Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Sara Chats #5-8

ICYMI, “Sara” contacted MeowMix and told us how she catfished Jessica Yaniv Simpson after he essentially blackmailed and extorted her friend over some pictures. This was revenge.

Since then, we’ve learned she’s most likely in the UK (thanks to the scary geniuses on Twitter that dissected her speech patterns) and that JY and his mom Miriam Yaniv were engaged in a vicious cycle of gaslighting, emotional manipulation, implied threats, and guilt trips. Fortunately, there is no real Sara. Unfortunately, the level of skill and heartlessness behind Jon and Miriam’s actions shows that this wasn’t their first time doing this, and they’ve likely caused several other people some serious psychological harm.

Say what you want about catfishing, I can support someone feeling the need for revenge against a predator like JY. After all, JY intentionally catfished several women on the HER app and regularly uses fake accounts to manipulate people to his will. This is the karma Jessica Yaniv Simpson deserves, or at least the first part of it. There needs to be – and will be – more consequences.

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Without further rambling from me, please enjoy parts 5-8 of the JY / Sara chats. These and over 250 other Yaniv videos are on MeowTube.

Editor note: friends of MeowMix are working on transcripts of the entire chat log and estimates are it will exceed 400 pages, making the 100-page MandaPanda logs look like a newspaper clipping. We’ll post the PDF when it’s ready.

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