The Yanivs’ Ongoing War Against Strata Council

Jessica Yaniv Simpson and their con-artist mother Miriam Yaniv are continuing their baseless war against Miriam’s strata, it’s residents, and the strata council. This article is a summary of what we’ve heard and pieced together from recent info. It describes several recent events and may become an updated thread if more small events occur that don’t fully justify their own post.

For context purposes, Miriam Yaniv lives in a 55+ strata called The Residences in Langley, BC. It’s a 1 bedroom suite that she shares with her sister Ilana. Both women are over 60 and have criminal history. As of this writing, both are on probation. Jon Yaniv is Miriam’s son, although some speculate he looks more like Ilana. He lives in a strata (condo) unit called Hawthorne directly across the street from The Residences. Jon is currently banned from going within 10 meters of The Residences. The Yaniv’s have engaged in a years-long battle against their respective strata corporations that has involved multiple small claims court cases, civil resolution tribunal files, and BC human rights cases. None have succeeded.

Multiple sources within the strata have contacted MeowMix, which is now circulated widely among residents, to report on the Yaniv’s bullying and harassment. Reports include Miriam trying to use common rooms as her personal bedroom, leaving strange or threatening notes for residents, randomly rearranging common room items, and recording/taking pictures of residents.

Others have told us that emergency services, whether it be the fire department, RCMP, or EMS, have been there almost daily for the last several days. RCMP are sometimes there multiple times per day, and make trips between Miriam’s building and Jon’s across the street to take both sides. What should be two peaceful buildings for people to call home has become a battleground between a morbidly obese, disability-faking scammer and their incestuous, violent, racist mother vs. dozens of families and retired people.

One source inside the building reported that a strata meeting was to be held this week. Miriam wanted to attend, but she had apparently reported to some residents earlier in the week that she was COVID-positive. Keep in mind this is a building of elderly people. Our understanding, based on comments from one resident and what we can piece together from the Facebook screen grabs below, is that Miriam was asked to prove she was COVID-negative before attending the in-person meeting. Considering she had told people she was COVID-positive just a day or two before, this was reasonable.

The Yaniv’s reacted by calling the police and posting the following on Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook group mods have since deleted Miriam’s comments and closed the post.

On one hand, I can understand how asking for a COVID test is a sensitive topic these days, but in a building full of elderly people, it’s not unreasonable to ask someone who says they had COVID for proof they are negative. Negative COVID test requests are common these days, especially with employers. The strata isn’t an employer, but a decent and civil person would have understood and obliged when the strata asked. You can’t shout out that you have COVID and then say you don’t the next day without people being concerned. If privacy was a concern, arrangements could have been made. Our understanding is the meeting was called off to avoid further hassle.

Unfortunately, the attempt to avoid further hassle led to more RCMP involvement, which carried on well into the evening on the night of January 11, 2023. Our sources say the RCMP’s have no interest in charging anyone on strata council but they are looking into the Yaniv’s ongoing harassment campaign.

Other posts from Yaniv are shown below, which involve an incident between a woman we all know now as Gina, and Miriam.

This idiotic and nonsensical poetry posted by Jon Yaniv on Twitter seems to describe another incident between Miriam and Gina. Our understanding of events from this night is that Miriam phoned the fire department (or possibly pulled an alarm) to report smoke or fire in the building. We can tell from CSO and from Yaniv’s Facebook posts that the Yaniv’s have filed another private prosecution against Gina. There is no peace bond in place against Gina, although the Yaniv’s may be seeking one. It won’t be granted, and the private prosecutions won’t go anywhere. The Yaniv’s have filed dozens of those in the past and they’re all dead.

Our take on the comments above is that the Yaniv’s are talking about the peace bond and the criminal charges to scare Gina into submission. Recall the time that Jon posted about suing a Judge, and copypasted text to his Facebook. It’s his way of trying to look tough. Or the multiple times he’s typed up a lawsuit or HRT complaint and then – contrary to HRT rules – waved the unapproved draft documents in victims faces to scare them. There is no peace bond. There are no charges. Just an angry pedophile and his racist mother.

We’ve asked our building sources how these fire alarms are affecting residents and it’s what you would expect. There are residents in the building well over 90 years old. The frequent alarms and subsequent evacuations are frightening to some, painful to others, and down right annoying to all. Everyone knows it’s the Yaniv’s causing problems. One resident told us, “I feel like retelling the Yaniv stories won’t ever fully explain and describe what’s it’s like to live with and be around them. Living it live in person is an experience that I don’t think anyone else will ever understand the mental toll it takes on all of us. We’re all tired. It WAS a very social building and wonderful and they are just stomping it to the ground.”

Editor Note: COVID is a hot topic. If the comment section gets into the weeds on this we’ll delete them and restrict commenting for this post. MeowMix is about the Yaniv’s and their abusive habits – not the place to debate COVID issues. Thanks for understanding.

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