Jessica Yaniv Simpson Running for SFU Student Council VP Role

Confirming a leak to MeowMix over the Oct 15, 2022 weekend, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has announced publicly that they are running for the role of SFU student council VP Equity and Sustainability, a position currently held by Rea Chatterjee, an SFU350 club member.

JY’s announcement on Twitter and via his newly launched VoteJessicaDOTca website (visit at your own risk, JY will be able to see your IP and track your visits) is unsurprising and hilarious. Of course he has no chance to win, and he likely faked the required signatures to be nominated, and it’s going to be hilarious no matter how it goes. We included screen grabs from the website below.

His website reads like his resume in many ways. The content has been written as an almost direct reply to the SFSS website position page linked above, and it’s filled with random other garbage unrelated to the advertised role. He also chose to use his catfish picture instead of presenting his real photo. Fortunately students are already aware that he looks like a pink-topped lopsided-eyed penis.


Know anyone at SFU? Near the campus? Please consider distributing this poster on social media, by email, or in person on campus. Alert the public. Spread the truth. PDF at the link below. JPG at the end of this article.

[mdocs single-file=”SimpsonCampusAlertPoster2022.pdf”]

His platform itself, which I hope to dive into deeper when the team has some more time to investigate is full of promises unrelated to his desired role and impossible for someone of his caliber. It’s also incredibly two-faced, given his history of racism, secrecy, and selfishness. It reads more like a personal complaint list than a real platform. Stop transphobia? Stop certain behaviour at various student centers, like the Centre for Accessible Learning, which he complained about on Discord and in a previous council meeting? Freeze food prices?

It’s also interesting that he managed to find two endorsements. One is almost certainly fake – Samantha. That “endorsement” reads like its was written 100% by Yaniv. Nobody in real life says that. The caption below was placed alongside a stock photo of a young blonde – strange for a pedophile.

And this his is campaign team? Sure enough, someone will find Ashley and tell her who Jon Yaniv really is.

A few other things immediately jump out as out of place for Yaniv.

First, his comments about in-camera matters during student council meetings. For context, in-camera means in private, which sounds backwards. It refers to taking private matters to a private venue, like a Judge’s private chambers where the press and public is excluded. SFU council has done this with delicate matters concerning the privacy of other students. Yaniv wants to fight this. Strange flex from someone who spent so much effort trying to block the press and public from his ball waxing cases and first criminal charges. Double standard Jonny?

It’s also important to call out his various support statements for the BIPOC community. This is a person who often uses the n-word, racial slurs, and stereotypes, and has specifically targeted people of the BIPOC community for harassment, lawsuits, and personal gain.

There’s so many more contradictions on the website, and so much to pick apart. The team will likely update this later with more details and an update on the progress of his campaign. It’s a win either way. If Jon loses, which he will, it’s hilarious. If he wins, which he won’t, it will be like a gift-wrapped content-bomb for the months to come. Win/win, except for him. There’s no way this goes good for him.

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