Ashkenazi Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Metis Fraud

Following Yaniv’s recent meltdown over his genetic ancestry, we wanted to take a closer look at one of his current scams. No one will have missed Yaniv fraudulently claiming to be Metis to jump the queue for the COVID Vaccination. Whether you agree with Jags or not, only the absolute lowest of the low would fraudulently claim one – leaving an actual Metis person to miss out. Make no mistake: if one Metis person didn’t get their jag and subsequently died, Jessica Yaniv Simpson is at fault.

We also wonder, given that he claims that he is metis on every lawsuit and application he makes, if he is getting government funds for studying based on his fraudulent claims. Let us be honest here—a man who can steal someone’s vaccination is a man who has no limits.

In recent weeks and recently more so, Yaniv has been bullying, threatening and harassing a genuine Metis woman. Yaniv, doing his normal cycle of behaviour, attacks everything he is not whilst larping at them. The target of his bullying and harassment is Barbara Doduck, someone who can prove her Metis identity beyond question. We establish this truth first because we want to compare the real thing with the utter fake, Yaniv. Below, you will see Barbara’s official Metis card. Barbara has also published her detailed family history, which goes back centuries.

Barbara is a decent, hard-working person with a genuine claim to being Metis.

Unlike Barbara, Yaniv does not have a membership because he is nothing other than a big fat fraud. Interestingly, when Yaniv is challenged, he becomes very vague and tries to ignore his family tree that goes back to Prussia. Only one member of his family has ever lived in “the new world”, and that was a great uncle in 1940s Brazil. He returned when the State of Israel was created. Hell, he doesn’t even have one of those DNA kits that shows you your ancestry. 

It is not hard to find evidence that Yaniv is calling himself Metis. The screenshots below tell you everything you need to know.

Barbara has repeatedly called Yaniv out over this, and Yaniv isn’t happy about it. As a result, he has marked Barbara as public enemy number 2 (DFS is number 1). He has been having a massive hissy fit, and as he does with anyone better than him who dares to question his lies, he has become ever more nasty and aggressive. Some of his posts about her are beyond disgusting, and he is a very real threat to Barbar’s safety. This site is saying now that Barbara is in real danger of harm by the known violent criminal Jessica Yaniv Simpson.

Vile, discussing, scary, and unhinged words describe this post on Twitter. He manages to prove it is him and harasses Donald Smith & at the same time. This man is dangerous.

It takes some reading, but despite Yaniv’s threats and bullying, he seems to have forgotten that the internet is forever (and MM never forgets). Yaniv is NOT Metis. He is lying, taking fraudulent benefits like the Covid jab, and we wonder what else. How do we know this? Because the legal whizz kid published all his medical documents telling the world he is Ashkenazi. That brain tumour, he claims, must be lonely.  He tells the doctor he is, and we have looked at his family tree, which confirms he is. 

Jessica Yaniv is Ashkenzai; his business is a fraud, and his claim of being Metis is a fraud. He is lying.


“I am very concerned about the threats Jessica Yaniv Simpson of Langley is making online towards Barbara Doduck. This includes a credible death threat from an account being used also to harass Donald Smith. Jessica is known to be violent and carry weapons. I am so concerned that if anything happens to Barbara, the fault will be that of the RCMP for not dealing with this unhinged stalking.”

What are your thoughts on Jessica Yaniv’s fraudulent Metis scam? Moving to more recent ancestry, we are puzzled as to why Jack Yaniv managed to get married twice in the USA, have a permanent home in California, and never have a social security number. He only appears on four family trees on various ancestry websites, and two belong to Yaniv! If anyone has more information about Jack, please email us at

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11 Replies to “Ashkenazi Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Metis Fraud”

  1. Frenchie

    Hey John…I know you like to lie trough your teeths…but from your days…is ask FM…and myspace
    You posted a picture OF Your Parents AND YOU with your litteral Israeli family tree in the back !
    It aborrent to claim Metis ..your full on Jewish blooded.

    Bless you late father soul but his names and family name is Jewish.
    So is your mother.
    We could go in dept with the etymology if each name.
    Yitzhak : Isaac יצחק …Meaning: Laughter
    Biblical: Yitzhak was the second patriarch. Famous Jews: Yitzhak Rabin was the fifth prime minister of Israel.

    Miriam :
    Origin:Hebrew. Meaning:Wished-for child; Sea of bitterness, bitter. Miriam is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin. As it means “wished-for child,

    Yaniv : Yaniv (Hebrew: יָניב) is a Hebrew male name meaning “he will prosper”. It may also refer to: Yaniv (card game), an Israeli card game with no established rules.

    Note : I mean all respect to the deceased…but.i will expose how blatantly stupid John think everyone forgot who he is .

    You know I couldn’t claim Metis even if I could because I won’t use the fact my grandmother Is for *special privileges* that many need.
    You lie trough your yellowed teeths…to **obtain** the privilèges because your lazy manipulative and borderline sociopathic.
    Life come at anyone fast… not mistake it…
    Your blessing are counted between the finger of a single hand. Not a lot.

  2. Claude

    The best part is ˋyou were warned by the RCMP to stop´. Haha. Obviously nothing like that ever took place.

  3. nnancy

    Personally, this is some of your very best summation of the massive fraud, and I am not just talking his girth of 60+ inches, but the entirely delusional Walter Mitty type world this clown lives in. I’m still aghast with the inaction by the authorities as this creep is on probation and one of his criminal code convictions was verbally telling Billboard Chris he would die!!! What the fuck does it take for someone in the Province of BC to revoke this jerk’s probation and lock this fucker up like he belongs. Get rid of the velvet gloves that have been coddling this fat fucking larper and show him what inside of a prison looks like. This creep is having his ass kissed by the system that’s failing to protect the public. This creep isn’t even allowed on campus without a handler. I would love to see him prosecuted for fraudulently obtaining student benefits as a Metis. He;s clearly providing ammunition for the antisemites.

  4. Langley Watcher

    Jon Yaniv threatening a woman. No shock there, if he didn’t wear a dress he would have been jailed by now.

  5. Watcher

    “As a third year Indigenous student, I’m excited to explore this opportunity and showcase my creativity”


    The only thing this creep knows about creativity revolves around “truth”, and I’m using that word in a purely experimental fashion.

  6. Feather, not dot

    A pretendian just got sentenced to 3 years in prison for exactly what jons doing.

  7. Liam

    Let him have all the vaccines he wants. Maybe he can succumb to endocarditis all the sooner and we’ll finally be rid of this pedophile.

  8. Jon Yanivs Beret

    I recently read a real metis person talk about the myriad of programs in Canada for Indigenous people, which (obviously) should be there. They said they got a doctorate degree and barely owed 5k after school.

    They said they never used any other programs besides the school grants, but they went on and on about how many there are. Guarantee this demented dickless dork (I plagiarized this from nNanvy lol) is taking advantage of all of them. Every. Single. One. And fraudulently! The absolute fucking nerve!

  9. Watcher

    Jon isn’t much of an opponent, he got his arse thrashed by an 80 year old man who is barely half his size.

    The biggest risk Barbara faces is yet another frivolous law suit because Jon uses the legal system in an attempt to do his dirty work.

    Or sitting on her…

  10. N/A

    He cannot even spell Ashkenazi right, most people who hear about that group of people can because it has the words ASH and NAZI in it.

  11. nnancy

    Well well well, look at this.
    A Canadian woman is going to spend the next 3 years in prison ,
    Her crime? She is a “Pretendian” Or rather her daughters are. In order to access tens of thousands of $$$ in educational benefits this creep stated her kids, adopted while very young, came from an Inuit mother. As you have likely guessed by now, the mother and the daughters are not Innue, but 100% Parjeet. Along with sitting in prison for 3 years the Pretendian has to pay back every cent that was defrauded from various levels of Government, Tribal societies and bands that were involved, From what I know the mother filed the false forms for her daughters. Only because the mother affirmed this fact did the daughters avoid prison. So take a look around. Is there anyone, anyone at all that we know who is playing Pretendian to claim benefits of any sort? Any form of deranged dickless demented dweeb? Bueller? Oh ya, Jessica Jonathan Serenity Gill Yaniv Simpson! THAT demented dickless dork. We all know whoever holds a Trans card will trump just about any other card. The Trans card trumps, education, background, looks, hell, even race! But there is something the trans card can’t trump. It has absolutely ZERO effect when played on the indigenous card, if the indigenous card was played by someone legitimately of that stature. Now has our darling little Pretendian been accessing benefits for Metis? If he has then it’s likely Miriam is involved in the fraudulent scam as a parent or other relative would likely need to attest to the heritage of the applicant’. Can you imagine having both Jethro and Granny Clampett being investigated for benefits fraud? Another beautiful facet of this is the fact that their Jewish “askanzi” heritage is beautifully documented all over the internet. Jethro couldn’t stand there stupidly in court and use “I made a mistake filling out a form” as an excuse because he’s been fraudulently collecting benefits for two years now and he and Miriam have likely fraudulently filled out many, many forms. No, the “I made a single mistake” defense will not wash! What was really interesting to me was the Crown asked for a suspended sentence! and the judge, (a female) said NO! She said these Pretendian fraudsters need to see a clear example of their fate if they decide to defraud in a similar fashion!. Also, the fact the the convicted had a prior conviction really seemed to piss off the judge. Anyone we know with Criminal Code convictions, who may also be on probation, LOL. If the RCMP, or ANYONE, maybe even a tribal group, were serious about the damage the Pretendians do to the FN community an in-depth investigation on Jethro and Granny Clampett would start tomorrow. With their existing criminal records, their propensity for lying and their general low IQ convicting them for benefit fraud would put an end to all the grifting and abuse. Oh, and the convicted Pretendian has to pay back every cent, with interest. That amounts to about $250,000 for both daughters time in university. Now Jethro may have only conned 2 years worth of tuition and expenses so far but that could still amount to $75,000 or more! This would really put an end to the Clampett crime family.

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