Yaniv’s Dangerous Dog Update

We are not, of course, talking about his Aunt Miriam but his sexually and physically abused fake service dog Rexy. Readers of this site will remember the video footage of Yaniv terrorising a young Muslim woman by allowing his fake service dog to lunge and jump at her and effectively pinning her in the corner of a parking lot. Despite Yaniv’s own video proving he was in the wrong, Yaniv went on to try and sue the poor woman for “assaulting” his service dog.

We reported earlier this year that Jasmin Bajaj was suing Yaniv for damages after she was viciously attacked by Yaniv’s support dog, Rexy. Alert readers will know it has been every right-minded person’s concern since Yaniv purchased the poor animal that the mistreatment that it suffered would spill over into aggression, leaving the poor abused animal subject to legal action and even euthanasia. Yaniv is entirely unsuited to having pets, as can be seen from his dog that allegedly was given hash, a kitten that died and whose body was found nearby and his sheer inability to function enough to look after a pet.

Various pictures Yaniv has posted show the dog with harmful items such as shock collars and Spiked choke collars. From court appearances, witnesses have suggested the dog was drugged after behaving in an uncontrolled manner to suddenly sleeping without moving for hours.

As is the correct manner of taking action, the woman who was attacked by Rexy has initiated action against Yaniv and his Strata. Although Yaniv has yet to respond to the claim, his Strata has now filed its response. Although the majority of it is boring legalisation, there are some tempting goodies hidden away.

One of our favourites was confirmation that the Strata had previously had to speak to Yaniv about his dog.

But the main takeaway is that the Strata has taken direct aim at Yaniv himself. Perhaps Yaniv should have thought about that before he launched all his bullshit court claims and complaints about the Strata. We do love it when Yaniv manages to fuck himself over, but surely even he could see where this would end up in the event there was a very real issue. As is usual Yaniv has got himself all tied up in a pickle. There seems to be no real way that he can win. Every option involves him losing in some way.

The judge rules Yaniv is solely responsible = Damages & costs to Jasmin & Strata Costs for defending.

Judge rules Strata is solely responsible = Strata seeking redress from Yaniv for the total amount.

The judge rules Yaniv to be a valid third-party defence = Yaniv paying everyone’s costs & compensation.

There are so many ways this will not end well for him. At the very least, he is costing his neighbours money with this crap and making himself even more hated. It is very clear from the strata paperwork that they have had enough of Yaniv and will throw him under the bus when they can. Something that none of us at Meow Mix disagree with. 


We will update again when Yaniv submits his response!

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11 Replies to “Yaniv’s Dangerous Dog Update”

  1. nnancy

    We can only hope that this action directly costs the fake Metis fake lawyer eunuch menace of Langley tens of thousand of dollars. He has no money of his own. He can’t. Unless there is a hidden trust fund left by Jack that was fatter than tubby here he can’t rub two nickels together. Aunt Miriam has been footing all his bills. I maintain between the 3 criminal trials he has faced plus the loss of $6K to the waxers Miriam has shelled out in excess of $25,000 to keep this fat dickless wannabe Donald cock gobbler out of jail. Her biggest mistake (after telling school staff there was nothing wrong with her Jonny and he didn’t need to be in an institution) was not letting this vile prick taste the results of his own actions. To date this POS has not had any personal blowback from any of his actions. Miriam has papered over all his fuckups. There’s no sign she’s about to stop because someone is still paying this maggot’s living expenses, strata fees, car lease and gas/insurance, extravagant dining habits and whatnot. I wonder, hey Jethro, when you look in the mirror do you see a fat stupid ugly dickless eunuch goon or that 15 year old fake pic you passed off as yourself for years? Is it sinking in as you approach 40 you are a vile racist pedo animal abuser loser that no body wants anything to do with?

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      All he has is debt. He is reliant on the bank of Miriam and when she goes he will shortly follow.

    2. Yaniv Trash

      Not very nice to say mean stuff about DFS
      DFS is working and somewhere in the woods working

      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        I dont think Nnancy was saying any mean stuff about DFS. Read it again, the mean stuff is about yaniv, all Nancy said about Donald is that yaviv wants him, nothing bad about Donald himself.

        That’s how it reads to me, anyways. Nancy can please correct me if I’m wrong.

      2. nnancy

        JYB has it correct, there is nothing negative about Donald. I tremendously respect the fact Donald is out there working and trying hard while the dickless deviant is pinning all his hopes on his lolsuits, and as I write this, he has another $3,400 to pay in costs for his own rampant stupidity. The wonderful thing is Jon can’t decide the dog trial will go against him so he walks away from it. No. He has to see it out to the end. I hope he’s shitting bricks every night while he tries to fall asleep.

  2. jaime

    The SPCA needs to take Rexy away from the big man now.

  3. Yaniv Trash

    JYS I have 3 young girls plus I live near your condo.
    If you ever try to touch or message even make one sexual comment too them I will go to jail for beating your head in
    I know the RCMP watch this site and lazy police officers need to arrest that FAT POS
    I am dog lover and I have a dog my self, Rexy would be welcome in my home any time,
    JYS call the RCMP I am not playing around, Leave DFS alone cause you caused him so much hard that hes in hiding right now but he is working making money but you scammer low life pos

  4. MeowMeow

    The person needs to ask for 35k. Loss of enjoyment, PTSD, new and chronic repetitive bad dreams and headaches. Back pain. Neck pain.
    They also should absolutely show the videos of Kamal being cornered by Rexy and the reporter being threatened to be bitten by the dog. There is court evidence that states Jonnica was the aggressor.

  5. N/A

    Here’s to hoping the dog gets the Caesar Milan treatment after getting confiscated, instead of being euthanized due to lack of competent trainers with animal psychology training.

    1. nnancy

      I think there will be a line of people willing to rehome poor Rexy and guarantee that he gets proper behavior modification lessons. Rexy is a smart critter, with the proper training he will make an amazing companion for a family.

  6. nnancy

    MM, thanks for staying on top of this dog bite . It’s the closet the world has come in terms of seeking serious redress to the egregious conduct of Jethro and his dog. I think Rexy is more trained than most people realize. BUT that training consists of attack dog type behavior, NOT service dog like alerting to blood sugar levels.

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