J. Yaniv – Scammer and Fake Reviewer

We learned several weeks ago that Yaniv was a frequent con artist with his JYKnowsIT and TrustedNerd businesses. He would frequently attack websites or social media groups with spam and porn and then pop up with his business account and offer to protect them from the spam and porn.

Now we see how Yaniv would try to prop up his clients businesses by creating multiple fake accounts to post positive reviews to TrustedNerd clients and using the same accounts to post negative, often racist, reviews to competitors of clients.

Note these two profiles, both Jessica’s, but with different last names. The Jessica McDonald account is uses almost entirely to post negative, often racist reviews for businesses in competition with TrustedNerd clients.

Both of these profiles belong to J. Yaniv.

This shows Yanivs pattern of racist and deceitful behaviour, including towards his own clients. While branding himself as a tech guru that can improve your online presence, Yaniv was nothing more than a spammer and a con artist, with a good helping of racism thrown in to “help” your company.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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