Groundhog Day No. 7632 – Miriam Yaniv in Court

We don’t need Phil the Punxsutawney Groundhog to tell us that there will be a full performance of the Yaniv – Simpson Circus today with another court attendance for Mrs ‘Mad Dog’ Yaniv the 4th. It should be noted that although Phil the Punxsutawney Groundhog is male, he looks more feminine than JYS!

This is the much-delayed sentencing for Mad Dog’s crimes against her strata neighbours. We think this is now the 4th or 5th attempt at sentencing, caused mainly by JYS’ bad legal advice & their lack of basic social skills. The Yaniv clan have thrown everything at this, from suing King Charles, switching off Mad Dog’s phones so her lawyer can’t be in touch, turning up 6 hours early to try and hide the case, sacking lawyers and on and on.

At the last court appearance, her lawyer phoned in sick with Covid rather than represent her. I can’t actually blame her. We have previously witnessed her lawyer sitting with her hands on her head as the show started. So – Here we go again! Will Miriam turn up? Will she have a lawyer? Will Miriam keep her mouth closed when her neighbours give their victims statements? Will she go to jail? Will she flip the bird at her neighbours? Will she mention her deceased husband and threaten to leave Canada? Most importantly for her neighbours, though, Will she remain banned from her apartment building?

Will JYS turn up? Will JYS have his dog with him? (not Miriam). Will he keep his cavernous gob shut? How many times will petite women rape him? Will the judges have to ask who is the stinker in the room? Will JYS forget he is meant to be deaf and unable to walk? Stay tuned for your latest instalment of the Yaniv Simpson lack of soap opera!

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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6 Replies to “Groundhog Day No. 7632 – Miriam Yaniv in Court”

  1. Jim Norton

    I hope Miriam has a epic meltdown to the point she needs to get a shot 💉 in the ass with an animal sedative.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      I think JYS might have already done that over the years.

  2. shortstuff

    Will MY fake a sudden illness so she doesn’t show? Will JY fake a seizure so MY can use that as an excuse not to show? Will the aliens abduct her? Or will she show and act out so much and end up in a Psych ward. The chances are drama will ensue.

  3. Trevor Dunen

    More importantly, will Rexy, the extensively trained service-dog, hump the judges leg? In the 1800’s, in Australia we had a bushranger named Mad Dog Morgan who robbed people at gunpoint and generally terrorised people. This bushranger has similarities with our Mad Dog Miriam Yaniv except Miriam is much more dangerous. If she gets banned from her condo I will give her 50 grand cash for it, you hearing this Jon, plus I’ll throw in two shopping trollies and a couple of sleeping bags for both Miriam and the aunt, plus to entice Jon, I’ll throw in a 100 boxes of tampons & a bin full of used ones (Don’t ask). This is going to be a shit show, stand-by Meowmix headquarters- incoming!

  4. Vote cpc

    Yaniv Mother Was Drugged Up

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      I would have to agree with you. SOmething was not right.

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