Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altmann Criminal Update

Miriam Yaniv Arrested

Today, June 8, 2021, lawyer Andrew Coulthard appeared at the BC Court as agent for Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altmann to speak to the court on their behalf. Today was their first scheduled appearance for their criminal charges.

Coulthard stated that Altmann and Yaniv have both applied for legal aid and he is anticipating receiving the contract to represent them and asked the court to adjourn until July 6, 2021 so he could complete this and request the particulars of the case. This request was granted.

Mr. Coulthard also added that both women were elderly with mental health complications, hinting at both future challenges with the case and a future defense plan.

While not stated, I’m inclined to think that this is how Coulthard came to be representing Jon Yaniv in all of his criminal matters as well – legal aid. I wonder if Coulthard knows that Yaniv is calling himself a legal advocate now? It would be a shame if someone contacted him to tell him (hint hint).

MeowMix will provide additional updates on July 6, or sooner if anything interesting happens in the case.

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