Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sues Best Buy for $91. Loses.

jessica yaniv simpson

$91. Ninety-one. Oh, and 18 cents. That’s what Jessica Yaniv Simpson complained to the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal about, alleging that Best Buy targeted them because they are “transgender”, made false claims in the store, and failed to uphold a verbal arrangement that JY swears was made but nobody else heard.

From what I can decipher in between actual lol’s, here’s what happened:

  • Jonny’s bodycam, er, GoPro allegedly had some kind of issue. Jonny purchased the $91 extended warranty and wanted a refund.
  • Best Buy said JY would get a gift card for the value of the GoPro camera (as stated in the extended warranty T&Cs).
  • JY alleges that an employee at Best Buy also verbally told him that he’d be able to transfer the GSP (extended warranty) balance.
  • Best Buy denies this, and the fine print on the GSP contract says that once a refund for the device is issued the terms of the GSP are fulfilled and the benefits conclude/
  • JY says “but your employee told me that it transfers” and accuses Best Buy of targeting him for being transgender.
  • The CRT can find no evidence of the employee saying this, or of JY being targeted for being transgender.
  • Best Buy, if it had costs, would have been awarded costs, but it didn’t claim any costs.
  • JY’s claim was dismissed.

In other words, JY paid $75-$100 to file this complaint, and $50 for a tribunal member to weigh in on it, and it was about $91.

While Ms. Simpson also alleges in her reply argument that Best Buy targeted her for being transgender, there is insufficient evidence to prove this occurred. So, I find that allegation unproven.

BC CRT Decision

I get that people sue for small amounts and it’s more about the principle than it is the money, which JY could argue this is, but we know his history. He’s a whiny loser lawyer wannabe that thinks he can bully people in court / CRT /HRT.

Another loss for the big potato.

[mdocs single-file=”20220113_Simpson v. Best Buy Canada Ltd._Magasins Best Buy Ltee – Civil Resolution Tribunal.pdf”]

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