Monday Blues? Book Yaniv’s Fiancé For a Pick-Me-Up Cuddle!

jessica yaniv simpson's fiance

Feeling a little down today? Need someone to pick you up? Have I got the cure for you!

Thanks to a friend of MeowMix for finding this! You can now book Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s fiancé for some special time one on one! According to our sources at Hawthorne, not even Yaniv can do that! All he gets is to e-transfer her money and send her food via SkipTheDishes.

jessica yaniv simpson's fiance

At the time of this writing (8:00 AM Surrey time, May 30, 2022), “snowkitty18981″‘s profile is still live at this link. Good news too! She’s only “$25 – $50 for a 30 minute session! As long as you don’t mind chronic liars, pathological users, or drug abusers, of course.

Re: the “engagement”, Yaniv declared it in court last week, but Samantha still denies it to this day. Yaniv was seen wearing the ring below in court, often fidgeting with it. Why does that ring look familiar? Because that’s the ring he bought for Sara, the catfish he chased to Toronto and back. Now he’s wearing it for himself. Our understanding is he’s asked Samantha if he can wear it to show their relationship. Imagine being that desperate.

On behalf of the MeowMix team, we strongly encourage Jon to pursue this relationship. Watching him throw away his money on someone who is too embarrassed of him to admit she’s in a relationship with him is hilarious! Even this past weekend she denied talking to him and said he was disgusting. It sounds like love!

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