Cumyn and Southwestern Flowtech Respond to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Injury Lawsuit

jessica yaniv simpson

In August 2022, Jessica Yaniv Simpson sued Southwestern Flowtech & Environmental, and an employee of theirs that was operating their vehicle, alleging that they had negligently rear-ended JY at high speed. MeowMix has debunked this multiple times. Our most recent coverage of this story was here, and it includes pictures of JY’s car that show very little damage.

First, it’s important to note that Southwestern has lawyered up, and made a great choice. They’re represented by Liz Pan, a UBC Law grad. Pan is a civil litigator with specialized expertise in insurance defense.

Southwestern has filed a response to this lawsuit. They admit Ms. Cumyn was operating their vehicle, but deny every other claim JY made, including JY’s claims of multiple injuries, traumas, and psychological effects.

The defendants add that, even if the accident occurred the way JY says, which they deny, any injuries were caused by JY’s own negligence. See below.

They go on to allege that any injuries JY may have are his own fault, alleging he was not wearing a proper seatbelt or using a properly adjusted headrest. Looks like standard boilerplate defense to me, and many of the clauses match what JY alleges the defendant did.

JY will have to prove he was wearing a seatbelt – which he likely can’t. Southwestern adds that if JY had any injuries, they did nothing to mitigate those injuries or losses. Lastly, they state that any injuries JY claims to have are not the result of the accident and were pre-existing injuries, conditions, or defects, and calls on JY to prove that his claimed injuries are the result of the accident.

In other words, Southwestern has called bullshit on Jon Yaniv, and demanded he do something that he cannot possibly do: prove his claims in a court of law, and if he can’t do that, Southwestern wants the case tossed. Because this is the BC Supreme Court, Southwestern will then have the opportunity to seek costs from JY.

The full document is below. JY, this is what real legal expertise looks like. As you like to say, you’re done lol. You were hoping for a quick payout and now you’re going to get your ass handed to you in court and we’re all going to laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more.

[mdocs single-file=”20221209 JY vs E Cumyn and Southwestern Flowtech Environmental Response to Claim.pdf”]

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