Jessica Yaniv Simpson AriannaLeaks 10: Innies, Stains, and Cheese

jessica yaniv simpson

I don’t even think the Sara leaks were this long, although those ones are still the gold standard. After all the cruel things Jessica Yaniv Simpson has done online, to see him fly across the country uninvited with his mother in toe was pretty hilarious. Nothing but pure karma.

Which brings us to today’s Ariannaleaks, where we once again see karma kicking Jon’s ass. Er, vagina. I mean, mangina. I mean, well, you’ll see. But not on MeowMix. It’s one thing to post nudes, but this one was too much for me. I’ve nicknamed the photo that accompanies todays chats “poopgina” because, well, you’ll see. Maybe a gander over at KiwiFarms is in order?

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There is one pic of JY’s underwear below, complete with a bizarre and ungodly stain that he describes as “getting wet”. If this is how he thinks women “get wet” then I don’t even know what to say.


How does one person attempt suicide this much and still fail? It almost makes you wonder if they’re using suicidal threats to manipulate people.

Wait, a Yaniv would never do that!

The biggest sweetie? Biggest, sure, but sweetie?

Once again, if you have to compliment yourself it probably isn’t true.

Also, confirmation that he has no clients, right there folks.

There are plenty of questions around the Landmark program, but JY could probably benefit from participating in one of these forums. Sure, there’s some pyramid-scheme-ness to it all, but there’s also some real skills he could have learned.

The funny part is that he complains that they have no reviews, and he brags about his executive-level marketing skills, and his business has no clients and only 22 online reviews. I bet most are by him.

Ladies…how’s that for a first date offer?

“I’m really fragile”. Good. Break soon, you pedophile shit.

Wants to marry her, can’t remember her last name.

We will get to eat cheese and make out. And then hopefully later I’ll get to eat your cheese.

jessica yaniv simpson, to a woman he wants to marry.

His concussion? From his car accident? Where a little car booped him in the trunk? And we have the dashcam footage?

It’s hilarious how much he freaked out over LangleyResident tweeting the details of their planned date. Details LangleyResident could only have had if someone in the know leaked them. Fortunately, Jon is too stupid to figure it out.

Why did I even think anyone likes me at all? Of course they don’t! I’m a joke to everyone.

An honest sentence from jessica yaniv simpson (punctuation added)

It’s good to know that Jon is fearful when he goes out in public. He should be. People like him – people that prey on women and children – should always be watching over their shoulder.

Ambushed by Rebel Media – because Sara herself told them where to find him in Toronto. Jon didn’t think Rebel Media just stumbled over him at the exact hotel he was staying at out of all 180+ hotels in Toronto did he?

Two days of silence and he’s panicking. Also note the video chat-for-attention thing. He did that to Sara, and he’s done it to several others. If you ignore him he will send video chat requests which come up as different notifications on your phone. It’s his way of demanding your attention.

Makes you wonder how he was raised. If he didn’t get what he wants immediately he did something to escalate it and justified it that way. And Miriam enabled it.

I absolutely love how the catfish manipulates him into feeling guilty about being fake.

Cute, cheerful, funny Jessica? Nobody thinks those things about you Jon.

Jon trying to tell Arianna she can’t go riding in Merritt due to travel restrictions in BC. Controlling much?

FYI…Danger lies ahead. No nudity, but still.

That was an amazing shower. My panties got all wet.

Man in a dress

What in the fuck is that? Is this one of those “count the problems” pictures? The legs? The stain? The awful bedding. The colours? Puke.

So from what I’ve gathered, Arianna blocked JY and he blocked her back and now she’s guilting him over not opening up to her. Good effort to fish info!

I’m questioning how legit this counselor is if she’s getting upset at him.

He’s right. People think he’s gross when they see him.

Yes, we are trying to destroy everything you do, and we will continue to do so until you change Jon.

It took us less than 72 hours. Give us some credit.

“Putting together companies”. lol Right.

So 20 years ago he rode horses? And he was 135 lbs then?

Note…average weight for a 12 year old male is around 90 lbs.

Sounds more like he’s subconsciously trying to idealize himself as his dream girl – a 135 lb 10-13 year old girl.

He “saw” someone and had to call 911?

Apparently his clit has returned! But it’s gone underground. It’s an innie, not an outtie.

Imagine how creeped out the nurse was. She probably went home and showered for an hour.

This picture recently leaked on KiwiFarms and it’s awful.

Self lubricates? Puke

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