Legally Bland 2 – Lost & Delirious

As we reported in our last post – Legally Bland a kebob too far we are overwhelmed with Yaniv screwups that we can’t keep up. There will be 3 posts today just to cover one of them. There is no need to add much to Yaniv’s application to the court. Except to say Yaniv has finally told the truth in a court document.

What the blundering thunder bus fails to mention is that HE was the one doing the assaults and harassment! Is he that out of control that he needs extra Sheriffs to stop him from attacking people?

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8 Replies to “Legally Bland 2 – Lost & Delirious”

  1. 377

    “Trans Genocide™
    It’s the only brand of genocide where everyone is still alive to claim that there was a genocide in the first place.”

    PC warrior, wimp on the streets. “This application is denied” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Hell Yeah 18
    1. Trevor Dunen

      The murder rate in Canada for normal straight folk is 7.8 per 100,000 people, the murder rate for transgender folk is 3.1 per 100,000 people and at least half of them are murdered by other transgender people so there is no such thing as trans genocide, they kill themselves at a far higher rate.. as far as mass killings go, the figure shows that you are far more likely to be shot by a transgender female, that is a biological man than you are a straight person.

      1. 377

        @Trevor Dunen

        2022 – 8billion world population (estimated)
        2022 – 327 worldwide trans related murders

        *** “the average trans person has a one-in-200,000 to one-in-500,000 chance of being murdered in the UK over the course of a year.” “1, on average, trans related murder in 2022 UK”

        Simply put, being female (natal) in the UK is far riskier than being trans.

        Anyway, we must stop being sensible by relaying official “trans genocide” facts, back to yaniv…

        We all know there’s going to be gang upon gang of Muslim fanatics, transphobic reporters and bigoted members of the public outside court waiting for jonny and his pet dog – like the RCMP have said (wtte) he’s too powerful a voice of the trans community.

        Just waiting for miriam to scream “Nazis!” at the Muslims.

  2. Jim Norton

    More of the courts telling slobbo to fuck off….I absolutely love it!

  3. @fasterpussy

    Another LOLSUIT for the litigating looser. Poor little alleged peado puff pigaloo (yes I’ve stolen it as I enjoy the word so much) keep loosing Jon and we will keep laughing.

  4. Trevor Dunen

    He’s such a success that now he’s scared of the Muslims because he read my post and saw what they did to Salman Rushdie when they saw his book as anti-Muslim, he’s been racist to Muslims online and some of them may wish to take the issue up with him in a non-violent way so now he’s shit-scared. Success in everything you do eh fat Jon, the document reads, “This application is denied”, how is that success Jon, that’s a failure, it seems like your new successful life is off to a very bad start. delusions are not facts Jon, the courts and the judges and the police know that but somehow you don’t?

    1. Jake

      What I like most about “application is denied” is that it looks like it’s written by a teenager, as though they pass J’s stuff off to the work experience kid.

      1. 377

        @ Jake

        Lol. I’d like to imagine a near retired jaded female librarian type, ciggy drooping from corner of mouth, getting to the end of the pile and upon seeing his name mumbles

        “FFS not him again…he can feck right off…denied…next!”

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