It’s Official! Yaniv is a Racist, Lying, Uncredible Grifter

In our earlier article, we wished Jon a very happy birthday without realizing that he would give us all a fantastic birthday present a few hours later! It is 1:05 a.m. here, and I have never been happier to be awake and typing away.

We have often reported about Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s service dog grift, which he has used to terrify mainly ethnic women and businesses in Langley and further afield. The other day, we brought you his latest failure after taking Milos Greek Taverna to court. Who could forget the Kebob trials or his vicious assault on a senior in his mom’s building? In our recent article about Rexy, the poor abused animal biting someone in the Strata, we queried the claims that Rexy had bit others, and the Strata were aware of it. Now we have answers.

Since buying Rexy, after he was surely turned down by every service dog agency in Canada, Yaniv has repeatedly raged at his strata for not meekly accepting that Rexy is a service dog and that the general rules do not apply to him based on disability. Sadly, so many cases have just been thrown out before being inspected for judgment—until now.

It doesn’t matter who he is suing over Rexy or even his own criminal defence; the wording is always identical. However, this time the Strata decided enough was enough and fought back, meaning Yanivs claims about Rexy were properly looked at in court! The response below answers a lot of questions.

Despite most of Yaniv’s legal arguments being entirely bogus, we are pleased to say that he won against the Strata’s application for dismissal. Yaniv correctly identified that the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act takes precedence, which meant the CRT could and would hear the case and render judgment.

The problem for Yaniv is, as we have said before, nobody fucks him over more than he does himself. He seems to have forgotten that the act does mean it could be heard, but that also meant the CRT would have to determine whether Rexy was a service dog. Unfortunately for Yaniv, they decided that Rexy was NOT a service dog. That’s now an official ruling.

Although Yaniv claims to be a 4th-year law student, this has been another case where it is evident that he doesn’t have a clue about the law; he didn’t even file the final reply to the tribunal. Either he is an idiot or thought he had won.

In short, Yaniv could provide no evidence that Rexy could undertake any “tasks” he claims. Yaniv could provide no actual Physician’s evidence that he suffered from various disabilities. Yaniv could provide no evidence that he was discriminated against by the Strata. Rexy was ruled NOT to be a service dog under the Guide Dogs Act and was also ruled to be dangerous.

HOWEVER – keep reading because you will love the rest of the judgment.

The judge ruled that:

  • Yaniv’s case had no merit.
  • Yaniv is a racist.
  • Muzzling Rexy was a requirement, and Yaniv had to follow all of the Strata rules regarding pets.
  • Yaniv was an out-and-out dishonest witness who repeatedly lied. Yaniv still denies that Rexy bit anyone despite the fact it was shown to him and the tribunal. Blatantly lying to their faces!
  • That Yaniv fabricated allegations of transphobia to discredit the Strata and other residents.
  • Yaniv supplied the CRT with FALSIFIED EVIDENCE! An extremely abusive and racist email was proven to have been “spoofed” meaning that Yaniv created and sent it himself and was claiming it was from the Strata Manager. That is HUGE! 

The judge also ruled that Yaniv’s conduct during the process, the lies, the dishonesty and fabrication was so egregious and disturbing that Yaniv needed to be PUNISHED. Ordering him to pay over $3000 to the Strata! It’s of note that Yaniv claimed to not be able to pay the $62.50 ordered as a cost for the strata because it would violate his human rights. We cannot make this shit up. It should be noted that if he does not pay within 30 days the strata could put a lien on the Pigloo and interest will be charged.

We are only skimming the sheer brilliance of this judgement. Karma is wonderful, and Yaniv’s days of terrorizing people are over. All any business has to do is show this ruling to the courts and Yaniv is out.

You can read the full ruling here Strata Dog Bite

Happy Birthday you lying, racist, dog-abusing piece of shit.

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9 Replies to “It’s Official! Yaniv is a Racist, Lying, Uncredible Grifter”

  1. Claude

    My morning coffee and croissant tastes so much better while reading about a judge with spine dealing with that menace to all.

  2. Reader

    Now to get that poor, abused, traumatized (and likely sodomized) dog away from Yaniv before he adds a frigging muzzle to the choke and shock collars and vests and patches and chains and leashes Rexy is already burdened with.
    I know law enforcement watches this website. Please act. Animal welfare groups need to get involved STAT. There is so much evidence that Rexy is abused. And let’s not forget the kitten Yaniv obtained so he could joke about “washing his p*ssy”, only to wring its neck when it scratched him in self-defense. #saveRexy

    It’s taken far too long for Justice to be served, but it’s starting. 🙏

    Hell Yeah 14
  3. Cactus

    Great news, finally, ass hole has to pay someone.

    Hell Yeah 12
  4. Langley Watcher

    How long will it be before Rexy goes the same way as the kitten?

  5. nnancy

    Hey Jethro, Happy Birthday you degenerate deviant deplorable deranged dickless dork. I can’t contain my laughter of you getting such a shit kicking on your birthday of all days!!! Lol! You arrogant bloated vile racist prick. You’re finally starting to see some blowback from your sick fuck actions.
    Oh, your ass was raked over the coals by the Tribunal. You don’t even have to look very hard to see that between the lines absolutely any goodwill you might have had with the government is now completely evaporated. They politely called you a lying sack of shit scumbag who is so stupid that when you are caught in many of your many egregious lies you DOUBLE DOWN and LIE MORE! You really are one the prime example of a really stupid fuck that needs to be in long term care, fed a diet of thorazine to keep you complacent and sedate. Since your “service dog” is now 100% ruled as a pet, and not only that, but an aggressive AND dangerous pet all of your wonderful grifts for “”service dog” refusal are dead in the water. Kaput. And if I read it right any slightest future issue with Rexy will result in you loosing him. It’s the best thing. What kind of sick warped fuck plays with a dog’s dick for gratification? You do Jethro, that’s the kind of sick fuck that does this. Oh, big man Jethro. The walls are closing in on you. I bet Miriam is just fuming you’ve now cost her another $3,500 from your rampant stupidity. I know there’s got to be elder abuse going on, she must be sick of you draining her bank accounts with your “sure fire can’t miss $35,000 slam dunk” lolsuits.
    You are really the biggest loser on the west coast. Probably the biggest loser I can think of in my lifetime, How’s that AGP smirk of yours these days? Plan on tripling down and filing a dozen or more lolsuits alleging so much nasty “transphobia” against such a staunch and respected activist in the community? Maybe you should continue filing more bogus SA suits since the last one went so well? Whatever you do Jethro, don’t stop your antics now. There’s so much more entertainment your can provide for us, at your expense, of course. You’re not even close yet to going down in flames. Try harder.

  6. Yaniv Trash

    Jonny boy I know you watch this site like a hawk, DFS does not write for meowmix and seeing the lies you said about DFS, Well time is coming soon for you, Jonny boy I do live near your condo and I watch you everyday, By the way Jonny you are not trans you are a child pedo

    Hell Yeah 3
    Fuck This Comment 2
    1. Mrs Bella Cullen

      Dude. I know you are Trevor Dunen. You just want to A-log Yaniv instead of organizing trolling events. The Un-Clit told me about your rabid behavior on this site. You really need to touch grass.

      Hell Yeah 1
      Fuck This Comment 2
    1. ActuallyHuman

      Dude. Stop spamming your stupid comment. This is not devianTART. Whoever told you to post your comment is an autistic idiot.

      Hell Yeah 1
      Fuck This Comment 1

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