Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Court House Meltdowns

We recently received a message on our tipline about Yaniv having a meltdown in a courthouse. Posting has taken us a while because we needed to verify the claims before posting. We do not know many details, but we have confirmed Yaniv was in the courthouse at the time identified by our tipster, and there is a record of an altercation (aka Yaniv meltdown). We do not know any details as to why he was in the courthouse, but we do know it doesn’t seem to have been a positive experience for him. You would have thought that with all his losses, he would at least know how to cope with bad news.

Our source reports they heard Yaniv long before they saw or smelled him. Initially, they had heard him from outside of the actual courtroom telling someone to Fuck Off. Yaniv has done this many times before, most notably to Keane Bexte. We are told this caused the two sheriffs outside the court to go in. Our tipster wasn’t attending that courtroom but heard and saw Yaniv again during what we assume was a recess break. This was in the public areas, and when our tipster first saw Yaniv, he was shouting on the phone with one or more of his 300 panic alarms going off. Suspiciously, Rexy was very docile and sleepy, which differed from his normal behaviour. Our other source stated that Rexy had started the day being his usual untrained self, and this certainly fits in with our suspicions that the poor abused dog had been drugged AGAIN. From the content of the call from Yaniv’s side, he was on the phone with the Vancouver PD.

You have all heard his foghorn wailing, and this was no different. He was screaming, “You better come and fucking arrest him”, and threatening Vancouver PD that he was going to create a scene if they didn’t come and arrest someone right away, that he would sue them for breaching his human rights etc. They declined to assist him because he started screaming at the sheriffs to do something. Our tipster describes Yaniv as having a major breakdown, becoming incoherent, and alleging all sorts of crimes without any basis. It appears that Yaniv was very close to being put on a psych hold for his safety.

Yaniv then decided to attack the court sheriffs, who were already on high alert after his initial breakdown. Again, he demanded that they arrest someone, that XX had happened, that he was scared for his life—you know, the normal Yaniv lies. But what got our attention and that of our source was that the sheriffs told him NO. Behave and go away! Yaniv hasn’t learned that shouting at people, threatening them, and having temper tantrums don’t make people want to help you. Our source heard them say to Yaniv that “they weren’t going to do his bidding anymore”. WOW. All this in the public areas! From our source and official details, we know that four sheriffs were in the courtroom and had to escort other people to protect them from Yaniv’s behaviour. We spoke to Vancouver PD, who advised that sheriffs would only do this if they knew of a credible threat to someone’s safety. This is Yanivs reputation. It seems that he is now known exactly for what he is, and pushback has already begun.

Now, at least two police forces are no longer doing Yaniv’s bidding. Maybe if he hadn’t doxed them, lied about officers, made sexual assault allegations against them and sued them, they wouldn’t have to come out in force and be delayed making sure all of them had working body cam. You reap what you sow, Yaniv. 

While we were discussing the latest one as a team, we noticed that almost every single appearance by Yaniv has resulted in a meltdown, assault, threats, and recriminations. You would think that a “4th-year law student” would know how to behave in court by now. SFU must be bad at teaching, considering he claims to be on the “honor roll”.

Sexual Assault Meltdown

Who can forget that Jessica Yaniv Simpson, having been told off in court, made up ANOTHER sexual assault allegation against Amy Hamm. So bad he claimed he had to go to a rape crisis centre. Of course, there was no evidence because Yaniv made it all up. What is hysterical is that this meltdown happened during the assault trial against Keean Bexte.

Keean Bexte

Possibly one of the funniest ones, where Yaniv had a meltdown outside the courthouse and viciously attacked Keean Bexte, ending up in him being found guilty of assault!

Set Dog on Reporter

There is no link for this one, but keep watching the site for it soon. Yaniv had another meltdown in court before threatening Drea Humphrey with Rexy.

Donald Smith Calgary

Yaniv, as per usual, had a meltdown screaming over the Judge to Donald that he “needs to stick to your fucking conditions”. It’s probably just as well that he cut his dick off because this man has a hair-trigger lunatic side.

You would have thought that anyone with these case losses and subsequent charges about their behaviour might stop suing people. Is it even a court case if Yaniv doesn’t have a meltdown?

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6 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Court House Meltdowns”

  1. Claude

    Among the funnier moments in the eunuchs wild accusations was the case where his mom and aunt got arrested. The orc wrote that hilarious lawsuit how the same police officer sexually assaulted him, and then sexually assaulted Miriam. I am sure police haven‘ forgotten that ‚case‘ when it‘s again him on the 911 line!

  2. Langley Watcher

    He is losing what grip he had on reality.

  3. nnancy

    Whoa, I missed this article when it first appeared. I’m not the first and won’t be the last to state if this fat deranged dickless degenerate isn’t taken to task for breaking his probation in one of about 100 different ways and PUT IN JAIL he will seriously snap and end up killing or maiming innocents, The blame for this will entirely be on the BC Probation Office or the RCMP. Wait? He made ANOTHER claim of sexual assault against Amy ? Since she now works for major publications (look up her byline) she CANNOT sue the deranged dickless dork as she would appear to be biased, having a prejudicial position, etc. etc. and the dickless one KNOWS this. So expect him to attack her at every opportunity.

  4. Yaniv Trash

    As Mr Yaniv watches the meow mix. Yaniv lunged at Kari in court even swore at Kari
    When this is all over Donald is planning to sue the every police dept for failing to act on Yaniv threats . Yaniv jail hates losers that look at CP and have CP,
    I know the RCMP watch this site but time to act now and arrest Mr Yaniv for CP plus other criminal charges

    Hell Yeah 5
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. ActuallyJewish

      Do you have low-functioning autism? Your comment does not make any sense. All you do is A-log him, and not report him to the FBI. I think devianTART is a better place for you. And yet Meow Mix, who is actually Yaniv, defends you and gets angry when he sees clever comments comparing him to other incels such as Elliot Rodger and Daniel Larson because “their antisemitic bs”. You belong in a group home.

      Hell Yeah 1
      Fuck This Comment 4
      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        Keep taking those meds mate because they are not working. Stop up voting your own posts & if you are going to try jumping your IP address to prevent us from seeing you are also Kay Hammy – At the very least change your actual hardware.

        Hell Yeah 6
        Fuck This Comment 1

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