So we all know Jessica Yaniv Simpson has no boundaries. NO isn’t in the vocabulary of this alleged predator, sexual assaulter, and child groomer. We also know that JYS is thirsty for support when the LGBTQ+ want nothing to do with him and his antics. Emily Tressa spoke up about your unhealthy obsession with her. So did Chris.

Now you have yet another member of the trans community that you have an obsession with and won’t leave alone. The stalking obsessed wanting to get fame off the back of actual trans activists JYS has struck again and as always pathetic, cringy and pretty scary. After all who wants a child groomer that threatens violence every other day.

Nicola Spurling was the candidate for BC GREENS in the recent Coquitlam-Maillardville. As a transwoman, JYS obviously had eyes lighting up as an opportunistic grifter to use her to self promote the epically damaged name JYS has made themselves.

JYS was quick to get attention via nicole
Nicole was having none of it and publicly shown dislike to JYS
JYS also attacked other candidates for clout and attention
Nicole even likens JYS to HARVEY WEINSTEIN 😂

So youd think JYS would take the hint…noooooo

JYS has to harass her and stalk her. He uses Nicola’s name to be featured as the the fake activist that JYS is. JYS is blocked but still keeps on harassing and namedropping…JYS NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW YOU!

jessica yaniv simpson
Again denouncing JYS but JYS continues

You don’t care about the issues at hand. YOU don’t care about the LGBTQ+ You are just stalking Nicole and that’s creepy as fuck. She wants nothing to do with you so take the hint and leave her alone.

Coincidentally, JYS is tagging Nicola in JYS’s hate campaign towards Chris Elston, the man that JYS has threatened to murder multiple times and made disgusting homophobic comments about. Chris is also a witness in the courthouse proving JYS made false allegations of sexual assault against Amy Hamm, for which JYS is being sued for defamation. JYS has been targeting Chris ever since.

JY, if this was all too long for you to read and too complicated for you to understand, I’ll simplify it – you’re unwanted. You aren’t a trans activist or an LGBTQ-rights advocate. You’ve actually HURT those movements. Nicola, Morgane, and others may be controversial in their own ways, but they aren’t racist child groomers that prey on pre-teen girls and encourage people to kill themselves. You are. Nobody wants to associate with that.

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