06/02/21 Court Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Criminal Charges x3

Jessica Yaniv Criminal Charges

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is due in court today, June 2, 2021, to confirm the trial dates for criminal charges related to Yaniv’s encounter with Chris Elston in late 2020. The trial has been tentatively scheduled for Nov 1 and 2, 2021, in room 101, at the Surrey Provincial Court. MeowMix will have friends in attendance.

Simpson is unlikely to attend today. Expect his lawyer, Andrew “Elmer Fudd’s Moustache” Coulthard, or one of his longsuffering articling students, to appear on Yaniv’s behalf.

jessica yaniv simpson court

Jon’s next court appearance is tomorrow, June 3, 2021, for a hearing of his May 17, 2021 application demanding that his strata tell him where all the little girls are in the building. What are your thoughts on Jessica Yaniv Criminal Charges?

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