World’s Worst Tech Guru Tries to Hack the Meow Mix

First off, LOL.

Now that that’s out of the way, Planet Earth’s least competent and most obese tech blogger took a swing at the Meow Mix gang in recent days. How? Did he bust out his leetsauce hackzorz skills Did he go phishing? Did he remotely access our devices and reign down destruction?

No. The fat lump tried to reset our passwords. Nothing more. Entered our usernames into twitters login page and clicked “Forgot Password”. This sent all of us requests to verify our info via our email addresses or phone numbers. None of us are nearly as stupid as Yaniv.

What did the Meow mix do? Easy – we did the same thing to one of his socks and proved it was him since the sock uses his email address.

It’s funny that Yaniv thinks he’s a clever hacker with tech skills that scare people but this is childish stuff. Toddlers accidentally reset passwords all day. Maybe that’s why Yaniv does it – toddlers are his target demographic in so many ways.

The closest Yaniv has come to being a tech blogger is knowing how to plug in his creepercams and replace the D-cell batteries in his Black Thunder buttplug. Honestly, how he made anyone take him seriously as a tech guru for so long is a mystery.

Except it isn’t.

As Louise told us earlier, Yaniv’s tech experience has always been shady. He conned his way into various admin roles for websites and online groups by spamming them with his fake accounts and then offering up his services to fix the problems. This is straight up crookedness and typical behavior for Yaniv.

Where will he strike next? Most likely the vending machine. Watch out, JellyBellys. The king jelly belly is coming for you.

Point: Meow Mix.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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