Exciting Times

In case you haven’t noticed, we have made a few changes to the website. Thank you for all your patience while we did this. There is still ongoing work, so please forgive us if some links do not work correctly. We have made several changes that you can explore for yourself, but there are a couple we want to highlight.

You will see in the header we now have a ticker tape. This will display breaking news posts where we don’t have an entire article or to respond to his royal pigshit’s bullshit on Twitter etc. That way, you get more responsive news, and we can still take our time to write new articles. If you see something you think should be there, let us know.

You will also see a “tip line” in the header. This is where you can anonymously send us screenshots, news, images or anything else about the trans-terrorist Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Do you have a story? Are you a victim that wants to speak out? Do you have an article you want us to consider publishing?

We are all volunteers; we pay for MeowMix ourselves because there has to be somewhere to help Yaniv’s victims, so please bear in mind we sometimes can’t respond as quickly as we would like to.

And finally – The most exciting new thing. We are launching a brand new website for our international readers. Sadly, it won’t be available in Canada, and all Canadian IP connections will be banned from visiting. We won’t say more just now, but as Jessica Cat Killer Uncharged Pedophile Yaniv knows, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

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20 Replies to “Exciting Times”

  1. Bumder

    Love the new look

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  2. Just Jahn

    Everything looks great, you folks really put in a lot of work and it shows.
    Now with that out of the way, I hate change so I hate it and am never coming back, etc.

    Seriously though, great job and glad to see you back.

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  3. nNancy

    It appears I may be the first to comment. Imagine that.

    I have, at this point, completely given up on the country of my birth, the place where for many years I was proud to be a citizen of. That pride has been completely destroyed, erased beyond recovery and it wasn’t a singular event but rather a series of small things that when totaled up should cause any normal law abiding citizen to stop and really think about where this country is headed,
    The final straw was the changes to the Criminal Code where “hate speech” now is cause for LIFE in prison and a huge fine. I wonder if the statement ” by Trudeau “In January, Trudeau called the unvaccinated a “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.” He also described them as “people who wave swastikas” and unfit parents, ” So if that isn’t hate speech against a group of people then what it? Canada is finished as a decent place to live. Much of America is similarily fucked but there still exist pockets of sanity and reason and more importantly, some respect for life, liberty and happiness.

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    1. jaime

      The new hate speech law

      Why i think it goes to far it dies not call for life in jail.

      In part he is right the unvaccinated are a small fringe as only 5% have no vaccines.Some of the those do have radical views.

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      1. nNancy

        IDK if a like will survive but this:


        shows life in prison will be possible. I’m not wading into the vax good/bad debate, this isn’t the place.

  4. Liam

    The site is less readable and navigable now. The old format seemed much more user-friendly.

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    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We are more than happy to take suggestions on anything that you want changed. Many of the programs on the old site were at their end of life so had to be replaced.

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      1. N/A

        My observations is that it’s hard to see what articles are new on the website due to the lack of a link to a dedicated page.

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      2. Liam

        It’s now similar to the overly busy format that the main page has always had. I’d click on Blog to get to a more readable and useful listing of Yaniv updates, because it was a single column list that was easily navigable. The grid format is inherently more messy, but then you add the fact that half of each post on that listing is just a list of categorical tags that are repeated between many posts, and it becomes a huge, busy mess.

        Maybe some people do like the new grid format, but in that case, it would be great if you had options at the top that switch between List and Grid. SlickDeals does something similar, where they have four settings: Large Grid (multiple columns/rows, big image, small title), Grid (multiple columns/rows, regular image, regular title), List (single wide column, one post per line, title as the main focus with small description underneath and tiny image to left), and Simple (title and description only). Even better, add an option to hide the tags, as most people here are long-time followers just trying to figure out which posts they haven’t read since their last visit, rather than new Yaniv researchers trying to find all stories related to a single subtopic, so it seems a little silly to occupy half of each new post’s tile with tags.

        Just my thoughts. I’m sure most readers are less particular and probably don’t care either way, but I find the new format difficult to parse.

      3. I also only used to click on ‘Blog’, without that link I can’t see a complete list of posts chronologically.

  5. N/A

    >We are launching a brand new website for our international readers. Sadly, it won’t be available in Canada, and all Canadian IP connections will be banned from visiting.

    As other people have commented, the separate website is to try and protect the owners from the tyrannical and corrupt Trudeau administration in the event bill c-63 (Online Harms Act) is implemented. DFS will likely end up stuck in the US as an unregistered refugee as a result of these new tyrannical laws as Yaniv and other undesirables will not hesitate to use them to supress critics who’s names are known to the public.

    People will just use TOR and VPN’s to access that website instead of this one.

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    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Almost 100% right. But it also allows us to legally publish things we could not do if in Canada, and we would strongly advise that NO ONE EVER uses a VPN to view illegal material in Canada.

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      1. Liam

        God, Trudeau is such a piece of shit. I hope Poilievre becomes the next PM and tosses that scrawny little prick in prison for all the fundamental rights he’s violated with his tyranny.

        Hell Yeah 11
  6. Njord

    Just a little bit of critique.
    The next time you do some remodelling, please tell us about it on the placeholder page. That way you minimize rumors.
    Apart from that little thing, i kinda like the new look, sure it takes its time to get used to it but thats to be expected, and i hope the new website will launch soon.

    Hell Yeah 11
    1. Liam

      Agreed. There’s never enough communication regarding these downtimes. I pretty much always have to post in the Yaniv thread on KF and hope MM sees it and responds to tell us why it’s been down for a week.

      1. Njord

        Well to be fair i think now we know why it was down for a week, but in the future i really hope we arent kept out of the loop

      2. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        We are not on Kiwi Farms, and we all have full time jobs and lives to live. The holding screen specifically said it was for maintenance. If anyone wishes to help write articles and fund our hosting costs then we are more than happy to involve that person in what is happening behind the scenes.

  7. Freddy Fudpucker

    I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Wheres the cat?

  8. nNancy

    My comment/suggestion is to catch up on the monthly wrapups,

    There hasn’t been one since sometime last fall. The demented distorted distended deranged degenerate dickless dweeb dork has surely been busy suing, terrorizing and running rampant in Langley.

  9. N/A

    Got any updates?

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