Jessica Yaniv Simpson Loses Again

We are starting to think Yaniv is onto something with this copy-and-paste crap he does. It would save us a lot of work reporting on the same scenario time after time. I know this site has criticised his intelligence over the years, but even by anyone’s standards, surely Yaniv would have learned better by now.

You will not be surprised to find out that once again, Yaniv has taken a small, ethnically owned business to court, alleging discrimination based on her disability and refusal to accept the dangerous dog known as Rexy is actually a service dog.  If this all sounds familiar, it is because it is. Yaniv is prepared to keep attempting to defraud small businesses with the same bogus claims.

This suit filed at the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal alleges that on March 18, 2023, Jessica Simpson went to a Greek restaurant, Milos Greek Taverna Ltd. In Harrison Hot Springs, Yaniv-Simpson says that he had “extremely low blood sugar and required food as soon as possible.” He says the Milos employee did not give him food, and he got sick as a result. I can’t think where I have read this scenario before. We have had a quick peek at the Milos website, and the food looks delicious, but this is just the type of place Yaniv targets, and it looks like warning posters need to be shared in more places to prevent innocent victims from being stung.

The general gist of the CRT complaint was: 1. Milos did not give him food during a diabetic emergency, and he suffered damage for this, and 2. Probably recognizing that Rexy is an aggressive and untrained dog, Milos asked to see the appropriate papers, which Yaniv denied. On one hand, he claims discrimination, but on the other, he wrote to the CRT that he wasn’t suing for discrimination. The tribunal member has our sympathies.

So, let’s wrap up number 1 very quickly. Yaniv presented a plethora of documents confirming he has obesity-related diabetes but failed to show any medical notes or evidence that there had been an issue on March 18, 2023. Yaniv is known for drowning opponents in documents in the hope that they won’t notice that there is nothing to back his claims up. Yaniv was demanding $5,000 for the harm that he suffered on that date; he couldn’t give any evidence or even say what harm he suffered. The other thing here is the sheer level of stupidity on display. Unless Yaniv has some serious neurodivergence issues, he should know now how to control his diabetes and plan for the regular and healthy meals required. His claim required the judge to find that Yaniv was so mentally challenged that he was unable to look after himself in these circumstances. You may recall that in a previous claim against Samantha that Yaniv accused her of grievous harm because he had asked her to hold glucose tablets in her purse for him and after an argument she did not return them. This proves that Yaniv is well aware of how to control his obesity related diabetes and the need to carry glucose at all times but chooses not to and I am confident in saying that he does so on purpose in order to have the justification to file these ridiculous attempts at go away money!

More importantly, no law on the planet says it is your human right to receive food on demand from a restaurant. We genuinely think Yaniv has lost the plot.

As is normal for Yaniv, there is no evidence, confused claim details, incorrect jurisdiction, and wrongly quoted law. Not bad for a “4th Year Legal Student.” The case never even got as far as examining the evidence or lack thereof, and it was chucked out.

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14 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpson Loses Again”

  1. Reader

    I want to clearly state that I do not believe Rexy is inherently “dangerous “. Rexy is abused, and his bloated oaf of a “master” is the dangerous one. Rexy needs rescue, and rehabilitation.

    If Yaniv’s taped admission of sexually abusing his dog isn’t enough to warrant the SPCA taking the dog away, then please tell me what on Earth IS egregious enough to warrant rescue?!

    **Furthermore, the entire Milo’s scenario practically illustrates the fact that Yaniv can no longer keep up with the lifestyle of gluttonous eating in restaurants and take aways, at least not financially. “I’m dying of low blood sugar, I’d like to order the special and also an appetizer and dessert —IT IS AN EMERGENCY so I expect it to be free!” Yeah, right.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We agree – the best thing is for the poor abused dog is to be removed and given a loving forever home.

    2. jaime

      The big man will leave a legacy just not one any person would be proud of.

  2. N/A

    The government could have easily avoided all of Yaniv’s vexatious litigation bullshit clogging up the system had they just investigated the fucking sex crime allegations against him in the first place.

    The victims need to class action sue to get this fucker arrested at this rate.

  3. nnancy

    Yaniv carries glucose pills with him at all times. He’s not going to get caught out with a diabetic incident if he needs whatever little wits he has to grift a larger situation.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Yaniv carries food around everywhere. We did note that he seems to be having to go further afield to find victims.

      1. nnancy

        Maybe we should start calling him the “Lower Mainland Menace” instead of the Langley Degenerate Lump. Lol. I love both.

  4. Yaniv Trash

    Jonny boy I see you tried to pull another scam saying your diabetic.
    How is your tumor coming along you lying sack of sh-t
    Defraud small businesses with the same bogus claim is not going to work people will put up warning posters about you
    DFS is doing wonderful with a job making money and photography Jonny boy do you have a job no you do not
    I am hearing someone is planning a protest in front of your place soon

    Hell Yeah 1
    Fuck This Comment 1
  5. RUTZ

    Please be aware, this is what Jessica Yaniv Simpson, formerly known as Jon Yaniv always does. Most businesses settle for thousands in Yanivs favor when he/she/it files the complaints. And most of the time its fully sealed because of Judge Gerry Cohen. Please research these cases and the clerks involved.

    Hell Yeah 1
    Fuck This Comment 1
  6. RUTZ

    We can only see the cases he doesn’t receive a full publication ban/ seal of at time of filing. At least 90 percent of them, we, as the public, cant see. He makes thousands off of cases that are sealed from the filiing due to his lies.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      I dont belive this. What makes you think that? How would you know if they have pub bans/sealed and we can’t see them?

      He cant keep his mouth shut and he gets catfished often. Since he has no friends he’s easy target for catfish, and any legit friend he does make he crashes and burns it quickly, and they tell all. He has mentioned his settlements. I believe the only money he’s received is the following:
      -a few early wins from the salons during the wax my balls fiasco, a few hundred bucks (around 1k total)
      -the Expedia win, when their shit for brains lawyer didn’t bother to respond, 5K
      -the physiotherapist win, when his fatass broke the table and they gave him 2,500 in fuck off money

      Let’s assume he’s won 3k more we haven’t heard about, that’s approx 12,500 total. In the past 5 years. Barely enough to cover his constant filing fees, gas, and the criminal defense lawyers for his assault charges. There is no way in hell he’s at a net positive on his lolsuits.

    2. nnancy

      Ok, if what you say is true then does a publication ban sealed case not appear in the registry of cases? That would violate so much about Canadian right to be informed what the justice system is doing it isn’t funny. When he files a new case, until a justice hears his lies to put a publication ban in place that case HAS to appear in the registry. Then what? Poof! If just disappears? If that was the situation then would not the GAK case have been completely unknown about until after it was thrown out? And if Jon has a Justice on his side, I’ll say it, another Jew, why doesn’t that justice seize all Jon’s cases and rule in his favor? Provide some proof please.

  7. MeowMeow

    Check CRT today!! Another big loss!!!!

  8. Liam

    Milos was trying to do a public service by letting him die of hypoglycemia.

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