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August, the dog days of summer. For you and I, dear reader, it is a time of sun and fun with friends and family, holidays and barbecue’s, campfires and first kisses. For Jessica Yaniv Simpson, who has none of those things, it meant taking the dog days of summer quite literally, as we saw Jessica take to pretending to be Rexy the untrained “service dog.” Jess created @ServiceDogsBC on Twitter in May, which went undiscovered and all but abandoned until mid August, and then created @ServiceDogRexy near the end of August.

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The first week of August saw Yaniv continue with much the same antics as in July with regards to SFU. He started off by promoting the student council event on his Facebook and attended it virtually. The pink rat’s nest hair was something to behold. It was only upstaged by the inappropriate and immature comments he made that were largely ignored given that this was a university and not a High School Council after all.

He also claimed via Facebook, his new favourite medium of communication, that he had jumped right into second year Criminal Law and got “an A the course”. He said he was also now considering studying French in addition to his numerous Majors and Minors already declared. His FB page has also become quite the gastronomy stop for those so inclined. Interestingly most of the recipes would put a diabetic into a coma within minutes if eaten. I have no further comment on that wink, wink.

Yaniv was also lurking heavily on quite a few of the SFU Undergrad Student FB pages and trying to form connections with little success. Of course, he will always get the unsuspecting innocents who will simply want a study chat buddy but I am sure they will figure out soon enough who they are dealing with. They always do. He has acquired quite a few Snapchat and IG handles though as people just post them whenever asked on the Undergrad posts but thankfully blocking on those apps is easy enough.

August 5th we were notified that Jon was chatting on a Discord for Psych 100 students and that he had when confronted, immediately attacked one user, calling him the N word and threatening to shoot them. If nothing else, it is nice to know we can always count on Jon to be consistent.

Several friends of MeowMix joined the chat and posted links to MeowMix and various incriminating pictures and videos. Jon of course cried “transphobia” but was summarily booted from the Discord a couple of days later for vile behaviour towards an admin. He has been found to be in several other Discord chats since then.

He was found to be violating his probation conditions (unless you ask Langley RCMP) on the 10th, when he mentioned Billboard Chris Elston to someone, calling him a predator and, of course, a transphobe on Discord. We have not heard of any follow up on Chris’ end. MeowMix is covering the Discord and other SFU student group chat stories extensively in separate articles given that there is just so much material and so much detail. Part 1 and Part 2 have already been released and definitely worth a read. I have to mention though his Discord bio includes the tags sex education, personal development, social groups, cultural groups, and arts and crafts events. Where does he come up with this stuff?

August 1-8, 2022 JY Related Images

On August 9th a Google review for a house cleaning service surfaced where Jon had actually submitted photos of his filthy lair that were truly unbelievable. The best part was that in the photo of the desk, front and almost center was his Mastercard statement with his card number in full view! The most surprising part was that it appeared he didn’t have a balance owing on it, I guess Mommy Miriam is really good at keeping up with the bills.

August 2022 JY Pigloo Tour

On August 13th we finally had confirmation that Jon had become what we all knew he had been this whole time – a virus. Turns out Jon’s “wax my balls” and other stories were being used by some of those nefarious Facebook and Twitter accounts that turn out to be Trojan ad viruses if you click on their fake news story links. Just another tidbit I found amusing enough to share.

August 2022 JY Sock “Rexy the Service Dog”

Back to the bizarre, where on the 14th Yaniv posted a 25-minute video where he started off without any filters on and, oof, our boy was looking rough, but made sure that everyone could see that he was again wearing the supposed engagement ring given to him by his cuddle bunny Sam. We have had no further updates on Sam but who knows what $25 and a couple of UberEats deliveries will do for a relationship these days.

He quickly realized his mistake and filtered his video, though there’s only so much even Meta can do. I can’t say whether the rat’s nest or the Crisco greasy look suits him better. Let’s vote in the comments. The purpose of the video was to call the TransLink customer service line to enquire about their service dog policy for uncertified dogs. He knows the policy and is of course wanting it changed because Rexy will never pass the certification test. He got nowhere with the agent, who again told him that all dogs must be certified. The next day however he claimed victory, stating that they changed their policy because of that call and went so far as to repost a link to TransLink’s site. Only thing is the policy hadn’t changed at all and that was evident just in the screenshot he posted. As we like to say, no one has ever accused Yaniv of being bright. Yaniv has recently teamed up with another uncertified service dog menace named Lisa Arlin and they seem to be pestering people together now.

August 9-15, 2022 JY Images

This was the same time he ramped up on his @servicedogsbc account that had been inactive since May 2022 when it was first created. It had only been used to harass various lower mainland news outlets to cover the story of a deaf student named Mia attending Douglas College with (of course) an uncertified dog. He was now using it to harass TransLink and SFU and again tagging in the news outlets but this time was completely ignored by them.

He posted several rants to TransLink and then, apropos of nothing, a post to Subway, which I am guessing was racially motivated – a reply which was a veiled threat to have a child arrested for touching Rexy. More veiled racial garbage with regards to Kamal the cleaner that Rexy lunged at and terrorized. The dumbest part of this is that Jon was playing this as if it wasn’t him running this account at this time and was speaking as if it was more than one person even, so stupid. Of course we all knew it was him but this was confirmed when he cried to the Transit Police and referenced the bullying of a poor disabled transgender woman in a similar fashion to Amanda Todd! No one else has the audacity to be so truly vile. When questioned, he stupidly denied and claimed to be a non-profit.

August 16-24, 2022 JY Related Images

On the 18th Yaniv bizarrely told Facepalmchris that he hopes no one cuts off his penis. That of course violated TOS and the account was suspended. Jon tried as hard as he could to continue his ruse that this account was being run by a cabal of monkeys on typewriters working diligently for a service dog non-profit with some truly stupid posts shown in the gallery above. He then switched gears, I suppose due to the blowback, and posted a link to an event at SFU about the Bill C4 and another one expressing excitement about an upcoming Nickelback concert at SFU. What?

The final tweet from this account was a quote tweet from the brand new @ServiceDogRexy account on August 28th which was filled with lies about Rexy detecting an insulin drop. Jon also went on a blocking spree on the @servicedogsbc account for whatever reason given that everyone just went over and followed this new @servicedogrexy account.

It has to be said that all of this new nonsense on these new Twitter accounts and all the new activity on his FB is mostly due to him being given some pushback from SFU regarding Rexy. He has had to have his Doctor fill out some forms, for which he has had to pay some $200 to prove he is capable of picking up Rexy’s poop. I am sure there are other things but this is something he is quite upset about.

He is also angry that he has to pay for, like every other student, a TransLink UPass for some $176 but that he will be unable to use because he is not allowed to take Rexy on TransLink because Rexy is unable to pass the government certification for service dogs. Once again Jonny’s ”activism” is only centered upon his own wants. He does not give a fuck about the trans community or the real disabled community, only himself.

JY took to Facebook on the 25th to proclaim that Rexy had passed with ”flying colours” an assistant animal assessment. Jonny added service dog in brackets. This was of course another hoop that SFU is requiring him to jump through and I for one am tickled pink as it is about time someone really took him to task regarding the legitimacy of Rexy being able to do anything other than full body hump Jon in a courtroom. MeowMix covered this assessment in detail here. Spoiler alert: it was BS.

He finished off the month on FB with more insulin spiking recipes but was kind enough to include a handy self defense diagram for young women who will no doubt encounter him lurking in and around the SFU washrooms. I picture him to be not unlike Amy Schumer in those creepy new Tampax commercials where she is guessing which size tampon you need.

On his new @ServiceDogRexy account he was full on acting as if Rexy were pawing the keyboard himself  and he randomly posted a threat to again take MasterCare Cleaners and Kamal to the BCHRT. He of course lied and said ”you people hit #servicedog”, what a racist POS. He then tried to get the attention of several real service dog accounts without success.

He was then tagging various SFU accounts, including a creative writing one that actually retweeted him thinking it was cute that a dog was writing a poem. Their retweet was the most positive attention he’s gotten in years honestly. He was positively giddy and even posted the retweet on his Facebook like a high schooler does when they get mentioned on local radio.

Also of note this month was that Yaniv files another lolsuit, this time against the person who crashed into him a long time ago, and the owner of that vehicle. This lawsuit was covered in depth here. We’ve heard varying feedback since that story was posted. Some legal experts say fat chance of anything happening, while some have suggested JY stands a chance of collecting something. Injury law being what it is, it’s hard to say for sure.

August 25-31, 2022 JY Related Images

Jackoff Jonny decided for whatever reason to close out August with a bang by sending MeowMix’s own, Abby a DM, perhaps in reply to her having left several amusing retorts on his tweets. His DM however was WAY out of line and was covered in full in this MeowMix article but the breakdown is that he threatened to of course shoot Abby and her daughter, and made some very disturbing references to her daughter’s reproductive age as well. We of course fully support Abby and her Family in whatever they choose to do to protect their Family.

It does not need saying that we believe that Jessica Jonathon Yaniv Simpson is clearly unhinged and possibly, in the right situation, could be very dangerous, but we certainly hope that this never comes to fruition. It would be very nice if the authorities could find a way to have Yaniv fulfill a court ordered intensive mental health assessment given his propensity and now conviction for uttering death threats to ensure that this is nothing more than the rantings of an impotent incel.

Well that was a lot and this was my first article so fuck you Yaniv for giving me so much work! Lets hope that Jon’s many, many classes at SFU keeps him very busy for September because I have committed to write that wrap up too. Spoiler alert: as I was wrapping up this wrap up, Jonboy declared that he will now be pursuing two accelerated Masters degrees because, well he “just can’t lose”. Oh boy, who’s going to tell him? See you all right back here next month for more madness.

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