Yaniv Criminal Trial Update

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Liar

Good and bad news. The crown failed to prove the assault beyond a reasonable doubt – Sadly caused by not calling out Yaniv’s bullshit service dog, and to be quite honest the crown’s complete ignorance of the actual background to the situation. He was found guilty of pulling the fire alarm.

What is more interesting, though, is the Judge found Jessica Jonathan Yaniv to be a LIAR, an unreliable and self-serving witness who fabricated scenarios to suggest she was the victim. The Crown lost the case despite that and it was only the crown’s mishandling that gave the fat man a break.

Yaniv also caused a scene outside the court, as is his normal retarded behaviour. Much more to come!

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36 Replies to “Yaniv Criminal Trial Update”

  1. jaime

    In many ways this is far worse for the big man then being found guilty.For the judge to go out of his way to call out the big man very well could have big ripple effects in his other cases.

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    1. 377

      Him being called out by previous judges didn’t affect this case though did it.

      Is he gloating on SM yet?

      Everyone – thoughts on how this will affect the strata ban… if he’s “innocent” what reason(s) will they give to still ban him?

      1. jaime

        Judges talk he is now known which will not help him.

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      2. Felix

        One of his probation conditions is an order to stay away from the strata for 28 months

  2. nNancy

    This means Jethro is now free to continue his harassment suit against the seniors, Being called a liar by the judge means shit, Rexy has been declared a mere PET 3 TIMES by the courts yet the fat dickless fuck is allowed to have him in and disrupt the court EVERY time he has to appear. I have completely given up on Canadian jurisprudence, if I think I can get away with something from here on, I will. So what if that makes me no better than Jethro. Canada doesn’t give a fuck. It was proven today in a BC court, so why should I give a fuck? I’m so fucking steamed right now and I can’t BELIEVE with video evidence and Jethro’s lies how the Crown could have fucked this up so badly, unless it was intentional, which makes me angrier still.

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    1. Chumpy Chicken

      I think it was intentional. I think Yaniv:s David Eby’s state actor.

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    2. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Agree Nan, I don’t blame you for feeling that way at all. Absolute disgrace doesn’t even begin to cover it.

      And to add insult to injury, he was allowed to threaten Drea, a member of the press, 2 steps outside the front of the court house. That “cop” is a disgrace to the badge. In a sane country, including mine (the US), they woulda pushed him to the ground, cuffed his fat ass and taken him to jail for that. Especially being on probation, and at the courthouse for the exact same shit, essentially spitting right in their faces. Imagine how Drea feels, an ACTUAL contributing member of society, with more class in 1 strand of her beautiful curly hair then that dickless degenerate freak has in his entire bloodline.

      I’ve given up totally. I feel like could he shoot someone on video and they’d say welllll it’s possible he mistook her cell phone for an ak47.

      I’ve always suspected they let him run amok because they simply don’t know where to put him and don’t want to burden a women’s jail with his stinking, obese, cry bully carcass, but that doesn’t explain why they can’t give him house arrest.

      And the animal rights center could’ve taken his dog 10 times for misrepresenting it as a service dog, but have done zilch too. Are all of your governing bodies useless? Wait, don’t bother answering that. I know that’s not reflective of the Canadian people, but holy shit it’s pathetic and infuriating. What do those “professionals” like his probation officer do all day? Watch sissy porn?

      All I know is, when he continues to escalate his crimes, and he will, the person he ends up stabbing, shooting, etc will have the lawsuit of a lifetime against various bodies of the Canadian government.

      Till then we wait, watch, laugh, and take solace in the fact that while we’re all with loved ones over the holiday and eating good food, the real life Eric cartman will be alone in his pigaloo, eating stale olive garden breadsticks lubed up with tears to go down his fat throat. Hopefully he chokes on 1. Imagine if 1 olive garden line cook is able to get done (albeit indirectly) what the entire Canadian government was unable to do directly. It would be a poetic and very fitting end to his rein of terror on the good people of BC, and 11 yr old pubescent girls everywhere.

      Speaking of waiting, I can’t wait to hear Trevs thoughts on this.

  3. 377

    Be honest, is anyone actually surprised? Even if jonny had been found guilty the “punishment” wouldn’t have been up to much anyway. Fat boy continues to have the court’s blessing to carry on assaulting folks.

    Liar? – it’s just water off a duck’s back for miriam’s son. He was all but called a liar by Devyn and that didn’t change his behaviour, just as this won’t.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      I dont think anyone thought it would change his behavior. I think they were hoping he would get an actual punishment – house arrest, 30 days in jail, community service, anything. Donald got community service for the FAKE charges big Jess manufactured. Unfuckingbelievable.

  4. Nobody

    I wonder if Rexy can now be considered a weapon because he threatened Dre Humphries with it? Big J is prohibited from owning a weapon.

    1. Lady Justice

      This is the second time he has used his dog to threaten a woman of colour on camera. How many times do you think he has done it off camera in say the local drug or big box store & the clerks were too scared to speak up. He is a huge man who uses his size to invade personal space to intimidate & threaten women usually much smaller than him while using his out of control dog as a cover if he is challenged. He never wants to confront a man.

    2. nNancy

      That is a logical conclusion, but……..since the RCMP and Crown failed to charge him with breach of probation first and foremost (the dickless degenerate was on probation when he assaulted the seniors. His arrest should have immediately triggered the process to lock him up for breach and let HIM prove he wasn’t going to be a further danger to anyone. When that failed to happen, I knew then, 2 years ago, this cocksucker was going to skate in the trial.
      The Crown DOES NOT FUCKING “MISPLACE” or “FORGET” when a violent person is on probation and is charged with more violent offenses. EVER. So right now I firmly believe this retard could obtain a gun and the RCMP would turn a blind eye provided he never waved it around in public. No matter how many people reported it NOTHING would be done. Until he shoots up innocents. Then the hand-wringing begins, RCMP, “we had no idea he was armed”, the Crown “we would have put him into breach and jailed him had we known.” Ya, right. They can all eat a bag of dicks and die in a fire.

      1. Mickey

        I agree completely with you. I am at the point where I am wondering what point there is to even following his story because he literally does whatever he wants and there is never any repercussions for him. Those seniors had to wait far too long for a trial that in the end brought them no justice whatsoever; apparently the entire population is free-game for fatty to abuse and the “law” will do nothing to stop it. I see no good news here; even if the judge called him a liar, what difference does it make? I have lost faith entirely that anything will ever be done about him.

  5. The incestuous adventures of the crazy Yanivs

    Not really surprising, but 18 months probation (ontop of the fact he was already on probation at the time he committed the offence – nice job missing that Judge) is a good enough Christmas present for me.

    One more nail in the coffin, however small I’ll never count a domino falling as a loss.

    (Plus we had some great laughs at his expense)

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  6. Cactus

    Here is how I look at, the only good thing that came out of this farce was the no contact order concerning Funk and Cailis and the guilty verdict regarding pulling the fire alarm pull station.
    Since both Funk and Cailis are owners at this strata, JYS is still banned from the Strata building that her deranged Mother lives in for the next eighteen months.
    I can’t believe the judge was looking at the same video evidence that I saw concerning Funk pushing Rexy and I might add in a very non lethal or violent fashion off the chair and then Jessica striking Funk with an open hand punch to his chest that sent Funk reeling back and almost falling down, The only reason he didn’t fall down was because people and his walker where behind him that prevented him from doing so. The Judge described this event as a reaction not an assault against Funk stating the JYS feared for his dog’s safety. He never once considered or mentioned the immediate action taken by Cailis to separate Jessica from Funk might have been to prevent further harm being inflicted on Funk.
    I always understood that when testifying under oath if you lie and get caught, which Jessica did several times and got caught there are consequence why was she not punished for that?
    One of the last comments made by the judge was in his opinion we all acted badly, sure easy to say I would like to hear him say that again if he had to live in close proximity to ether Jessica or her Mother.
    In my (I know biased opinion) in a scale of 1to10 I give this a generous 4 as far as justice being served.

    1. Claude

      Hold on, „JYS is still banned from the Strata building that her deranged Mother lives in for the next eighteen months.“. The hag is back living in the building??

      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Yes. She’s been back in for a few months now.

        She has limited access, just the elevator and her unit

        She is not allowed in common areas and she is not allowed to speak to any of the owners, nor take photos of them.

        Apparently she has miraculously been behaving…for now. We all know that won’t last.

    2. nNancy

      I will never forget that Canadian law meant absolutely shit on this the 18th of Dec 2023. Not only did the dainty deranged dickless dude get away with assault, he perjured himself repeatedly on the stand, was contemptuous to the court and not cited nor punished. It’s now OK in a Canadian court to both lie and wave your dick at the judge while screaming “I’m special and you can’t touch me”. Furthermore, a Sargeant of the Sherriff’s office conducted himself in a cowardly cucked fashion after the trial when Drea Humphrey approached dickless to ask him questions. He threatened to have his dog bite her and the cucked fuck Sherriff stood there holding his dick, doing nothing. Excuse me whilst I go vomit.

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      1. jaime

        If he has trained Rexy to bite on command there will be no choice but to put the poor dog down.

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    3. Vern Thurston

      The Court of Public Opinion knows that Yaniv assaulted Mr. Funk and that Yaniv is a Menace. The Judge may think Yaniv was protecting his dog but we all know he pushes people to their limit of tolerance. Rexy is used as tool to gain access and then threaten people. Rexy is a docile breed of dog that is being stressed by Yaniv’s actions. The latest incident has Yaniv threatening a reporter, Drea Humphrey outside the Court Room. Does the Judge and Prosecutor know that Yaniv is threatening people immediately after or during Court? Hopefully Drea Humphrey files a charge against Yaniv. Technically Yaniv was on day one of Probation. Please let Funk and other residents know that we believe Funk was assaulted and not to be dis-heartened. Yaniv can’t come in to your building for 18 months and I would apply for a restraining order to make it permanent. Show the video of Yaniv again, it warrants a Restraining Order/Peace Bond. Any resident can contact Police and start a Peace Bond process. I would like Mr. Funk to initiate it but I think he has been through enough. Does he have the gumption to do it? You can apply Cactus. We all agree that Yaniv is a threat to your Peaceful Enjoyment and Seniors deserve better. Reasonable people respect Seniors, Yaniv attacks Seniors. What a repugnant degenerate. Further you can report Yaniv for Impersonating a Guide Dog with Rexy. Rexy needs a good home. That creep uses a docile breed of dog to make threats? Typical of a Sociopath Sissy Boy.

      Link to Guide Dog Complaint form-someone who has witnessed Yaniv and Rexy first-hand is the best.

      Thank you Meow Mix

    4. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Agree Cactus, and you are 100% justified in feeling robbed of justice. Because you were.

      No one can figure out why he keeps skating punishment. My theory is because they don’t know where to put him, but too damn bad, they have to figure it out instead of letting him terrorize the public. House arrest wouldve been fine, community service would have been fine. Better than what he got, a big ole nothing like always

      And he STILL almost attacked Drea outside, showing his flagrant disrespect for the law and the fact that he knows he’ll never fact any consequences. The police officer (using that term loosely) was a disgrace to the badge for allowing that

      Drea has more class in 1 strand of her beautiful curly hair then the fat man has in his 500 pound lumberjack, diseased frame. But everyone knows that.

      I do have 1 humble request, please stop calling him a she. “Jessica” is understandable because anyone can change their name and names being “male” or “female” is just a social construct (ie, Carmen is a woman’s name in hispanic culture, and a man’s name in Italian culture). Also, he claims that being “invalidated” as a female hurts him more than anything. Bonus. Lol

      That sure shows his lack of character that “man” hurts him more than pedo. Pedo would be the biggest insult someone could ever call me. But then again, I’m not one. So there’s that.

      Sorry again Cactus. You were cheated & failed by your “justice” system (also using that term loosely). Happy holidays, my friend. I’m sure it gives us all a small sense of satisfaction to know that while we’re surrounded by friends, family, good food, and sharing gifts, he’ll be all alone in his pigaloo, eating stale olive garden bread sticks. The way a predator should be, all alone with no one to victimize.

      1. nNancy

        Canada has zero problem in housing a violent trans male (who is in prison for an indeterminate sentence whose crime was raping a baby to near death) with the section of the prison population containing young mothers and their children! Can there be any greater insensitivity than that? This creep I refer to was at age 17 or so handed out the youngest ever dangerous offender designation. No, Canada has zero regard for the existing prison population so they would have no problem dropping Jethro in with the women. Unless our authorities are truly worried not for the women’s sake, but again they are doing everything they can to protect JETHRO, the degenerate dickless deviant doorknob. I’ve been on this tirade for a couple of years now, after his second conditional discharge. That set the stage for him skating and continuing to skate. For reasons unknown this one creep is being given kid glove treatment. It’s not because he’s viewed as special needs, no, there’s something else going on deep down in some smoky backroom. His actions towards Drea likely broke several conditions of his probation not to mention once again this creep gets to threaten someone with horrible bodily harm, via their animal, while John Law stands by dick in hand being worthless. That stupid prick needs to be named and shamed like that awful twat that ignored the assault on Elston last year. Canadian police are useless unless they want to ticket you for some minor infraction that doesn’t make any difference in the grand scheme of things at all. All I can say now is the stage is set for Jethro to conduct some egregiously violent act(s) while LE stands by and does nothing. Nobody will act, not the Crown, the Police, the SPCA, the Service Dog Association, SFU, Allard, Sir Sandford Fleming, none of them are prepared to stand up to this bullying prick. He’ll never get beaten to a pulp on the street because he’s cunning enough to never engage a truly dangerous adversary. He runs from those types. He attacks Meghan Murphy, Amy Hamm, WOC, POC, immigrants, seniors and only those he perceives weaker than himself. And yes, it’s he/him/sir/man/dude/fellow/guy. Being dickless nor more makes him female than removing the balls from a bull makes it a cow.

  7. 377


    See there lies the problem, they don’t have to live with ferals like the yanivs. It’s not their home being violated by two rabids and an undisciplined dog.

    You know, yaniv could have mutilated and buried every OAP in that strata that night and I reckon the judge would still have laid the blame on the residents somehow.

    1. nNancy

      And how. Well said my friend, well said.

      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Nan, i swear you are constantly saying what I’m thinking. It’s like we have some weirdly awesome telepathy thing going on. Lol. Hey, where has trev been? Do you know? I’m a little worried we haven’t seen him here giving his iconic commentary.

      2. nNancy

        I also am pondering where Trev is and has been, Hopefully it’s a pursuit of something he enjoys, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to do a walk-about and came out of the bush with a newly authored copy detailing the deranged depravity of the dickless one. Jethro certainly isn’t trans by any stretch of the imagination, nor is he a woman or a lezbeen. Those concepts and Jethro are so opposed it’s like bringing matter and anti matter together. It just can’t be done. I have decided that even the term eunuch is too gentile for this monstrosity. I think the simple moniker “dickless” says it all. This fool hacked off his own wiener to A:) become a female and enjoy hot lez been sex, or B:) get rid of evidence as he stupidly sent hundreds if not thousands of pics of his eeny weeny little chud to hundreds or more minors in America, each pic carrying a possible 5 year Federal Prison term! Calling him dickless can never be considered a hate crime, it’s stating a simple fact. It will also remind him every time he hears or reads “dickless” how fucking stupid a human being he must be. Cut.off.your.dick. The thing he lived for. What an imbecile. Hw Jonno, how the whacking off going? Not so good huh? Why don’t you ask Sanniclaus for a New Dick for Yanniclaus.

  8. Cactus

    Yes Miriam, Mother of Jessica is back living in her Condo for about I believe are a couple of months now, however with very little
    access to the common areas with the exception of elevator access to her unit and the parkade, she is not allowed to communicate
    with other owners or take pictures of other owners like she use to. So far there have been no complaints that she violated any of the conditions set up by the courts. She is due for Court December 22nd to face sentencing for her last court case where she pleaded guilty to twice activating the fire alarm and uttering threats to burn the building down. Will see what happens this time.

  9. jaime

    One day he will pick on the wrong person and that person will fights back.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      We hope

      I’ve always said that in addition to putting up the warning posters in upper income suburban areas & shopping malls, they also need to really blanket areas that are that known for gang violence, drug crimes, biker bars, etc etc

      Or wait, does Canada even have that stuff? Lol. I’m like a typical American who’s extrapolating & projecting their own countries norms onto others. Ha

      But if Canada does have areas like that, then THAT’S where the posters need to go. Methinks that those types don’t appreciate creepy pedos preying on little girls.

      Meknows actually. Pedos are the #1 targets for street vigilante justice and also the #1 demographic of criminals in prison who are targeted for violence. Stats don’t lie.

      1. jaime

        In Ontario they do have a fair amount of gangs not sure about BC.

      2. nNancy

        I was under the impression that BC was infested with Asian Triad type gangs. Considering the demographics of the place. It ain’t called Hongcouver for no good reason. I also have read there are violent Sikh gangs which surprises me as the Sikhs I have as friends and their friends are wonderful folks. Still, the lower socio economic rungs are always outside the law, regardless of ethnicity.

      3. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Nan, really? You sure?

        I guess that doesn’t sound right to me because we don’t have either of those here, and we have a huge gang problem

        The only gangs we have are white, black, and south American (El Salvadoran, Mexican, Columbian, etc)

        Our immigrants are mostly good, hardworking people and most are overachievers actually (like asians & Indians are overrepresented as doctors)

        As a matter of fact, our immigrants actually commit crimes at lower rates then native born Americans. I love our immigrants and I might quite literally die without their restaurants. Lol

        There’s some Asian gangsters in Chinatown in NYC, but it’s mostly gambling & loan sharking, not terrorizing the general public like a stereotypical gang. More like organized crime.

        And we definitely don’t have sihk gangs

        I dont care what color or ethnicity the person is, I’m just starting to think that vigilante justice will be the only type he might face some day. It is very clear that he’ll never face any type of actual Canadian criminal justice. What a joke it is. No wonder people resort to vigilante justice.

  10. 377

    Why didn’t jonny yaniv “command” his pooch to bite the strata OAPs when his life was in immediate danger instead of waiting on firefighters to rescue him… yet quickly threatened to use that command when asked a question by a female reporter (whilst he was being escorted through a deserted area by an armed (?) sheriff)? Why would he need an escort anyway if he’s trained his dog to attack?

    Are we now to believe that jonny yaniv has fully trained his dog to attack & bite on command, adding to an already impressive list of specialised services his pet carries out?

    Once again our boy shows he’s only brave when LE / his mother is around to protect him. Where was the batty bag anyway, absence due to restrictions re her strata neighbours?

  11. Watcher

    The problem here is that he has too many cards to present.

    Find him guilty of anything and he’ll play the “illness card”, the “twansphobia card”, the “disabled card” and the “special needs card” to downgrade a prison sentence to a sternly worded rebuke.

    Despite the fact that any sane and rational person can see that all of these “cards” are completely fakery, the courts are too “touchy feely” to implement meaningful boundaries and penalties.

    One does have to wonder if the crown did a transparently amateur job on this because of the risk of the previous LandWhale v King Charles III case being cited as bias…

  12. jaime

    Jon Yanivs Beret
    Both Ottawa and the GTA have a huge issue with street gangs.As for immigrants commit low crimes maybe Canada wide that is the case Ontario its a different story.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Interesting. Well then that’s where to put up the posters. Lol

      I suspect you have more problems because Trudeaus government just let a whole bunch in quickly, so probably without proper vetting.

      Hey everyone, make sure you read the comments under madvent day 20, jingle bells Johnny smells. Someone named reader posted in the comments the most HILARIOUS versions of yanivmas songs. They’re comedy gold!

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