See What SFU Students Really Think of Jessica Yaniv Simpson: The Discord Meltdown, Part 1.

jessica yaniv simpson
jessica yaniv simpson

Picture spam ahead, but it’s good for a laugh. Jessica Yaniv Simpson is the subject of discussion on these Zoom, Discord, Facebook, and Reddit chat/screen grabs. This post, which will span two full articles (or more, at the rate the info is coming in) shows JY trying to blend in with the students – and failing.

I’ve added my commentary throughout, and hope you’ll do the same in the comments.

Zoom Student Council Meeting Chat

Referring to a student council meeting about a showing of the movie Parasite.
CAL refers to the Centre for Accessible Learning at SFU.

Didn’t take long eh? A lawsuit threat by the serial loser.

It’s funny to me because everyone is entirely ignoring him. You’ll see this is a common theme.

The “I’m happy to assist” and “understood” comments above were in relation to what was being discussed verbally in the meeting. JY’s constant spam of the chat was entirely ignored.

Look who made guest appearances in the meeting!

SFU-Related Facebook Posts

JY seems to be attempting to befriend a young woman named Balquees. I wonder how she would feel about JY’s racism…There have been several public posts / comments between the two of them, mostly him trying to befriend her and curry favour.

Discord on Discord

This is where the fun begins. The screenshots are a bit out of order at times because it’s tough to keep so many lined up, but several people joined the various SFU student-led Discord chats that JY was part of and exposed him. What ensued was pure hilarity!

Quick note…notice how he says “Can WE do something…”, as if he’s trying to plant himself as part of the group. Subtle. What was less subtle was JY’s attack on Xcape, which resulted in a vicious series of racist and threatening DMs (a few pictures down).

And the direct messages to Xcape, who he later tried to saw was DFS.

Gun threats, racism, trying to seem tough. Pure weakness.

One key takeaway for me from the above was JY is trying so hard to fit in and participate and almost nobody even acknowledges he exists. They all just want to get away.

“All a bunch of high school kids”. Aren’t those his favourite?

“When you’re a trans rights advocate” lol. Sure Jon.

Another Amanda Todd reference…He so desperately wants to be seen as a young teenage girl.

Developmental needs indeed. Remember the special ed teacher he had as a young boy? The trophy he ran around the class with? The students that have told MeowMix he had a handler for several years?

And now he starts defending himself. Where do you even start on these lies? Kamal already beat him. Everyone beats him. He tried to change his story about flying to Toronto to see Sara and her daughter, which is hilarious.

I know JY likes to play with words carefully, but we also know that JY was formally reprimanded in writing by the Law Society of BC for representing himself as a law student. Sorry folks, we can’t post the letter. This is one thing you’ll just have to take our word on.

Here’s the real reason he flew to Toronto. He then posted several drunken, sweaty videos outside the GRS Montreal clinic where they REFUSED TO LET HIM IN. More details here and here.

Regarding his claims about being sexually assaulted at Kwantlen, they’re lies. He’s made up several sexual assault claims, one of which had landed him in serious legal trouble in the BC Supreme Court. He’s more like Canada’s Jemma Beale than anyone else. He is obsessed with the idea of sexual assault and sexual crimes in bathrooms, to the point where he’s made up several stories about bathrooms as well (not to mention his long history of taking pictures in public bathrooms). In fact the only thing he doesn’t do in bathrooms is bathe, which is why MeowMix had to write a guide for him.

Never threatened to murder anyone. See exhibit A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.

Or these:

Not to mention his unhinged attack on a MeowMix friend.

Or this one.

Or this one.

Or this one. I’m typing that a lot. Seems like it could be a pattern.

or this threat to get a gun.

Or this one, where he said he hoped Elston got shot in the head.

Or this one, that landed him a criminal record.

Also, more claims that everything is photoshopped and his weapons offenses are really just a result of an unfortunate misunderstanding with the RCMP.

He really is getting mad. It’s fun to read. Remember, he’s still telling everyone this is DFS.

Never charged with anything?

7 doctors?

False sexual assault claim?

Never threatened anyone? What about this? Not to mention, it shows him and his mother engaged in some really creepy incest-like shit.

Or this.

Or this.

Or this.

Or this.

Or this.

Remember, his “vagina” (read: manmade hole) has by all accounts closed off entirely. He’s a literal eunuch.

And now he tries to say that the people exposing him are hurting the SFU student mods. Nope.

Remember that “as per the Langley RCMP” bullshit he sent in the past? Crybaby.

And now Jon goes to his usual tactic – when he loses, he attacks DFS because he thinks he’s superior to DFS. Remember, DFS isn’t in these chats. The MeowMix team knows exactly who the people are (and there are a few) and JY thinks they’re all Donald. It’s a real obsession.

And now the projecting. JY has created dozens of TikTok accounts using DFS’s picture, trying to paint him as a pedophile. The reality, as we all know it, is that Jon is a pedophile and MeowTube has the evidence in the folder about him labeled “Pedophilia”. There’s literal folders of evidence. Or there’s this video of him flashing a 17 year old.

Lots more of this to come, including stuff from Reddit, more Discord leaks, etc.

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