MeowMix / Amanda Todd Legacy Society Fundraiser Success!

jessica yaniv simpson atls donation

I want to open this with a sincere “thank you” to our supporters. One month ago we set out to raise $250 for MeowMix and $750 for the Amanda Todd Legacy Society. The MeowMix portion was to cover some of our upcoming hosting expenses and projects, and the ATLS portion supports their efforts to fight cyberbullying.

I launched this fundraiser during 2020 of all years, during a pandemic, while people were experiencing record job losses, and going into the Christmas season. We also had the joy of Jessica Yaniv Simpson trying to shut us down. He failed.

Despite all the above, we raised a great amount of money!

The campaign raised $745 in total, including merch sales (which I added in the total as offline contributions). This morning, I transferred $500 to the ATLS.

amanda todd legacy society donation

Thank you to our supporters and friends. Thank you for proving that this site exists out of love and compassion and a desire to protect women and children from predators. We’re not a hate site, and we’re not anti-LGBTQ. We’re anti-predator, and we’re laser focused on stopping one in particular.



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