The Karma Train Is Coming

Sorry readers – we had difficulty deciding what headline to use for this article, mainly because we can’t just file it under Jesus Christ. The Karma Train is coming for Yaniv and he has no way out.

I am going to start by registering my absolute disgust that Yaniv has created such an elaborate bullshit background of being Christian & Metis that he hasn’t said or done anything about the tragedy unfolding in his and his mother’s homeland, where they have relatives. There are 1000s of Jewish people massacred, and the fat lump remains silent and stalks Donald Smith. How sick in the head must you be to be still faking First Nations history while your kin are fighting for survival? It is now clear to everyone that Jessica Jonathon Yaniv Simpson is the lowest of the low. The only thing the land whale cares about is itself.

It is a real mixed bag, but we wanted to get as much in as possible. A quick site update: first of all – We are trialling software to reduce the amount of comments that need to be manually approved. We hope that this side of things will eventually be completely automated. You can now edit your own comments up to 7 days after making them. If your comment does not show when you hit ‘post’, it is only because it is going through an automated check. Your comment has been received, and it will go up. Please don’t try to resubmit it several times because the system then marks it as spam.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we have replaced “Comment Guidelines” with Yanivs Criminal Aliases, a guide to the smelly wank socks we know he has about himself at all times. If you know others, PLEASE let us know, and even better if you have screenshots. We are working on something that all our readers can get involved with in the very near future. Remember, we must have a “reasonable belief” that anything we publish is true, so screenshots, links, etc., really help. You can submit them to or send a message through the chatbot, which is anon.

And finally, for this post. We have been made aware of a massive karma train that is heading towards Yaniv Central Station. That is on top of Miriam being jailed, Yaniv being found guilty of assault and jailed, and the Kebob counterclaim bankrupting him. But stunning & brave – Do they have beauty pageants in prison?

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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11 Replies to “The Karma Train Is Coming”

  1. Vern Thurston

    Another Yaniv fraud and delusion is “Activist”. Racial profiling Immigrant or Ethnic Businesses as potential ‘marks’ for a fraudulent discrimination complaint is his Narcissistic version of “Activism”. His success in getting ‘hush’ or ‘go away’ money is a win for the LBGT Community? The LGBT Community is appalled by Yaniv’s scams, he does not represent any Community. Yes, he is only out for himself. Remember he joined the SFU ECO group for two weeks total and busted into their awards dinner complete with a photo-op he used as a header on his Twitter page. He made a few tweets about the Trans Link Pipeline project on Burnaby Mountain complete with a lewd posting about it being a “Blow Job”. It might blow up? For that he deserved an award and a banquet with the SFU ECO group. SFU must be made aware that Yaniv will be applying for scholarships designated for Aboriginal Students. The Metis claim is so repugnant and obviously a scam that Yaniv can ‘self-identify’ unchallenged. Yaniv is morally empty without any scruples.

    Hell Yeah 11
    Fuck This Comment 1

    If jonboy can go around claiming to be metis why did i get banned from burger king for identifying as a car and going through the drive through? im gonna sue!! just kidding im better than that.

    Hell Yeah 9
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Jonboyyerdone

      Whomever the 1 dislike is, I laugh at the fact you didnt like my comment xD

      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        I guess Miriam came out to play.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t except to see justice anymore but God I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Cactus

    Thanks for the heads up meowmix, anxiously waiting for the Karma train to arrive and smack JYS and Miriam where the Sun don’t shine.

  5. Trevor Dunen

    Yes, fat Jon sits on his hands while Hamas cut the heads off live babies & slaughter women and children. He has not said a word, meanwhile I know of dozens of Aussies who have flown over to fight for Jon’s country, what a fucking coward. Now, on another subject. My best mate happens to be a bloke named Garry Goyne. I went to primary school with him and we have been mates all of our lives. Garry is a Professor of Chemistry, he owns Minesite Reference Laboratories and has done so for about 35 years. I got him to read Jon’s research papers to peer review them. His opinion is that this is just cut and paste of others research and is nothing more than plagiarism. To be classed as research, you have to have a lot of letters after your name and have actually graduated from University, not with a gender studies degree but something in science or biology, and you actually have to get out in the field or in the lab and do real research that is not a re-hash of something somebody else has already done, but new stuff . Basically his research is horse shit and that’s from Professor Garry Goyne from The University of Queensland.

  6. Njord

    Okay where can i gt a ticket to that train, cause i wanna be on it when it arrives.

  7. Xmshkx

    Please oh please post his Trantifa picture!

  8. ActuallyHuman

    Fat Scat Fetishist Jon and his incestous mother do not care for the innocent lives of Israel being killed. All that they care about is themselves. They believe that if they cannot have everything in this world, no one will. Not even Israel would accept them after what happened with Harvey Weinstein. Yaniv has become a lot like Elliot Rodger.

  9. ActuallyHuman

    Fat Scat Fetishist Yaniv is definitely the next Elliot Rodger.

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