Crown Declines Charges Against Amy Hamm!

After months of Yaniv claiming that Amy Hamm was facing criminal charges for voyeurism, this was announced on Twitter today!

Meow Mix reached out to Amy for a comment:

This is a relief. JY has used the courts, police & HRT—and the privileges afforded to male bodied people via self ID—to harass too many women.

Amy Hamm

Yaniv is OBSESSED with bathroom stall antics and tried to drag Amy down with them, but it failed. As always, Yaniv failed.

Read up more on Amy Hamms case here and her lawsuit against Yaniv here.

Yaniv is still claiming that there are pending private charges against Hamm but it’s all but guaranteed that if Crown turned these down those will be turned down as well. This will also go a long ways to supporting Hamms civil suit against Yaniv for defamation.

#Party (except for JY

Side note…it was pointed out that Yaniv has finally deleted the infamous tweet where they claimed Yaniv sexually assaulted them and they needed a rape crisis center. Meow Mix still has it – check it out here, or in the victims folder at

Search for Amy Hamm in the sidebar to catch up on everything we’ve posted about this crazy story in the past, and don’t forget to show your support for Amy on Twitter!

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