Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altmann Criminal Charges

ilana altman arrest

Looks like our source back in February turned out to be genuine (thank you!!!!) Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altman are being charged. It’s about time. Is it coincidental that this comes the same week that Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed a BC Supreme Court lawsuit against the RCMP and the officers that arrested his mother and aunt?

Miriam Hava Yaniv is charged with Uttering Threats.

Ilana Haya Altmann is charged with Wilfilly Resisting or Obstructing a Peace Officer, Assaulting a Peace Officer, Assaulting a Peace Officer with a Weapon, and Uttering Threats to Cause Death or Bodily Harm.

Here’s video of the event.

Both are scheduled to appear in Surrey Provincial Court for a first appearance on June 8, 2021.

Coincidentally, Yaniv posted this to Twitter today. I guess after he got crushed in court yesterday he’s trying to get a win. He won’t. He’s a serial loser, and so are Miriam and Ilana.

We’ll post this legal document as soon as we can. What a crazy week!

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