Dashcam Leak – Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s “Serious Collision”

By now everyone has heard that Jessica Yaniv Simpson is claiming his car was “totaled” and he was in a severe collision. He’s claiming to be taking strong pain medication and seeking various forms of therapy.

Now we can see the collision ourselves, thanks to an exclusive leak to MeowMix. This dashcam footage was shown on a livestream by Yaniv himself.

It shows a small white car approaching him from behind and it does indeed appear to hit him, although not with much force. The force barely damaged Yaniv’s rear trunk lid and wasn’t even strong enough to damage the rearward facing dashcam.

Forgive us for the video being blurry. It appears to be that Jonny used his phone to show his own computer monitor. Clearly this tech guru lacks the ability to show the video properly.

You can also see the other car isn’t very damaged. The headlights and grill are intact, and there was no airbag deployment.

Yaniv’s car looked like this afterwards.

jessica yaniv simpson

As you can see, there is damage, but its fairly minor. Taillights and upper trunk deck are intact, bumper is intact, and the license plate bracket is intact. They could be damage underneath.

Yaniv was hit by a Hyundai Sante Fe compact SUV, and it’s noteworthy that the airbag did not deploy. According to Transport Canada, air bags must deploy at a certain threshold between 13 and 23 km/h or higher.

There are, of course, other factors that could prevent an airbag from deploying, but in a collision like this it would be expected that there would be front airbag deployment if the speed was above that threshold.

I did a little homework and found one example of a crash in this speed range.

10 MPH (16 kph)

As you can see, the damage here is quite a bit worse than the damage to Yaniv’s car. The trunk lid is lifted, tail lights are pushed outwards, and the body damage is much worse.

Of course, some of this can be attributed to body styles, car age, prior damage, and so on, but you get the point – the damage to JY’s car was in this range, at most.

Regardless, Yaniv played it up and is said to be seeking legal advice to sue the other driver. In BC, where all vehicle insurance is through ICBC, this won’t go far, but Yaniv is a vexatious grievance collector and he’ll try it anyways.

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