Jessica Yaniv Simpson Arrest Warrant, Criminal Documents

jessica yaniv simpson
jessica yaniv simpson

MeowMix has obtained copies of several documents related to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s most recent criminal charges, as well as a copy of a letter from a past lawyer about JY. Details below, but first….



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First up, a short but still fun-to-read letter from Mo Vayeghan, an attorney that JY liked (Vayeghan has a strong interest in human rights issues) but it seems the feeling wasn’t mutual.

jessica yaniv simpson

I mean, it’s not the first time JY has been dumped. Turns out he can’t even pay people to stick around.

[mdocs single-file=”20211112 Vayeghan Litigation Letter Quitting JY.pdf”]

Moving on, in case you haven’t seen it, we also have copies of the documents related to Yaniv’s charges for threatening Chris Elston, and filing false police reports. You can download that below if you haven’t seen them yet. This led to Yaniv’s New Years 2021 arrest.

[mdocs single-file=”20201230 Information – Jessica Yaniv Simpson Elston Charges.pdf”]

Lastly, the goods you’ve been waiting for…

We’ve redacted the names of JY’s alleged victims but the story is that JY “allegedly” assaulted a senior at Miriam’s strata, which led to another senior gentlemen intervening to split it up. JY has conditions to not contact either of these gents. We’ve also heard that JY has attempted to file private charges against one or both of the men but you guys know how that goes – nowhere. You can see in one of the documents that JY reported that one of the men assaulted him and the police investigated it and determined that was false, and charged JY with filing a false police report.

The interesting takeaway from these documents for me was that the Informations (which is the doc used to initiate the charges) and undertakings had been written a couple times. Remember that this event at the strata occurred on February 25 and JY was charged with pulling the fire alarm that day. It took an additional month – until March 22, 2022 – to file the additional two charges.

What does that tell you? It tells you that they ran this up the chain and did it right so the charges would stick. They investigated it, did their due diligence, and then charged him with three offenses that they knew were valid.

This brings JY’s total criminal charge count to 9 (2x weapons, 1x uttering threats, 2x assault, 2x mischief, 1x fire alarm, 1x false reporting) plus two recent traffic offenses (disobeying a traffic signal and distracted driving), with his mother and aunt incurring five more. What a great family!

The best part to me is that he’s prohibited from going within 100m of his mothers residence. The even better part – JY’s own residence is barely 100m away from Miriams. Obviously no court would ever pursue charges for JY driving down the main street between their residences (there is no other access) but JY needs to be careful. One step on the wrong sidewalk…

Download PDF versions below.

[mdocs single-file=”20220408 JY Strata-Related Assault Fire Alarm Charges Information and Warrant.pdf”]

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