Three Times a Loser – Yaniv Excels at Losing


Yaniv Vs Miriam’s Strata August 4, 2023, Applications

three-time loser



Believed to be from losing three legal cases in a row. Going to prison three times made one a three-time loser.


three-time loser (plural three-time losers)

  1. Someone with bad luck or poor skills who consistently loses.
    He’ll never make anything of himself. He’s just a three-time loser.

Jonny’s big day out at court continued in the afternoon with 2 separate applications against Miriam’s Strata. These applications, if you will recall this was Jonny trying to do an end run around the March 17 judicial order that his lawsuits against Ted Calis & Gerald Funk should not proceed until after his criminal trial was over.

He was also applying for a publication ban. He really hates it when people are watching him being sleazy & duplicitous. Unfortunately, the courtroom was closed but we have been informed that the application for the publication ban was tossed for lack of evidence (Jonny’s usual courtroom manoeuvres – make claims & statements but do not offer any supporting evidence or documentation). One of the many things Jonny demanded in his publication ban motion was for the courts to order an investigation to find out who owns MeowMix. Yet the turnip knows who owns this site and has the site owner’s contact details but as normal Jonny doesn’t have the balls to go up against a man. It also seems the genius legal eagle of Langley doesn’t know that if you mention someone in a filing that person or organisation has the right to submit evidence. Now we know that there is NOTHING illegal about Meow Mix.

The applications against Calis & Funk were also tossed as they should not have been filed in the Civil Resolution Tribunal, to begin with. Just a side observation, the CRT award limit is $5000 quite a bit lower than the $35,000 Small Claims Court limit. This just proves that it is Jonny is continuing to interfere with and harass witnesses in his criminal trial. It is now expected that he will continue in his arrogance and revenge-driven actions to try to file in the BC Supreme Court. If he does, the fallout from that should be spectacular. Judges do not like it when a defendant tries to circumvent court orders. Could this be the vexatious litigant tipping point?

One other note of interest, while Rexy was allowed to stay in the courtroom, it was noted that the dog’s behaviour was not that of a certified and trained service dog and commented on. The courts have declared that Rexy is not a service dog TWICE in one day. Local businesses, whatever university will allow Jonny to attend this fall and BC Translink should all be informed.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further. 

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48 Replies to “Three Times a Loser – Yaniv Excels at Losing”

  1. Trevor Dunen

    Run for the hills fat Jonny the loser- the end is nigh! (Currite colles pingues Jonny, qui victus est, appropinquavit finis.) Translated into Latin so Professor Simpson, (Phd. criminal law) can read it.

    Hell Yeah 14
    1. Mickey

      Semper ubi sub ubi Jon. My husband taught me that when I was 17. Always stuck with me!!

      1. Eyes

        But who’s will he be wearing and had he dig it out of the dumpsters in his strata. I could have sworn I walked past the bins and heard Jonny yelling “jackpot, frilly, pink and blood stained”

  2. 377

    God, he’s exhausting.

    Hell Yeah 12
  3. Felix

    Did MM file something in the publication ban application?

    1. Anon

      MM isn’t a party to the case. The court wouldn’t have ordered an investigation into MM anyway, even if Jon was successful on the publication ban. A civil court just doesn’t have the power to investigate third parties unrelated to the case, even if someone asks for it. In fact, the court itself usually doesn’t do an investigation anyway – that’s the job of the parties. The court just makes decisions on controversies and isn’t an investigator in itself.

      Hell Yeah 10
      1. Felix

        I wouldn’t think so either. But I was trying to make sense of this in the post:

        “ It also seems the genius legal eagle of Langley doesn’t know that if you mention someone in a filing that person or organisation has the right to submit evidence. Now we know that there is NOTHING illegal about Meow Mix.”

      2. Anon

        By the way Felix, just being mentioned in a court filing doesn’t give that person the right to submit evidence. The only people who have the power to submit evidence are the parties to the action.

  4. R3D

    From what i have been told from the metis association of BC whatever school he is attending CAN ask for proof of their indigenousness heritage, during the pandemic they didnt question people who self-identify as metis but if you are attending a university and running for school positions the students can ask for an investigation of proof and can get in serious trouble if caught lying. (we know he will be) JY might want to watch where you claim this because its gonna bite you in the ass HARD

    Hell Yeah 16
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. nNancy

      I want him to claim to be a Metis-Sioux-Apache-Chirakowa-Inuit-Lakota-Cree-Mohawk-Iroquois-Black-Latino so all those groups can bite him in the ass. Actually, I’d be thrilled just to see him identify as the hillbilly he is.

  5. YANIVerse

    Here’s the reality, Yaniv no longer needs rexy, so he’s going to unalive rexy and blame it on the trolls. He’s going to use that poison to kill rexy and say someone tossed it up on his balcony and killed him.

    This is the only way Yaniv can get back at us all. He’ll kill rexy, then posted it on Twitter looking for sympathy.

    He’s done this before and will again. He’s already killed that kitten, why do you think he posted in online.

    Hell Yeah 10
    1. Vern Thurston

      Call the SPCA and also put in a complaint to the BC Guide and Service Dog Authority. There is a complaint form pdf available in the documents section.
      Here are useful links to alert about Rexy, the only innocent creature in Yaniv’s world, stressed out and used as a Scam Prop.
      Langely Animal Protection Society
      Surrey SPCA

      1. nNANcy

        Vern, It can’t hurt to file a complaint but seeing the courts don’t take their own orders seriously regarding criminal matters can we really expect an animal rights agency to do more than simply collect their paycheck, file the report and go back to surfing the net?

      2. R3D

        If i knew JYS’s location info (phone,address,unit number etc) i would be filing so many complaints it would be making my fingers hurt.

    2. Jim Norton

      What happens when miriam’s money runs out?

      Norman Jon Bates here we come

  6. Dann

    They are parking in front of the building that she is banned from wait to scare one of the tenants. Jon and the mother.

    Hell Yeah 11
    1. Mickey

      It is past time for all tenants to respond together as one unit and tell him NO. The RCMP won’t do it so there is no other choice. No fear needed because they are strong and Jon and mommy are weak. Bullies always run away when confronted. If that cretin hurts Rexy or any other human being I hope the hounds of hell come for him. He has crossed the line into no return now.

    2. Vern Thurston

      Film them and report it to the RCMP. Harassing Tenants and making Threats, get it on video with audio.

    3. Felix

      Yaniv is probably trying to get Miriam put away in a psych ward so he can control of her bank accounts

      1. Batman

        After he spent that 5k of her money on the hooker, he’s probably been shut out of Miriam’s bank account for the time being. That might change if/when she’s put away.

      2. Jaime

        Might not be that easy as his aunt may fight that on tghe grounds he is unfit.

      3. Vern Thurston

        Cactus: Apply to have Miriam’s conditions increased to prevent the Yaniv’s sitting in a car and Harassing/Threatening Residents. Miriam already threatened to “Burn it Down”, now she has continued her-back to normal routine-remember that statement to the Court? Back to Harassing Residents with her DNA damaged misfit of a son shouting obscenities alongside Mentally Unstable Miriam in barely discernible Pig Latin/Yiddish. The threat the Yaniv’s pose hasn’t been stopped with Probation and Peace Bonds. The punishment and deterrents aren’t working. Let Social Services know that Seniors are being threatened, they will get some action from the RCMP. Why was Yaniv arrested outside Paramedic Station? Shouting at the Paramedics. There is a pattern of harassment. Two Sociopaths with DNA damage, both Scamming the system. Enough already. Call BC Probation services and report how they reverted to their old Psychopathic ways. They are hated so greatly they do this for fun, no one will associate with them. Miriam and her mutant offspring working in tandem for kicks. The Mental Metis Matriarch and Jabba the Obese Trans Hut need to be incarcerated.

    4. Anon

      I would accidently drop an egg from a balcony – oops.

      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        It can’t do much harm – You momma clearly dropped you off the balcony.

        Hell Yeah 0
        Fuck This Comment 1
  7. Vote ppc

    What is strange is that the RCMP never investigated the credible and easily verified allegations against yaniv, *****Edited by admin the only Trumps on here are the amount of times Yaniv farts. Politics is for Yaniv.****

    Hell Yeah 6
    Fuck This Comment 2
    1. Jaime

      My guess is they have investigated him and are building a very strong case.

      Hell Yeah 2
      Fuck This Comment 2
      1. nNANcy

        I might agree if it were not for the Crown dropping charges against Jethro for defaming the cop. **** EDITED**** Charges are stayed for various reasons by Crown! Please free to consult a legal textbook for reasons

        Hell Yeah 4
        Fuck This Comment 1
  8. Cactus

    At Vern Thurston:
    The way I understand it, both Miriam and JYS are allowed to park at the adjacent parking lot and the boundary that they can not cross is the steel railing that separates the lot to the lane way that crosses in front of our main entrance.
    Saying that, many of the owners are now quite aware and willing that if they start to intimidate owners verbally or with any other Type of harassment
    they will take pictures and video tape it and then call 911.
    Speaking to many owners, they are fed up with their tactics and are no longer afraid if these two idiots.
    If they breech their peace bond, there’s a good chance they will be arrested again. From my lips to God’s ear, I hope that happens.

    Hell Yeah 12
    1. Anonymous

      Heartened to hear the residents are aware and willing to take action.

      Normally people who meet up socially choose parks, restaurants, go shopping, the movies etc yet these two ferals sit in the nearest car-park. Imagine, a car park being more preferable than your son’s home.

      Curious, is ilana present when these two are harassing folks?

    2. 377

      Heartened to hear the residents are more aware and willing to take action.

      Normally people who meet up socially choose parks, pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, the movies etc yet these two ferals sit in the nearest car-park. Sad if a car park is the better option over your son’s home.

      Curious, is ilana present when these two are harassing folks?

    3. Vern Thurston

      Thank you for the response Cactus.
      Dann said Johnathan and Miriam are harassing Residents. You have been harassed by two Mentally Ill Degenerates who love to make everyone miserable. Repeated negative behaviour is an indication of Mental Problems. Johnathan has damaged DNA and whatever drugs he took to try and become female have left him damaged. He is a chubby sissy boy who thought he could become ‘Jessica Simpson’ the blond singer. He dyes his hair and wears wigs to be blond. Then the Gender Dysphoria and Castration. Nothing made him close to a beautiful “Jessica Simpson”. He is left with playing the Trans Gender card and looking for ways to complain about being discriminated against to the BCHRT. Even the Trans and Gay Community shun him because he is Toxic and a Scammer. He has been called out for being a sexual predator by several Trans people. Miriam is entirely Mentally Ill and unstable. Her actions in the past included telling people she had COVID while sitting in the Social Areas of your home. What elderly woman would attack her neighbours? She isn’t playing with a full deck. One man in a care home with Parkinson after being harassed by these demons, Call Social Services and report the abuses. Sitting in a parking lot and harassing people, report them and kick them all the way to the curb permanently. Where is Rexy? Left inside when they could be walking their dogs or going to a dog park like normal people. Instead they sit in a car muttering about how they hate everyone and plan another Scam angle.

    4. nNANcy

      It’s great the owners no longer fear these cretins. But until the cops and Crown decide to get serious and charge these creatures every single time, ****EdITEd***** Please consult Crimanal Code of Canada and BC Prosecution guide before dispensing your advice on charges!

      1. nNANcy

        Well since you brought up the fact Yaniv was altering documents and trying to pass them off as genuine, which is a offence under 374, why wasn’t he charged? I could go on but it’s easiest to just ask the strata residents why Jethro was always in Miriam’s place while being under a court ordered ban? Funny how there’s no charge about that because that would trigger another offence as he was also under probation at the time. No charges. Jethro mentioned Elston several times in tweets and Elston himself wondered why he wasn’t be charged, considering the court ordered Jethro to curtail all contact. Finally, the continuous and repeated attempted harassment of the assaulted seniors. Image their surprise at being sued right after the court bailed Jethro and slapped a no communication clause on him.The list of crap he did and walked away from is reprehensible. The courts and cops need to be called out if they are not doing their job. Why should they get a pass?

        Hell Yeah 4
        Fuck This Comment 1
  9. 377

    Elon Musk
    If you were unfairty treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform, we will fund your legal bill.
    No limit.
    Please let us know

    Jessica Simpson
    Hey Elon, let’s talk. Happened to me. I can provide more details.
    2:09 PM • Aug 6, 2023 – 154 Views

    Who is laughing boy hoping to victimise with Musk’s money I wonder?

    Mystery really as I can’t remember him being employed that much. The only employer I can remember who sacked him is Mr Swirl who, allegedly, called him a “distraction” / posters may have caused his sacking…is he stupid enough to use Mr Swirl as being unfairly treated even though he’s already grifting him?

    Could it be he classes the courts / BCHRT as his employers? – they’ve been known to use his tweets against him 🙂

    Hell Yeah 10
    1. Watcher

      Quite aside from his lack of social and hygiene skills, he’s totally unemployable.

      His “legal skills” are the subject of universal mockery and ridicule, and have a fast approaching cliff edge.
      His career as an “IT Professional” portrays skills that are no more complex than an average 10 year old using social media can achieve.
      He’s not the “celebrated activist” he likes to think he is as the overwhelming majority of the trans community see him as nothing more than a liability or joke.

      Musk will have a “threshold” before setting legal wheels in motion, and Jon will miss it by a mile.

      1. nNANcy

        Even though we know Jethro is an IT fraud, evidenced by his blowing the internet advertising and promotion budget of Mr. Swirl in one misplaced mouse click (although I think it was his inherent rampant stupidity and his inability to comprehend simple agreements) the fact does remain that as of 2021 Jethro still had the ability to con a successful business to contract for his services. I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Swirl that being a plumber he was relying of the honesty of the skills of the IT “expert”, which in Jethro’s case amount to the skill level of a 12 year old “script Kiddie” meaning no real skills or knowledge. Jethro’s biggest claim to professional fame is his JY Knows It “Trustless Turd” dildo review website. Quite honestly, a turnip has more computer savvy than Jethro here. A rotten turnip at that.

        Hell Yeah 2
        Fuck This Comment 1
    2. Jaime

      I doubt Musk would want anything to do with the 600 pounder.

      Hell Yeah 5
      Fuck This Comment 1
      1. 377

        Yeah, Musk doesn’t seem to have much time for the yanivs of this world going by some of his tweets. Here’s hoping jonny is dreaming of high powered lawyers getting him a big windfall only to…splat.

    3. Mickey

      I am CERTAIN Elon will come to Jon’s rescue. Gives me one more reason to laugh and laugh and laugh. What a desperate big man he is.

  10. Jaime

    It would be funny if Musk gave any info to the FBI leading to them contacing the RCMP.

    Hell Yeah 5
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Vern Thurston

      Johnathan is suing King Charles? What for? Could it be Johnathan was contacting Elon because he was working under cover for the Crown/King Charles? Secret Agent Tran. If anything says Vexatious Litigant it is his legal action naming King Charles. 1.5 million damages for what? His self-induced Castration? Johnathan now is Eunuch not a sexy Jessica Simpson impersonation. His dreams are shattered. No more Waxing and Service Dog Scamming. He counted on Rexy to be refused entry so he could use his BCHRT Template and claim 35,000 in damages. Always the max amount for Small Claims but no documentation of ‘Damages’. He should sue himself for Damages to his reputation. The LBGTQ Community steers clear of him because of his self-induced sketchy reputation.

      Hell Yeah 1
      Fuck This Comment 1
  11. Reader

    “Hey, Elon, let’s talk.” -JYS

    *Elon flicks fly turd off his desk

  12. Vote ppc

    People think yaniv killed his cat because it became aggressive due to gross mishandling like bathing it without training it, and subsequently enraged him into killing it as a result.

    Rexy shows no signs of training, so it’s extremely unlikely yaniv trained the cat to handle bathing, plus people reported behavioral warning signs on the cat based on pictures.

    As for Jonny boy himself, he’s a nonce who becomes violent when slighted or confronted about missdeads, and should have been institutionalized BEFORE he offended against minors.

    1. nNancy

      I had to reach back to this article because in a proper world once Jethro’s proclivities for violence surfaced he should have been committed BEFORE he assaulted the seniors. Right after being found guilty of death threats to Elston a full pysch assessment should have been done and it would have, I’m sure, turned up all sorts of disorders that could justify locking him up. But, nope. He’s guilty, he’s on probation, he can feel free to ignore the terms of his probation and have fun beating up seniors, setting HR traps for muslims, suing more innocent people and killing defenceless animals. Our system is really, really messed up.

  13. Vote ppc

    When are you going to post a new article?

  14. Sydney

    JY is the poster child for Dunning-Krueger when it comes to these lawsuits. He thinks he’s a legal genius when he’s actually a complete idiot on the subject.

    Also, you need to be pretty intelligent to be a judge. You don’t have to be some Einstein level genius but you have to do well on the LSAT, excel in law school and then excel in the practice of law in order to get selected.

    JY is capable of *none* of these things.

    And yet JY seems he’s fully capable of “tricking” a judge.

    1. Jaime

      The big man thinks the world respects him and is the icon of the world.The reality is most see him a man child who has not or will never grow up.

      Hell Yeah 1
      Fuck This Comment 1

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