Criminal Miriam Yaniv Court Update.

Criminal Miriam Yaniv

This is a short post about Miriam Yaniv’s Criminal court sentencing scheduled for yesterday. The Meow Mix team were already betting on what would disrupt this hearing. Miriam pled out on a plea deal weeks ago, mainly to attempt to be allowed back into her apartment. Since then, her wayward pet JY has been submitting ludicrous civil claims demanding that Miriam be found not guilty and paid $100k in compensation. Confused? We don’t get it either and assume this is another of JY’s massive misunderstandings of fundamental law. He actually might win a case if he sued himself for lousy representation.

I digress – Since pleading guilty, the Yanivs have been messing about with the sentencing date. Not turning up, turning up hours before, Miriam not answering her lawyer’s calls, etc. The usual circus that surrounds these two convicted criminals. At the last hearing that Miriam bothered to appear, her poor lawyer sat with her head in her hands whilst Miriam and the thunderbus acted out in court.

So, the scene was set. The Yanivs were there on time, and JYs appeared to have used a wet wipe for hygiene after showering in a bucket of warty used tampons, and all her victims were present to give their valuable victim statements. So what went wrong? Miriam’s Lawyer called in sick with covid.

We are not suggesting anything, but we do wonder how bad you have to be as a person that even a defence lawyer would rather call in sick than represent you.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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11 Replies to “Criminal Miriam Yaniv Court Update.”

  1. Claude

    The hag has an interest to have no further delays as it’s her only chance she’ll be allowed back in her strata. Still her chances are low. The judge knows she blew her first chance and the victims are there to speak out against that vile screech coming near them. The judge will look for change in attitude, find none, and keep her locked out. That strata will be on the market soon, for a heavy discount.

    Hell Yeah 10
  2. Trevor Dunen

    Most elderly people in the twilight of their lives play bridge and take up Tai Chi. Miriam and her trusty quarterback like to study law from a criminal s point of view in the courts. How many people have taken their mum to criminal court for sentencing while they themselves are on bail for much worse.? Most people take their mum out for a drive to the Botanical Gardens and a Devonshire tea but this takes the cake. Jon always takes the cake. Jon likes to take his Mum to motels on thieving sprees, when he’s not belting the shit out of frail old men, they are not really thieves, just students of crime, if you think otherwise you’re transphobic. As far as lodging ludicrous civil claims, leave him alone, I’m all for it. nothing is too ludicrous for our legal genius and I would encourage him to get busy and lodge more, you see it’s in the numbers. Like Rolf Harris once said, he’d touch up as many women as he could against their will and eventually he’d get lucky and one would consent, it’s the same deal here, eventually, after he loses over 100 cases & a hundred grand, he”ll win one and get 5 grand, it’s just that he’s brilliant at law but no good at mathematics.

    1. Claude

      Good point on the number. He’s got to be close to having filed 100 lawsuits, a number that will greatly sway the judge in the GAK case to declare him vexatious. An intern of the law firm that represents GAK can go through MM records to compile the actual number.

      1. CrabbyOldBIddy

        True but he has also weaponized the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal. Cases that have been filed or are currently being heard are not listed publicly. It is only after they conclude that the outcome and the parties are made public. If you add all the BCCRT cases that MM is aware of plus the many that they do not, the actual number of filed legal actions is well over 100.

  3. ActuallyHuman

    I think Jonathan and Miriam do not belong anywhere but North Korea. The entire Yaniv family are a bunch of smelly, idiotic animals who do nothing but attack people. Jonathan is actually severely autistic as he only cares about little girls having periods and taking dumps. He watches shows aimed towards preschoolers at the age of 36 instead of doing anything productive. I have seen fetishists on DeviantART who do the same, and Yaniv is exactly like those people. Miriam absolutely refuses to act like a civil human being and flips out in public. Jonny Dong Gone deserved to have a Kiwi Farms thread. He is worse than Chris Chan, and while Chris basically makes poorly made comics about a Sonic recolor who attacks his imaginary enemies, Yaniv does nothing other than masturbate to preschool shows and child porn. Even Chris was brought to justice for incest, but it is implied that Yaniv does this more often than Chris.
    Also Yaniv is 100 pounds fatter than Chris Chan, making him a deathfat.

    Update: Long Dong changed to Dong Gone.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      No offence but “Long Dong” isn’t something that ever described JY. Did you mean ‘Long Gone Dong? Or ‘No Dong Long”?

      1. Felix

        Maybe Wi Dong Rot

  4. Cactus

    The Yanivs must be watching a lot of American politics and taking lessons on how to delay the inevitable.
    Good luck to them,( just being sarcastic) as long they are still forbidden to enter our Strata, a bunch of us are very happy.

    Hell Yeah 15
  5. Jim Norton

    If miriam goes to prison will jon apply for conjugal visits?

    Hell Yeah 13
  6. TRBB

    JY would of been thrilled. To see covid and jabs used against him is irony alright!!

    1. ActuallyHuman

      Dude, you are a big lolcow. I am surprised that Kiwi Farms has not covered you. You are seriously a fat incel who spends every single day stalking women for 10 years. I hope Meow Mix will start covering your shitty behavior.

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