Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Financial Cliff

UPDATE: We have discovered that Yaniv has several cases in which he has secured publication bans by lying to the courts. One of the reasons he has done this is to cover his utterly fraudulent fee waiver applications. When we discover them, we are reporting them to the courts. 

Where does Jessica Jonathan Yaniv Simpson get money? How much does he owe, and to whom? How can he qualify for provincial disability benefits AND student loans? How much does his mother, Miriam Yaniv, subsidize her 37-year-old son a month? These and other related financial questions are frequently discussed amongst the various groups and individuals who monitor his activities, criminal endeavours, and racist shenanigans. Using PUBLIC documents, we have put together a picture of his financial life before him being ordered to pay his strata $3268.07 by the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal on June 12, 2024.

That order seems to be a turning point. Trying to forestall any order to pay anything, Jonny said he could not pay the strata’s legal fees if ordered. The Tribunal member was unimpressed, stating in the judgement that claiming inability to pay does not relieve a person of their obligation to pay if they are so ordered. Jonny should know all about this, as he used the same BCCRT process to
force Samantha Price to pay him the money he claims she owes him from their “friendship”.

If he does not pay his strata, it could put a lien on his unit OR force a sale—three guesses what the Strata residents want. Despite presenting himself as the CEO & founder of a social marketing company (JYKnowsit) and a tech review company ( on various lesbian dating sites and in court documents, he was constantly filing applications for various court fees to be waived due to poverty. He was mostly successful for a time, and from those documents, we have been able to get a very good look at his financials and how they have worsened since 2019. Some of his claims are outright lies, such as claiming to spend $500.00 a month on dependent children in 2019. It should also be noted that in June of 2020, he was exempted from paying filing fees ($156.00 & $20.00 service charge per case) for three months, and you guessed it; he immediately sued everyone and everything that his lopsided eye spied.

Let’s first look at the income side of his ledger. Over the last decade, despite his grandiose claims of being the social media manager for the girl band Cimorelli and the singer Chelsko, his income was based
on a series of gig jobs (such as handing out wine samples in grocery stores and suing small immigrant businesses). According to the applications he filed, his income, including “business income”, never
exceeded $1000 a month. His income now is primarily from provincial persons with disabilities benefits of around 1500 per month and student loans of a maximum of $1903 per month based on the
previous year’s income. He must be studying full-time and can only get student aid for 6.5 years. It must be paid back, although based on reported comments he has made to other students, he, as a disabled,
transgender Métis woman, does not believe that he will have to. This answers why he is taking so many courses at the University of British Columbia AND Simon Fraser. It is not a matter of
scholarship or professional development. It is financial desperation since his vexatious lawsuit & other extortion schemes keep failing. Unless the rules change, student loans are awarded to full-time students for a maximum of 6.5 years.

He is also toxic to potential employers, despite his inflated LinkedIn bio as he tries to create situations where he can sue. This has been noted in several BC judicial venues. We have not factored in the CERB payments he applied for and received. On to the expense side of the ledger. His major monthly expense is his mortgage. But like any other property owner in BC, he has benefited from the increase in value. Depending on the assessment, his unit has risen from approximately $260,000 to almost $480,000. What he has done is to take out additional mortgages. These were taken out when money was relatively cheap. Interest rates have risen. He is probably sinking under the monthly cost of his mortages now especially if the second one is a floating variable rate.

In 2019, his estimated housing cost was $1200, which may have included his strata fees (currently $301/month & property taxes of $2400 annually). In 2020, that rose to 1,170 a month. In 2020 his credit card and line of credit debt was $42,000. Based on his comments to various catfishes and on social media particularly student discords and Meta groups, his credit card debt must now be close to, if not over $100,000. What will he do when the credit card companies cut him off and demand repayment? Will he be forced to declare bankruptcy?

His total monthly expenses, as filed in 2020, were $3,425, leaving him with a deficit of around 2500 a month. Although we do not have his latest financials, as he stopped applying for filing fee waivers when he realized that his information would go on the public record, we can make educated guesses based on what he has filed in the past, factoring in inflation and other cost & behaviour multipliers. For example, he claimed to spend $250 a month on restaurant meals in 2020. From his social media, we know that it has probably quadrupled.

Another oddity we noticed is that he claimed he made monthly maintenance payments of $190. Maintenance is a term usually reserved for child care. We know he has no children but he did brag
to one of his catfishes that he had frozen his sperm before his gender reassignment surgery. He also claimed he spent $100 monthly on “gifts”. (Prostitutes?)

The other oddity we noted was that in 2020, he gave 0.00 for transportation, including car lease or loan payments, although he did claim $150.00 for License, Insurance, Fuel, and Service. He got a new lease in December 2022 – a white Pathfinder with the vanity plate UBCLAW. We estimate that his monthly motor vehicle costs (including gas to drive several times a week to UBC) are around $1200.

Food, utilities, phone, cable, entertainment, laundry and dry cleaning all totalled approximately $2500 a month in 2020. Four years later, if only the rate of inflation is applied and he has not economized, he
will be paying approximately $3500 – 3.4% increase in 2021, 6.8% in 2022, and 3.9% last year.

In short, Jonny is drowning financially. Expect more lawsuits and frivolous claims at the BCCRT and Provincial Small Claims Court, and his desperation will grow, and Miriam can no longer subsidize him. He is facing a financial cliff that will only get worse when people like the Strata take liens out on the pigloo in the hope of being paid. Yaniv is running out of rope.

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3 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Financial Cliff”

  1. nnancy

    So he swore on a court form in 2019 he was paying $500 monthly for a dependent child? Seeing as his disability housing benefit would have been adjusted for a child, and he had none , he was defrauding BC as well. Why does he get away with this outrageous fraud when needy families, with real children, go without?
    His financial filings including his court filings and his applications for student loans are nothing but fraudulent bullshit. Just more nonsense he will never be taken to task for. Makes me sick thinking of seniors and toddlers going without so this bloated whale carcass can claim $40k/yr in student loans and disability.

  2. Claude

    With his disability benefit scam and the student loan scam and spare change scams here and there, the eunuch makes $45,000 a year. That’s actually plenty for a single bachelor to live of, but yeah, his expensive lifestyle (new car payments, eating out all the time, gifts to his prostitute-girlfriends, credit card interest payments, money for porn sites) means he needs to tip into home equity constantly . I had meant to add expense university tuition fees but could that be part of his Métis scam, possibly dramatically reduced tuition?

    1. nnancy

      Claude, I am relatively sure that his tuition costs are close to zero between Metis and disability grants and bursaries. I have been doing a bit of digging and he only has 6.5 years to receive both grants or bursaries. I’m sure he’ll stamp his giant feet and demand the rules be changed because as they stand severely disabled transgender women are seriously oppressed by society. I also agree that $45k will take you a long way spent carefully. but this fat gutted bozo the clown wasn’t even smart enough to keep his dick, Oh ya, it was evidence and he had to get rid of it.

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