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September was a big month for Jessica Yaniv Simpson. It was not only the one-year anniversary of what he calls his life changing car accident (the rest of the world calls it the ongoing Insurance Commission of British Columbia AKA ICBC fraud) but he got to start living out one of his fantasies – that of being a bubbly and pert college coed.

That lasted less than week before he started behaving inappropriately and was kicked off the University of Fraser Valley’s Discord. Students were relieved that he only needs to be on campus every second Wednesday and are taking appropriate steps to stay safe, such as not going alone to the restroom.

Editors Note: You have likely noticed reduced activity on MeowMix lately. This isn’t a sign of anything going wrong. The reality is that the Yaniv clan has been largely quiet for some time now. There hasn’t been many events that warrant a full post. When warranted, we’ll still post the latest news, and every so often we’ll post something to get everyone caught up on the various rumours and gossip. Truth be told, our team has been enjoying the break, but we’re all still here. Now back to the wrap up!

September started with the usual Yaniv juvenile, antisocial behaviour – he started making fake social media accounts for people on his enemies list. Most were quickly shut down because they were so obvious, but they did give a brief look into Jonny’s now very limited and very lonely world. In the past, he would preen, bluster and threaten now he is reduced to making very bad socks to get a reaction, any reaction.

The next day, September 2 he once more ordered food in and promptly posted complaints. It seems that the Langley and Walnut Grove food service industry know all about Jonny, not to mention social quickly alerting the restaurant’s national office that a scam was in progress.

September 3 saw the Yaniv girls in court and, as expected, additional hearings have been scheduled. Miriam appeared in court on Sept 3 and 24, and her sister appeared on Sept 3 and Oct 1. These hearings were all identified as “FXD”, or “fix a date”. This means they are scheduling hearings to set future dates for events, like pleas, or trials. Both are scheduled to appear again on Oct 22, 2021, again, for FXD. Don’t you love the BC court system?

September 4 was like a psycho stalker horror movie. A former victim posted some very creepy screen captures from a Snapchat conversation that her friend had with Yaniv after he added her. It was right out of the passive/aggressive sociopath handbook – stalking, acting concerned, implied threats, etc. What was also interesting was how Yaniv used his “bad car accident” as an excuse to play dumb and not remember who she was because of the “concussion”. He has been using the so-called accident as an excuse more and more frequently for his bad behaviour, especially when he is drunk.

It’s also around this time that Yaniv was actively following some discussion between other Twitter users about DFS and his activities. Yaniv couldn’t help but show his obsession with Donald and weighed in with a few comments, despite the fact that nobody wants to hear what JY has to say,

The next couple of days he burst into a manic outburst of name calling and then blocking accounts that questioned whether or not he was disabled, had a real service dog, and was really enrolled at UBC’s Law faculty. He finally ended the episode asking Cst. Dale Quiring, the Vancouver Police Departments LGBTQ liaison officer, to contact him after the constable’s name was linked to Morgane Oger. It is doubtful that the constable contacted Jonny as he does not live in Vancouver and is therefore not in his jurisdiction.

Sept 1-7, 2021

Social Media Posts

He then tweeted (and within hours deleted) a request to Oger to contact him so that could launch joint lawsuit against Twitter for all the defamatory tweets, harassment, libel, and bullying he claimed he has endured. Not only did Yaniv not see the irony in what he was suggesting but Internet erupted in laughter.

On September 11, Jonny claimed to be another victim of that tragic day. Although he was only 14 at that time and still in school, he apparently suffers from 911-induced-PTSD. The Internet was not amused by his claim of victimhood.

It continued to be a rough couple of days for Yaniv. Two days later, he went on Facebook to announce that the 14th was the anniversary of the car accident that changed his life forever. The scam continues and people continue to report him for fraud to ICBC, the BC government automobile insurance agency.

Whenever Yaniv starts posting about food, we have all learned he is about to embark on a grift but the smart money said “Bet on an ambulance call”, too, especially since he was asking about keeping his insulin pump if he ever was arrested or ended up in prison. Sure enough, on the 15th, he had to call an ambulance. What we found interesting was not the self-induced blood sugar emergency, but that he has been thinking about jail and prison.

I wonder what triggered that?

It might have been his tweets to various law enforcement agencies in Canada and Australia and Twitter the same day about Trevor Dunen with some screen captures of cut and paste “evidence”. He wanted Twitter to disable the account. If it hadn’t happened by the 15th despite all his reports, it wasn’t going to happen. Dunen has obviously been staying in Twitter’s rules. The police agencies will no longer act on any evidence Yaniv takes to them after getting burned by the evidence he created to frame citizen journalist, Donald Smith.

As a side note, it was around this time that Yaniv added reporter to his Twitter Bio. Law student obviously wasn’t doing it. That became obvious enough to Jonny after several students from the first-year law class UBC’s law faculty, Allard, posted their class photo, garnering several comments from viewers asking where Jonny was.

Sept 8-14, 2021

Social Media Posts

However, Yaniv has a new side hustle. He has been replying to various lawyers on social media, trying to engage in lawyer shop talk. He seems to be following the 20-year-old “How To Network on Social Media” chapter from his marketing course at Kwantlen University – a university that it took him extra time to complete his certificate and he now calls “rinky-dink”.

Because the lawyers are professionals, they initially respond but quickly ignore and/or block once they are notified about who their new follower really is by MeowMix friends and fans.

The Kassidy Sidebar. Some of the screenshots above show a young woman named Kassidy. She is friends with Yaniv on Facebook and thinks it’s funny to defend him. The stories about Yaniv trying to sexually assault underage girls in ferry bathrooms were of no concern to her. Some people don’t want to be helped. It’s a sad case of “we tried”. Jon has been commenting on her posts for years, including while she was under 18. For our new readers, Jon is 34 and has no business calling teenage girls cute on social media.

But the very next day, September 16, it all became very, very clear with tweets threatening a woman of colour at the University of Fraser Valley. His UBC tweets were decoys, as suspected. He was actually enrolled at UFV, taking some legal assistant courses (not the full legal assistant program), and had used his student email address to access the UFV Discord server.

His fantasy about going to college and being a bubbly coed, lasted less than a week before he was kicked off the service for inappropriate behaviour. His response was, of course, to target women of colour with various threats, including ruining their education.

He still hasn’t learned that his old threaten-and-intimidate playbook no longer works. All it did was cause many students to write the Administration about him and send MeowMix screenshots.

On September 17, Jonny again managed to get his criminal assault and mischief trial postponed until June 2022 – just in time for his 35th birthday.

Yaniv was relatively quiet until September 21 when he went on Twitter to complain about being misgendered by Telus, continuing his pattern of trying to change the conversation when something negative or embarrassing about him appears.

Sept 15-21, 2021

Social Media Posts

Coincidently, the 21st was also the day that a new warning poster began to appear online and on campus. He couldn’t even use Facebook to comment on the outcome of Canada’s federal election without it being linked to the poster.

He then tried to virtue tweet about his dog (forgot to call it his service dog this time) sensed that his blood sugar was dropping and brought him a sandwich. He was immediately called out for lying by people who are experts on diabetes and training service dogs, including a call for video proof, considering Yaniv has boasted about all the security cameras in his 550 square foot condo.

His latest online scam was discovered on September 25. He claims to be such an influencer, with his paid 124.6K followers, that if you pay him, he will retweet your product or service as part of the QuikPlace promotion program. No wonder he has been scrubbing his timeline and only posting virtuous quotes. Well, mostly, he still looses his temper on occasion and threatens people.

However, that scam caused a few people to do a deep dive on more of his online business activities and they turned up several scathing eBay and Craigslist reviews from 2019 – right around the time of his BCHRT waxmyballs hearings. Seems as if Jonny was trying to leverage his “fame” into making money. But as usual, he screwed it up.

Jonny ended September on a bang on the 30th – literally – by posting a questionable tweet about wanting to get a gun and then getting into an argument about whether he is even legally eligible anymore to own a firearm. After social media provided proof that he is not, he quietly deleted the tweet. Many have suggested it was deleted because his lawyer told him to, as it could be used against him in any of the upcoming criminal or civil court cases, or he started to get some real push back from the University. That tweet provided even more evidence that their students’ fears about having Yaniv on campus were justified.

Sept 22-30, 2021

Social Media Posts

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