonathon has bitten off more Kebob than he can fit into his cavernous mouth.

This time the Kebob has bitten back, and Yaniv is FUCKED (and will still be a virgin). You see, Yaniv, we have made sure everyone knows you. Your racial hatred towards the Muslim community is widely known. Your claim that “Pro Muslims” in your twice rejected court application shows you up for the racist you are. By pro-Muslims, you mean decent, honest people.

Kabob Restaraunt Response

Several sources made certain evidence available for their pursual. They were extremely interested in it.  It was with great joy that when I woke up this morning (I am on the other side of the Atlantic), to discover that Kabob was not only rejecting Yanivs claim but countersuing for $35k. It is likely he will win.

Take 5 minutes to applaud this wonderful man. Not only does he provide good food, but he is standing up for his community, his family and everyone else who Yaniv has targetted.

Yaniv is being challenged as VEXATIOUS.


 Yaniv can’t waddle off and withdraw and having read the counterclaim, I doubt Mr Peroz would agree to it being withdrawn.

All the evidence for his counterclaim is available, in previous court judgements, in Yaniv’s own posts and even in his SFU Halal video.

Let the LOLs commence!

Now a personal message to Yaniv. You love to threaten people online with posts saying, “You are done”. So I will use your own words. YOU ARE DONE

You are done harassing Muslims.

You are done harassing women.

You are done launching vexatious lawsuits against people to make a quick buck.

You are done harassing people you think are connected to Meowmix.

You are done inciting racial hatred (RCMP words, not mine).

You are done bullying Donald Smith.

After this case, you will be declared a vexatious litigant.

Because of YOUR own actions, you have royally fucked yourself. It all collapsing, isn’t it? You will lose the pigloo, you are facing numerous pending charges, you will lose this lawsuit, you will never work again, and you will likely be in jail this time next year.

For every case you open, we will send this counterclaim to. We will apply to be interested parties in all of your civil court cases, even the ones you have a publication ban on. We will testify against you and provide the mass of evidence we have against you.

You really are done, and the fact that a Muslim man is ending your reign of terror just puts the cherry on top of the Olive Garden chocolate cake.




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27 Replies to “Kebob Restaurant brands Yaniv Vexatious”

  1. 377

    Bravo to Messrs Omran Peroz and Fink of this world, we need more of them. Well done to MMix and all those who provided the restaurant with info – appreciated by many.

    Kabob’s response has brightened my day no end.

    If miriam found hotel charges draining… 🙂

    Hell Yeah 22
  2. Trevor Dunen

    When I read the Omran Peroz response and counterclaim I had an orgasm, this is delicious. the end is nigh Jon, soon you will be homeless old boy and all your things will be in a shopping cart. Nobody has ever come back at him hard like this and he just won’t know what to do, he will pooh his pants I reckon. You can’t move in with Mum because the naughty, bad police and the courts won’t let you, like the bloke said, and I guess he’s a fellow Aussie or even worse, a Kiwi, you’re well fucked son. Then in November, well your big day is coming and who knows, maybe you won’t need the condo for a year or two?

    Hell Yeah 19
  3. MrEd

    I’m gonna have a perma grin all day after reading this.
    Is Peroz represented by a lawyer?

    Hell Yeah 17
    1. Anonymous

      Lawyers fees aren’t recoverable in BC Small Claims, so it usually doesn’t make financial sense to hire one.
      This is such an open and shut case that Mr. Peroz will have no problem winning without a lawyer.

      Hell Yeah 13
  4. R3D

    to quote Michael Scott “Well, well, well. How the turntables… ”
    John-boy you are OVER,CANCELED,FINISHED!!! I almost want to go to this place and have lunch OUT OF DAMN SPITE! You think its funny to make up such racist remarks hiding behind your computer screen. The owner is right though you have very bad hygiene and people who have been in your presence or at least vicinity can vouch, You claim to be diabetic and have disabilities. is the $1,475 per month not enough? guess not! You make every person who actually has these illnesses angry and ashamed, not to mention every taxpayer dollars that go towards your gluttony and bad habits. I hope someone forwards this counterclaim and every other time you mention being disabled to CLBC and the ministry of social development and poverty reduction to have you removed from those services or at least cut your amount because of your “Extra funds” you seem to be accumulating by all your vexatious lawsuits. ** To add onto this, JY you make me ashamed to be on disability assistance, because of you being so SELFISH i almost want to stop accepting it so someone else in need can have my spot, I’m 34 years old and this shame hits so hard I cant wait for the day you loose everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. your condo,car,rexy etc. Sooner or later you will be held accountable for the stuff you have done not just financially but to DS and everyone you have hurt. Enjoy the cell block JY this may be Canada but I hear there is no special treatment in jail

    Hell Yeah 19
    1. nNANcy

      Hey, no matter how fraudulent Jethro is don’t attack yourself along with him. If you’re truly in need of assistance I’m happy knowing tax dollars help keep you off the street. The only shame with disability are the posers like our boy here who can run, walk, jump, eat an entire ham in one go, empty Olive Garden’s breadstick stash and wield a cane like a mace.

      Hell Yeah 17
      Fuck This Comment 1
      1. R3D

        oh a reply from the legend nNancy herself!!! thank you so much for the reassurance and i can promise those tax dollars have helped me since I was 18 and am very blessed for my lil apartment! Have a wonderful day/weekend!!! p.s welcome back 😉

    2. Frenchie

      There no shame of having the need of support am happy my taxes dollar goes to people like you …who need them to survive .

      For John case the only bright side is those dollar contribute to Speedrun the casket

  5. nNANcy

    Hello Jethro, I’m bacccccckkkkkk!!!!
    And furthermore I’m moving to BC! Yes, you read that right. I managed to rent my place out for a year and thought I would try the west coast life out. The very first thing I’m going to do after I land and pick up the keys to my new place (only rented) is head to the sign shop and get a sandwich board made that says “A racist vexatious criminal pedo lives here.”
    Guess where I’m going to hang out during the day? You got it! Right in front of the pigloo. Since everything on my sign will be true you can’t get the police, nor BCHRT, nor Miriam writing a note to me to stop me. You can sue, and I hope you do. I won’t go after you in small claims. I’ll head straight to big boy court, the Superior Court of BC with a suit that will asset strip you bare.
    You can show us all the big clanking balls you have when all of my 5′ 1/2″ 92 lb. frame is right in your face.

    Hell Yeah 21
    Fuck This Comment 2
    1. Vern Thurston

      Good to have you back. Jethro must of read your post, one thumbs down. Ha Ha. Yaniv the pretend Metis Eunuch is such a waste of skin.

      Hell Yeah 10
      1. nNANcy

        Ty, this is truly a community of like minded rational people! I missed it.

  6. Mickey

    Mr. Omroz, I want to say that I am really sorry this happened to you. I am American and I think what he did to you is just despicable. Jon is in a tiny minority of people who are very angry due to their failure in life and their perceived lack of power. In standing up for yourself, you are also standing up for every person he has hurt, past and present. When you win, everything will change for Jon and the result will be a much safer BC. You are a hero and I mean that in the most sincerest way possible. I wish only good things to happen to you in life.

    Now for the rest here: I did a double fist pump in triumph when I read this!!!!! Just kudos to the MeowMix team for getting the impossible done.

    Hell Yeah 20
      1. Trevor Dunen

        I third

  7. Jack yaniv

    Yaniv really fucked up with this one, the owner is 100% going to win this one.

    Hell Yeah 17
    1. Vern Thurston

      Yes, and it is a separate Claim for Damages, Yaniv can’t drop his Claim to stop this Action. My only wish is that Mr. Omroz file a complaint with BC Service Dog Authority. Impersonating a Service Dog Team carries a possible $3000 fine. Definately the successful complaint would help the Claim for Damages. Yaniv has hurt may businesses with Fraudulent Claims and Hush Money Scams. His Racism is evident in many of his past targets. Immigrants running Small Businesses he thinks are easy “Marks’-they might not know the Law. Great Afghan Kabob Lawyer’s know the Law. Not scaring them off Trans-Straight-or Alien.

      Hell Yeah 13
  8. Jim Norton

    Oh jon, our little spastic is all grown up now and is in the big league, now he gets to see what its like to be an adult. See jon, this is the world where actions have consequences.

    Tee fucking hee you miserable grifting monstrosity. 🙂

    Hell Yeah 11
  9. Batman

    Will this be the one that forces J.Simpson to sell his condo?

    My money is on yes. He shit the bed. Now he has to sleep in it. You did this to yourself JY.

    Listen dummy; its time to trade in the dreams of being a lawyer, and order yourself a set of clown shoes. We all know it would be far more appropriate.

    Hell Yeah 14
  10. Frenchie

    John ready your prison name …

    I herd they don’t like child toucher there

    Toodles !

    Hell Yeah 12
  11. Teresa Green

    I feel like having a celebration dinner in Kabob restaurant to celebrate and I live in Scotland. It would flying over to shake Mr Peroz hand for standing up to this drain on Canadian society. “Yer arse is oot the windae” as we say here. Everywhere else they say “You are Royally Fucked”

    Hell Yeah 12
  12. Colonel Sanders

    Oh jonny

    You did a boo-boo

    Hell Yeah 11
  13. Njord

    Seeing that Mr. Omroz filed a counterclaim gave me a big grin on my face. I hope he wont back down.

    Hell Yeah 10
  14. Trevor Dunen

    I wrote a long letter to Mr. Peroz today offering my support, his email address is for those that want to do the same.

    Hell Yeah 7
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Please keep any emails factual – Mr Peroz is a really nice person.

  15. BigBamboo

    BigBoy, you have stretched the courts tolerance for imbeciles to its limits. Decision after decision where they did not believe you. They did not believe your mother. They believed the defendants. No judge has declared your dog a ‘service dog’ and in fact they are all witnesses that the dog is not a service dog. Not one of your lawyers has tried to have the dog declared a service dog. The judges have not only questioned your veracity, they have questioned your body odor. They have the same opinion of your body odor as they have with your version of reality, it all stinks to high heaven.

  16. MrEd

    Question….After Mr Peroz wins against jonny & it’s in the judgement that jonnys dog IS NOT a service dog….Can he be charged retro actively for all the times he claimed it was a service dog….courts etc.?

    1. Jaime

      Could he yes will he i have doubts.My guess is there will be a deal where he gives up Rexy and won’t face any charges.

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