5-28-21 Court Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs DFS.

jessica yaniv simpson


We have just received word from our correspondent that the application made by JJYS for the June 7th hearing to be done via telephone has been approved by the Judge. This isn’t to say that anything has really gone in Jon’s favour and sounds more like the Judge has had enough especially after the circus that was the last in person hearing. Jon was relatively quiet but reiterated the lies he put in the application when asked. The Judge then wanted to know if Donald had any objection to the hearing being heard over the phone to which Donald unequivocally replied yes. Donald said he wanted to and has a right to face his accuser in court. The Judge said that he had read Donald’s 155 page statement and understood why emotions ran so high between them. In the end it was agreed that Jon the cowardly liar will be allowed to appear by telephone and Donald will appear in person.

This could actually greatly help Donald in that the over the telephone hearings are very difficult to conduct and so with Donald being there in front of the Judge I believe he will have the upper hand communication wise. If I had to guess I think Jon knows that there is a very good chance that Donald could be awarded some costs and so he is trying to weasel out of being humiliated in person. Even if Donald is awarded only a dollar it would still be a loss for Jon. You’d think he’d be used to it by now. As always we will have all the details as they become available and we will see you back here on June 7th.

May 28, 2021. Jessica Yaniv Simpson is in court today to have their application heard in which they request that the upcoming costs hearing be done by telephone instead of in person. This is because, in Jonny’s opinion, DFS is “delusionable” and “psychotic”. The application is shown below.

If Jon wins, Donald’s application for costs will be heard via telephone. If Jon’s application is denied, Don’s application will be heard in person and JY will be forced to face DFS in person in early June.

MeowMix will provide updates as information becomes available. The hearing is scheduled for courtroom 110 at 9:30 AM PST.

jessica yaniv simpson

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