Funk Countersues Jessica Yaniv Simpson!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a repeat criminal and accused sex offender, recently filed a lawsuit against Gerald Funk, a resident of the same condo as Yaniv’s mother Miriam. This comes months after Yaniv (allegedly) assaulted Funk and another senior (Theodore Callis) in their own building. Callis was also sued.

Funk’s counterclaim, the first so far, denies every claim made by Yaniv in his claim, and seeks $3,000 in aggravated and punitive damages. It rightfully states that Yaniv’s lawsuit contains no evidence, nor any description or information related to the injury he has claimed. It goes on to add that Yaniv has repeatedly attempted to circumvent Strata Bylaws and abuse the property with his fake service dog. Lastly, Funk adds that Yaniv filed it for malicious and oppressive reasons, not actual valid problems.

Funk then adds context to support his counterclaim, stating that JY has a history of intimidating and aggressive behaviour towards him and other residents, which has affected his health. He then adds that Yaniv is wrongfully abusing the HRT system, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (where Yaniv tried – and failed – to have the strata be forced to accept the service dog), and small claims court.

About the BC HRT

When you file a BC Human Rights Tribunal complaint, the rules require you to file it with the Tribunal, and they will respond if it is accepted or not. If it is, they contact the defendant, and communication is exchanged back and forth electronically. Eventually a hearing may be required. What Yaniv is doing, and what he’s done repeatedly in the past, is taking the HRT complaint he’s written up and waving it in the face of the defendant BEFORE the HRT has even accepted it. He’s done similar things with the CRT and BC Court system. He even once announced via Facebook that he was doing this to a BC Court Judge. It’s an intimidation tactic by a con artist and he should be reprimanded for breaking the rules. Sadly, the powers that be must view JY as a special needs case because they’re very forgiving, the way you would typically be if the person you’re talking to doesn’t understand large words or fast conversation.

Moving on…

Funk then adds that Yaniv, either in a really funny display of stupidity or a weak attempt to look powerful, served this lawsuit on Funk three separate times – by FedEx, Canada Post, and via Miriam. For anyone wondering, one service is sufficient. Yaniv is just a dumbass. Funk states that this may be a breach of his Undertaking because Yaniv is prohibited from contacting him in any way.

Prediction: Yaniv’s claim is baseless and has no evidence. It’s an intimidation tactic, not a valid claim. It will be tossed. Funk’s counterclaim? We’ll leave that to the experts to weigh in on.

You can read the full file below.

[mdocs single-file=”20221214 JY vs Gerald Funk Reply with Counterclaim.pdf”]

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