Sara Calls Jessica Yaniv Simpson

Remember the characters here. Sara is a catfish seeking to avenge her friend after Jessica Yaniv Simpson catfished and extorted her. She has a “sick kid” and she’s tried to position herself far away from him to (unsuccessfully) prevent him from showing up.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a fake-trans, disability faking, non-gender-dysphoric, creep that is desperate to get his dick wet and claims that, despite wanting to “cum all over Sara”, he’s a lesbian that passes really well and people want to bang him.

This is the only recorded phone call between the two. Kudos to Sara for her acting skills. The ridiculously obvious background noises should have been a dead giveaway to anyone with a brain but, well, you know…

You’d think the SaraLeaks would be over but I still have one more surprise left.

If you had any doubt that Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson deserves this or not, remember that just the other day JY signed a teenager up as an escort online, and has spent the last several years attacking women, feigning sexual assault, inventing illnesses, lying about being intersex, targeting people of colour, spewing hate at immigrants, and encouraging teens that reject him to kill themselves.

Personally I wish Sara took it even further. For all the hate and evil that Yaniv has given out, a taste of his own medicine isn’t a bad thing.

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