Jessica Yaniv Simpson Strata War Update

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Strata

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s flailing war against Miriam Yaniv’s strata corp has been previously covered in several articles on MeowMix. Failed efforts by the Yaniv’s include multiple lawsuits against the strata for things like smoke detector upgrades, CRT complaints and HRT complaints about fake service dogs, and countless off-the-books harassment campaigns against residents.

Fortunately these efforts have always failed in the past and, at most, have caused annoyance and frustration. The Yaniv’s aren’t exactly known for doing anything intelligent, or winning.

Since our last update on this, we’ve learned a few new details that warranted an update.

First, we know from Yaniv’s tweets, a leaked email, and CSO records that Yaniv had filed private prosecutions against one resident, Gina. Miriam also attempted to intimidate Gina by saying there was a peace bond in place against her.


Look out for Jessica Yaniv on the roads. They’re an EXTREMELY dangerous, usually distracted driver. They drive a white 2023 Nissan Pathfinder, BC plate SW0 78M.

Since then, we’ve learned that a BC court judge has reviewed Yaniv’s application and immediately dismissed it. As usual, Yaniv loses. I think it’s genetic from his mother, to be honest. .

I want to add that it’s important to point out that the private prosecution process, which is part of Canada’s criminal code, is designed to protect people from vexatious “prosecution” like Yaniv does. The applicant, Yaniv in this case, files his paperwork at the court and it’s reviewed. The person being “charged” doesn’t even find out – and isn’t named on CSO – unless a Judge and/or prosecutor accept the charges, which almost never, ever happens. It’s never happened for Jon before. The only reason Gina knows this charge existed is because the Yaniv’s told her and tried to scare her. They failed.

Interestingly, this private prosecution was filed around the same time as Jon’s videos outside the local jail where he implied Gina and other residents would end up. So much for that, eh fatty? It also raises the point about whether or not Miriam knows the difference between her man-in-a-dress child filing “charges” and real charges filed by the BC Crown. Could it be that Miriam is not just fucked up, but also a complete moron?

The above-mentioned intimidation tactic – waving unofficial papers in someone’s face to achieve a result – is similar to how Jon “I killed animals at Greenside” Yaniv (more on the animal bit later) filed a complaint against Gerry Funk and Ted Cailis at the BC HRT and then waived it in his face. The HRT hasn’t even looked at Yaniv’s complaint yet and there is a very strong chance they won’t accept it, but that didn’t stop Yaniv from printing off his APPLICATION and sending it to Funk and Cailis in an effort to scare them.

It failed, and now you can read it yourself.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Strata

I can’t wait to read the comments and see which part of that you call bullshit on first. My personal two cents? Yaniv knows he’s an animal abuser and he’s projecting that onto Funk. Yaniv knows he fakes disabilities and this is a lie. Yaniv knows – and his own documents prove it – that he wasn’t strangled. And lastly, Yaniv knows he isn’t Indigenous.

This application, which Yaniv BROKE THE HRT RULES to share with Funk and Cailis, means nothing in the big picture. The HRT can’t punish criminal offenses, even if they did occur, which they did not. Yaniv has no evidence that anyone punched his dog, and the witnesses against him far outnumber any witnesses for him. Yaniv knows Rexy isn’t a service dog and his claim that Rexy is protected by the BC Human Rights Code is countered by the fact that Rexy is untrained, misbehaves, and often aggressive. Oh, and that’s if the HRT even accepts the complaint, which they very likely will not.

That application was followed by this letter.

Looks like a pretty standard form letter that JY likely demanded be sent to Cailis to scare him. It failed. What is even more funny is that it’s dated April 4, 2022. What happened after that? NOTTHHHING. It wasn’t until December 1, 2022 that Yaniv himself filed a lawsuit against Cailis – with no mention of this lawyer or firm anywhere to be seen. If Mussio Goodman was retained, where are they now?

Another loss for the Yaniv’s.

Quick Update: A friend of MeowMix has confirmed (see comments) that Jon Yaniv is no longer a client of Mussio Goodman.

Lastly, with regards to the whole incident last week with Miriam saying she had COVID the day before a strata meeting was to occur, we’ve since learned from another source that, not only did Miriam claim to have COVID earlier that WEEK, Miriam showed up at the common room where the meeting was to occur and claimed to have it right before the meeting was to start, in the meeting room, and then she refused to leave, which led to it being cancelled.

Anyone remember when Miriam tried to have Donald Smith banned from the courthouse by running up to the Sheriffs, pointing at Donald, and then shouting that he had COVID and shouldn’t be allowed in? That’s how deranged and disturbed these people are – they’re perfectly ok weaponizing COVID to advance their selfish agendas.

Reminder, like last time, if COVID comments go off the rails I will delete them. This is not the place for that.

In recent weeks we’ve learned that MeowMix is circulating amongst the residents. Not only is everyone in the building learning that Miriam is a vile racist that helped her son ambush a group of underage pageant contestants and take their picture, they’re learning that Yaniv is a pedophile, an animal abuser, a racist, and a scam artist. Word is spreading, which is supported by our site traffic stats. It serves as evidence that every time the Yaniv’s try another scam all they do is lose.

We know that a strata Town Hall Gathering (not an official council meeting) will be held on January 28th, 2023. The meeting announcement included a very strongly worded caution against disruptive behaviour too, saying it won’t be tolerated. Rumour has it – and this isn’t confirmed – that invitations were delivered to each resident or left at their door if they weren’t home, but Miriam has gone around the building and removed some of the invitations. We’ll work with our sources to confirm this.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

[mdocs single-file=”20220305 JY vs Funk and Cailis HRT Printout.pdf”]

[mdocs single-file=”20220404 JY Letter from Mussio Goodman to Cailis.pdf”]


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