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Another young woman has come forward to speak up against the predatory behaviour and sexual advances made by Jessica Yaniv Simpson in the Cimorelli-era. Kat, who’s name we’ve edited, was 16 at the time, and a huge Cimorelli fan. Unfortunately for her, this put her directly in the path of a predator.

Like previous women that have spoken up, Kat’s claims have not been proven in court and they remain allegations only. I leave it with you as readers to read her story, check out the screenshots, and decide for yourselves.

Kat first heard about Jonathan in early 2013. She was following Cimorelli’s Facebook page when Yaniv contacted her and said he worked for Cimorelli. He claimed to manage their social media accounts. Kat didn’t think much of it at the time.

It was around this same time that Kat noticed that Yaniv was targeting Louise, a young Cimorelli fan that was one of the first to speak up against JY. Kat and Louise followed each other on ask.fm, a popular website where users could post anonymous (or not) messages or questions. Kat said she saw everything that happened to Louise. She recalls Jon saying he “hacked” her accounts and posted her private messages about him to a Cimorelli fan page, and he then told other Cimfans to go to her ask.fm account and send her hateful messages. They did, and Louise received hundreds of hateful messages. Kat stood by Louise, and JY found Kat’s ask.fm account.

He began sending targeted questions to Kat. At first, they came from his public account and they were fairly innocent questions. She had seen how horrible he was to Louise but she was afraid if she wasn’t nice to him that he would somehow do to her what he did to Louise and that she’d end up banned from the fandom. At 16, the idea of never meeting her favourite band was horrible.

The questions were innocent at first. Where did Kat live, does she have a boyfriend, etc. JY asked her if her parents would let him meet her if he traveled to her province. He did this from his public account, showing his name and face, under the guise that he was a Cimorelli employee.

Then Kat started receiving anonymous questions. The timing was often such that she was confident it was Yaniv switching between accounts. The anonymous questions, many of which are shown below, were about her periods or sex life. She recalls “anonymous” questions, written in the same style and verbiage as JY would write, asking where she lived in Canada, if she would travel across the country to meet someone online, if her parents would let her date older men, and if she was sexually active.

Kat had posted a couple selfies, like any other teen does, and he commented that she was hot, that she looked younger than her age, and that he’d “totally bang” her.

These are similar questions that JY has asked others. He asked several other girls if they would travel to meet him (Jess Rumpel, Madison, etc.). He asked others if they were sexually active and if they would date older men. JY has used the word “bang” when referring to having sex with teens in the past.

Statutory Rape In Canada

Canada’s age of consent is 16, but there are situations where the age of consent is raised to 18. When the older party is in a position of authority or a position of trust over the other party, or the younger party is in a position of dependency with the older person, or the relationship is one where the young person is being exploited, the age of consent is 18. Given the fact that Jonathan Yaniv used his self-declared position at Cimorelli as a position of power to exploit young teens, what 26-year-old Yaniv was talking about doing was raping young Kat. Not banging. Not sex. Rape.

Kat also says she was confident the anonymous messages were from him because he would ask something on his named account and then she’d receive a follow up from an anonymous account moments later. Every day she received more questions. He would ask about her period, her sex life, the sex life of the Cimorelli girls (mainly Lauren and Dani, who was 12 at the time), and questions about guys wearing pads. He asked if Kat was a virgin and what sexual activities interested her. She recalls many of the questions were along the lines of “would you sleep with or be attracted to a guy that wears pads” and “what would you do if you were about to have sex with a guy and he took off his clothes and revealed he was wearing a pad?”

At one point Kat received an anonymous question asking if she’d ever seen a penis. She replied that she was only 16, and asked him to leave her alone. Moments later, 16 year old Kat was sent a message with a wink emoji and a link to a picture. A closeup picture of a penis. She felt violated.

I remember feeling extremely violated.

Kat, when remembering that jy sent her a dick pic and a wink emoji after she told him to leave her alone. She was 16 at the time.

Eventually, Kat asked one of the Cimorelli girls on Twitter about Jonathan and whether or not he was still an employee. She replied that he was 26, and not really affiliated with them. Kat was told to block Yaniv.

What caused Kat to speak out after all these years was the ball waxing stories. Jon’s infamy for being a predatory racist in the wax-my-balls cases has spread globally and Kat saw the story. She is in her 20’s now, and this sickened her. She remembered how she was preyed on by him and how she wishes she could go back and protect her younger self. She didn’t realize just how dangerous Yaniv is until now.

Since then, she’s kept up on the news and even talked to her family about Yaniv. She didn’t have everything Jon had ever sent her, and there wasn’t enough for police action, but she hopes one day justice comes to Jon somehow. That’s why she’s speaking up now and sharing her story, and the few pictures she was able to dig up from her records.

They may not be proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yaniv is a pedophile, but look at them yourself and tell me what you think. Is this Yaniv?

A few quick notes about the pictures ahead…First, the little icons beside some pictures (the octopus, rabbit, etc). Those are from anonymous accounts.

Second, These pictures were provided by Kat and they aren’t necessarily in chronological order. They’re the screenshots she could find.

Lastly, remember that during this time – 7-8 years ago – the Cimorelli girls were young. Approximate ages – Dani (12), Lauren (15), Amy (20), Lisa (21), Katherine (22), Christina (25). The references to Jerrald are to a member of Cimorelli’s security team.

Remember….the bold text in these screenshots is alleged to be Jonathan Yaniv, talking about 12/13 year old Dani Cimorelli. These questions came after Yaniv visited the Cimorelli family in California. Obviously Yaniv did not have sex with Dani, but he wanted people to think he did. The Facebook Messenger screenshot below was between JY and Madison. Unrelated to the Kat story, but it shows how JY was obsessed with Dani.

Back to Kat’s screenshots….

If you’re unsure about whether or not these posts are from JY, check out his ask.fm history on MeowTube.org. (Social Media folder, subfolder ask.fm)

What do you think? Too inconclusive to say it’s JY? Or does it fit the pattern? Leave a comment below telling us what you think.

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