Jessica Yaniv Simpson Claimed Surgery Details

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Jessica Yaniv Simpson recently told a friend on Snapchat – who has since blocked him and, thanks to the same Snapchat characteristics that JY uses to prey on little girls, deleted all conversation history and traces of her identity from his reach.

Note: This info was submitted to MeowMix about two weeks ago but we held it to protect her identify.

All of the following is what was told to MeowMix, without screenshots. Snapchat isn’t easy to record without the other side knowing. It may or may not be accurate, but based on what we know from @LangleyResident and other sources I believe there is something plausible here.

Details are below. To clarify, Yaniv is claiming he is having full bottom surgery.

  • Yaniv is apparently flying from Vancouver to Montreal on January 9th or 10th, 2021. It is not known how he paid for the flight. BC’s health care does not pay for this.
  • Time not spent at the GRS facilities will likely be spent at a nearby Holiday Inn. There are two within a ten minute drive and the GRS website states that local ground transportation is provided at no cost.
  • Our source was told the surgery was occurring on January 12, 2021 but she’s a bit unclear about this. She also said Yaniv said it was a Monday, which makes it Jan 11. January 12 is a Tuesday.
  • Based on online information, Yaniv will spend a few days at the surgical facility and a few days at a nearby recovery center called ASCLÉPIADE afterwards.
  • Yaniv complained about a long flight home with layovers. Based on the usual timelines and the limited info he provided our source, the flight home will be around January 19 or 20.

There’s still so many questions about this. First off, Yaniv is the textbook example of unhealthiness and obesity. His BMI is estimated to be between 35 and 40, and the GRS website specifies that it’s important to be between 18 and 25. Even setting that aside, there’s a massive list of medical concerns that would all factor into any surgeons decision to operate. See below.

What doctor in their right mind would perform a GRS surgery on a patient with the above medical issues?

Next, will he be going alone? We know Miriam doesn’t support this transition. There’s nobody else. That will be pretty rough.

Finally, there’s the issue of COVID. Will the clinic even be open? The website says yes, but that could change. Montreal is in the highest alert level area of Quebec. What quarantine requirements are in place here? What steps is Yaniv taking – or dodging?

I’m also curious who’s picking up the tab for the other costs. Food, supplies, prescriptions, etc – those things will add up.

There isn’t much more information available. To be honest, I’m on the fence on this one. It seems extremely unlikely that Yaniv meets any of the prerequisites for this procedure, and it’s all likely a lie. On the other hand, the idea of him lopping off his egg dick is hilarious to me and I can’t wait to laugh about it!

While I encourage everyone to investigate this and even share the story with the trans community to dissect these details (I honestly don’t know how accurate this info is and would appreciate someone who knows better), I specifically ask everyone to avoid harassing anyone else at the clinic. The trans community struggles enough, and they don’t need to be harassed during their transition surgeries.

Yaniv, on the other hand, is fair game. Please share this information with local media, anti-pedophile activists, and Yaniv-watchers. Remember, the clinic is not in the wrong here. They provide a valuable service to the trans community and they need to be inclusive. It doesn’t hurt to raise awareness that Yaniv is a pedophile and likes to expose himself to minors.

If anyone has more information to share, please submit it via the MeowMix tips link.

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